Sunday, January 30, 2011

Flash Report: The Editor Visits The Lido Adult Theater in Dallas

The Good Doctor has been accused in the past of posting nothing but positive reports from adult theaters across this country.  While I try to emphasize the positive points of this thing of ours', I will never shy away from a less than positive review or report.  One needs to be objective if accurately portraying our little niche of society's dark underbelly.

Case in point is the following report from regular contributor The Editor.  He is a straight-forward reporter...No fluff to be found in his articles.  Here is his Texas tale focused on The Lido Adult Theater in Dallas.


Hi Doc,

Had an unplanned layover at DFW Friday night so I went down to The Lido. Got there about 8pm, upstairs was all guys, just a few in the theater and maybe 10 trolling the private rooms.

At 9pm they ran the guys out of upstairs for "couples only".  There were a few waiting to go into the theater, a couple of BBWs 35yrs */-.  The best looking woman in the place was a tall thin TV, but he was run out as well.  I suspect that there may have been a couple of single guys camped in the private viewing rooms and the big janitor/security/general manager let them stay.  I can't prove that.
I retreated to the downstairs. 

The gay theater changes to hetero movies at 9pm.  It is a smelly dark place and there were only 4-5 guys in there.  I wandered the store and kept an eye on things.  There were maybe 10 couple in between 9 and 10, although a few were quick in/out.

The Lido Adult Theater
Dallas, TX
 Since I was dead tired after a hectic week in TX and I needed to catch a 0700 flight, I didn't stay.  The lack of a gang of single men indicated to me that there was little reason to hang out.  I got no vibe from the staff that there had been recent law enforcement.
Also, The Fine Arts store on Mockingbird, less than a mile away, used to have 2 small theaters.  Now it has the store split into gay and straight.  The only theater they have now in on the gay side.  I passed.

About 3/4 miles N of Lido is a new (to me) adult store.  I stopped in.  No theater but a HUGE private viewing rooms section (no entry fee).  Maybe 20 rooms.  Fri night NONE of the very nice large and well equipped rooms were being used, but there were 25+ guys hanging in the aisles.  It is a VERY nice place but I suspect it is all sausagefest all the time.

I've not been to the Lido in 10+ yrs and this was nothing like what I remembered.  There used to be a theater downstairs in the rear but it has been torn down and replaced with retail video shelves.  On Friday nights that theater was jammed with guys hoping a couple would come in.  I was happy to see the number of couples there Friday, but there was no sign of players.  Maybe if I'd have spent the night...

The Editor


Doc here again... Thanks to The Editor for another fine report.  The Lido is perhaps one of the finest adult theater facilities in the country.  Clean, tons of parking, private rooms galore, and the upstairs lounges are very nice.  In my conversations and trips to The Lido myself, the best night for single guys to mingle with couples is Thursday night.  The fun starts at 8pm, and since this is a 24/7 business, can occur at any time. 

The main issue with The Lido is couples nights... The Theater takes on a swingers club vibe, and the fishing is not good for single guys.  However, if you are a couple, Friday and Saturday rock!

Another piece of advice... The DFW couples looking to play at The Lido use Craigslist extensively.  This tool will help minimize any missed opportunities.

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