Monday, July 25, 2016

Box Score! Beach Blanket Bango at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago on 7/23/16

Doc here, a man who some say spent months at a time at sea, braving the harshest of conditions on a fishing trawler, all for filet-o-fish sandwiches.

The weather was also harsh this past Saturday night in Chicago, where crazy thunder and lightning storms rolled through during the Beach Blanket Bango Party at 15th Ave. Adult Theater. While driving was difficult, did that dampen the spirits of those who attended?

Hell no. This party had possibly the best vibe of any event we have held at 15th Ave!

We welcomed a bunch of first-timers to our event, and they not only dipped their toes in the water, they dove in with authority.

The party saw some special out of town guests attend, such as the extremely naughty Stunt Slut Simone. Not only did she compete in the contest, she was a focal point later in the evening with many of the event-goers. Her head to boob imitation of a glazed doughnut as she was lead by Mr. S back to the spa area was both impressive and incredibly hot!

Several Journal reporters were also in attendance: The lovely Moaning Lisa, and all the way from Michigan, Joe the Cab Driver.

Our sexy outfit contest saw 10 sexy ladies compete, work the stripper pole (and hula hoop), and three walked home with some great vibrating prizes! The winners were:
  1. Ginger
  2. Elizabeth
  3. "R" (a first-timer and a crowd favorite!)
All of our contestants did a great job, and some even made new friends while on stage with some great girl-girl action!

Here is your Box Score...

Couples: 61
Single Females: 1
Trans-Girls: 7

The next big event at 15th Ave. Adult Theater is Saturday August 20th @ 8pm - Back to School. Bust out your naughtiest school girl, sexiest cheerleader, or hottest teacher outfits for our annual BTS event! The Good Doctor will be hosting, and hopefully you'll be attending. 


Upcoming Event! Back to School at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago on Saturday August 20th, 2016 at 8pm! Hosted by Doc!

Saturday, July 23, 2016

TONIGHT! Tickets at The Door! Beach Blanket Bango at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago - Saturday July 23rd, 2016 at 8pm! Hosted by Doc!

Update Saturday at 10am: The stage is set, the orchestra ready. Are you ready to hula hoop?

The Lizardo 4000 is gassed and waxed, and on the way to pick up The Lovely Jen on our way to Chicago. Before you know it, the doors will be open and the party will begin!

We are ready to welcome you to tonight's HUGE Beach Blanket Bango Party at 15th Avenue Adult Theater, 2125 N. 15th Ave, in Melrose Park, IL.  As always, tickets are only available at the door.

The Party Room is decorated, the BYOB Bar stocked with mixers and ice, and tonight's Sexy Outfit Contest will have a twist (with 3 great prizes!).

Important Reminders for making this a fantastic night:

  • First 50 M/F Couples receive a 15th Ave. Swag Bag (with a $50 retail value). get here early to make sure you get one!
  • M/F Couples and Single Females receive preferred parking in our rear parking lot (again, get here early to grab a spot).
  • Absolutely no cell phone usage allowed anywhere except the retail store and outside. If you are caught using one anywhere else you will be asked to leave (with no refunds given). Also banned are smartwatches & cameras. Leave them at home or in your car.  We will have extra security on tonight, so don't test this policy.
  • This is a BYOB event. There are plenty of liquor stores nearby. To be 100% clear, we absolutely do not sell liquor. 
Newbie Couples/Single Females: If you are new to our parties and would like a tour, I will be giving them between 7:45pm and 9pm. I suggest getting to 15th Ave. early if you'd like a tour of the facility. Just ask for Doc, or look for the guy in the lab coat.

That is it kids.  The rest is up to you... We look forward to seeing everyone tonight for Chicago's best value in a lifestyle event!  Beach Blanket Bango at 8pm!



Update Friday 7/22: Doc here, rested, relaxed, and full of P&V, with the latest on tonight's big Beach Blanket Bango Party at 15th Avenue Adult Theater in Chicago. Break out your (suntan) lotion and put it in the basket, as it's right around the corner.

Beach Blanket Bango Swag Bags
First 50 M/F Couples get One!
First, the Beach Blanket Bango Swag Bags are being prepared today and The Good Doctor has a pic of them to the left. The first 50 M/F Couples get them with their paid admission, so get there early.

Next, The Good Doctor received a communique from his good friend StuntSlut Simone, and she and Mr. S will be in attendance Saturday night for the event.  She's in a mood, so please step and and say hi to her at the party.

How about a few pics of StuntSlut Simone to refresh your groin memory:

Lastly, a quick reminder that this event (as are all of The Good Doctor's hosted events) are  BYOB . Bring your own, check it in, and enjoy the evening.  We will keep it cold for you.

More updates to come. See you Saturday night at 8pm!



Doc here... Surf's up, big kahuna! It's time for Beach Blanket Bango at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago on Saturday July 23rd at 8pm!  This party is open to everyone, so find your sexiest swimwear (not required, but encouraged) and join us in The Party Room!

Beach Blanket Bango swag bags for the first 50 M/F Couples! Each bag carries a $50 retail value of goodies for all your senses!  Get there early and don't miss out on the fun! Oh, and The Good Doctor will be hosting as always. 

Ever wonder what our Party Room looks like?  Here you go:

More updates coming your way as we get closer to the big day!

Make sure you follow 15th Ave. Adult Theater on Twitter HERE.  


Thursday, July 21, 2016

Flash Report! Edward Nygma at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago on Wednesday 7/20/16

Doc here, a man who some say once pulled a 747 across the tarmac with his teeth during the Mike Douglas Show in 1975, with a timely Flash report from Chicago and 15th Ave. Adult Theater from Wednesday night 7/20. 

Semi-regular Journal contributor Edward Nygma is back and has filed a report to the news desk here @ The Journal (located in The Valley, near the small women's liberal arts college). 

Typically, the week of the huge 15th Ave. parties which The Good Doctor hosts are quiet at the theater.  Not so fast my friends... This Wednesday night Edward Nygma walked into shenanigans behind the movie screen, and is here to tell you about it. 

While not longest report you'll ever read, it's a a good one.

Take it away, Mr. Nygma!


Hello Doctor,

Riddle me this, riddle me that? Guess who was at 15th Ave Wednesday night and encountered a sexy brunette sleek as a cat?

Yes, I. On a lark I stopped into 15th Ave about 9:30.  A few notices had gone up about couples in the theater, but I figured by the time I got there they would be gone.  I was wrong.

A hot couple was walking into the theater as I was paying my dues at the counter. A tall, thin brunette with glasses, nice rack, and a little black dress barely covering her. I had questions:

  • Will they be playing?
  • Will I be lucky enough to be invited to play?
  • Will the guys there be respectful and courteous?
The answers are all yes!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Field Report! The Dude Checks in on the Denver Adult Theater Scene

Doc here, a man who some say once opened up a cannoli dispensary in Denver, but the market was just not right.

Please welcome to The Journal first time contributor, The Dude. The Dude submitted a brief overview of the Denver scene, and there still may be hope in the Mile High City.

Take it away, sir.


Hi Doc,

Longtime fan and even occasionally plan my travel agenda based on your info. 

The Former Act 1&2 Cinemas
Denver, CO
Act Cinema 1&2 closed and bought by Pleasures chain. They remodeled and essentially incorporated the old theaters into their arcade. Actually, kind of a maze of glory holes and you end up in the old theater area with three theaters one straight, one gay, one trans. I think it is $12 admission for guys not sure if a special for couples. Only been once and was all guys but may have some potential. 

The only other option in Denver theater scene is Circus Cinema which was godawful nasty and has very regular LE activity during the day. Honestly haven’t been much at night because it is a roadtrip and not a good area…Last time there it had been remodeled a tad..fresh coat of paint pretty much that’s about it. Saw one couple one time there months ago...

Hope this helps a little.



Doc here again... Many thanks to the Dude for the update on Denver's scene. Keep the reports coming sir!


Monday, July 18, 2016

Flash Report! Anaconda Drops a Puck at Past Time Video in Steubenville, OH

Doc here, a man who some say drove a Zamboni on his prom night, with the return of senior reporter Anaconda and his trip to Past Time Video in Steubenville, OH in early June.

Here we go...



I found myself in Ohio for work last week and while prepping for the trip, I was trying to make some dates on SLS and thought with 3 nights to work with, I might end up at a theater or 2 as back-up plans. 

Well, I had a very successful trip outside of the theaters, but those would be stories for someone else's blog as it doesn't pertain to "this thing of ours." HOWEVER... after reading the Oral Reporter's stories from earlier this year about Past Time Video on Thursdays (couples free day/night), I was dead set on making a stop there on my way through the area. SOOOOO... I took my fellow reporter's advice and showed up as early in the day as possible since he made it a point to mention that couples activity can start pretty early and you don't have to wait until the sun goes down. 

I rolled into town around 2:30PM. I walked in and paid my $11 entry fee and asked the guy behind the counter if there had been any couples in or out yet. He said that there was only one and they were in the theater right now. JACKPOT!! 

Past Time Video
Steubenville, OH

I walked into the theater which is not particularly dark in general, but the movie playing at the time was just in a dark setting, so you could not see as much as normal. Of course, there was no way to miss the crowd that was gathered in the far corner. I approached and saw the couple going at it. He was sitting on the couch and she was riding him cowgirl. She was gorgeous, pretty face, tight, slim body, beautiful tits with pierced nipples, no more than 25 years old. About 6 guys were on/around the couch either watching or participating in some way. 

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Doc's Musical Interlude for a Saturday Evening: GWTDT Opening Credits Edition

Doc here, a man who some say once holed a 7-iron into his best friend's wife, with Doc's Musical Interlude for a Saturday Evening

The Good Doctor loves himself some David Fincher. From Fight Club, Se7en, The Game, and all the way to this little gem, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (US version).  This opening credit sequence was directed by Tim Miller, who later did a great job on Deadpool, and is possibly the best opening credits scene in Hollywood history. 

Please sit back, open a Fresca, and enjoy the song stylings of Karen O and the direction of Tim Miller.


Couples Flash Report! The Luscious Laura & Mr. Wayne at The Art Cinema on 7/15/16

Doc here, a man who some say decided to try on different pirate outfits instead of heading out on the town on a hot Friday night in Chicago. Critics were universal in pointing out this bad decision.

Last night was Night 1 for The Luscious Laura & Mr. Wayne at the mighty Art Cinema in Hartford.  And it was a doozy by all accounts.

But do not take my biased word for it...Hear it directly from The Luscious Laura her(sexy)self.

Here we go...


Hi Doc,

What an epic evening!

We started the night by breezing through the upstairs. There were a few couples playing... So we decided to watch 😊

Then we went downstairs and had a seat. The guys did not disappoint! Within a few minutes I was surrounded by horny boys with dicks in hand. (I do so love watching guys jack off)

I ended up jacking 4 or 5 guys off onto my pussy. It was very hot for me... After all that excitement I need a breather.

After a bit we found another seat on the main floor. Wayne started showing me off by playing with my pussy and showing off my tits. It wasn't long before I was jacking cocks off again. There was guy after guy stepping up for action... Wayne offered up my pussy to a few of the guys... The best part was when TheOrganist shot his big load on my ass. ☺️

It was a most enjoyable evening for me. I hope tomorrow (Saturday night) will be as fruitful.


PS. Here is a pic of me on the way to the Art!


Doc here again... Many, many thanks to my sexy friend The Luscious Laura for her Flash Report.  There is a rumor I hear that a more detailed version of the report is cooking.  If so, you will see it here at The Journal.

Also, tonight (Saturday) is Night 2 for the Luscious Laura & Mr. Wayne at the Art Cinema. Unless plans change, they will be back there tonight at 9pm.   If you happen to see them tonight, please tell them "Doc sent me!"


Friday, July 15, 2016

Inside Luscious Laura: Memories of The Art Cinema and an Event from 2015 (w/PIC!)

Doc here, a man who some say wishes he could be in Hartford Friday and Saturday night to join my good friends The Luscious Laura & Mr. Wayne as they take The Art Cinema by storm for a little R&R (or more like F&S). 

In her brand new blog, Luscious & Lusty, The Luscious Laura will be chronicling her erotic adventures.  And as one of her first posts, she recounts a fun night on the main floor of The Art Cinema from last year during one of the events I hosted.

This is a great report and preview for this weekend's main floor fun at The Mighty Art Cinema.

Take it away, Luscious Laura!


Memories Of The Art Cinema

Main Floor at the Art Cinema

The Real Luscious Laura
What are my favorite kind of boys? The horny ones... Especially if they have a big hot load for me.

Last summer I attended one of Doc's parties at the Art Cinema in Hartford, CT. I'm going again next weekend July 15-16, so I've been reminiscing about my last visit.

There was a nice crowd of couples in the balcony but my attention was drawn downwards to the main floor. My significant other (W) and I found a nice spot near the rail on the balcony where we could see almost everything happening.

I could see the hungry and horny boys at the front of the theater watching the balcony. The longer we stood there the wetter my panties got.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Flash Report! Andy Bangedherhard Spends a Lunch Hour at Pegasus in Raleigh, NC

Doc here, a man who some say once played for Coach K, while others say at best he likes Special K.  

Coming across the teletype machine here at The Journal was this terrific Flash Report from regular contributor and karaoke savant, Andy Bangedherhard.  He visited Pegasus in Raleigh, NC recently and help a brother in arms take care of his girl in the theater at Pegasus.  

Take it away, Andy!


Dear Doc,

It's been quite some time since I've sent a report. A combination of work and personal commitments has kept me from this wonderful hobby. 

Raleigh is one of those towns that has quite a few bookstores but often sees playtime go in cycles. Recently things seem to be on the upswing. Pegasus has continued to be my favorite place to go. It's clean and the staff is great. They also own Phoenix which is not far away. 

I've seen some CL ads posted recently and chatter in a local Kik room that things showed a sign of action picking up. A friend sent me an email that he'd be bring an acquaintance to Pegasus at lunch one day and I was happy to clear my lunch hour. 

Pegasus Bookstore
Raleigh, NC
My friend made a point to say she had never been to the bookstore, but was wanting some group play. As I made my way into the first theater room she was sitting there giving my friend a BJ and he immediately waved me over. The room is fairly small with two leather futons that fold down. A large screen tv played the usual straight porn. I wasn't focused on that. 

I stepped right up to the plate and entered her mouth. She was certainly enthusiastic. Pegasus has been known to be quite busy at lunchtime. Today it wasn't. We had some watchers and a couple of guys who waited their turn but everyone gave her space. 

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Good Doctor's Pic of the Day: A Very Sticky Khaleesi (The Mother of All Squirters)

Doc here, a man who some say played Division 3 snooker with a fury and relentlessness that earned him the nickname of "El Grande Cannoli" across three time zones.

OK kids, it's time for something naughty, kinky, and sticky.  And no better person to illustrate this than the force of nature known as The Mother of All Squirters, Khaleesi.

Ladies and gentlemen, this new legend of this thing of ours not only gives, she also receives, in this case from her beau, the very generous Khal. 

Please enjoy The Good Doctor's Pic of the Day with the HOT (and in this case, sticky) Khaleesi.


(Click the Thumbnail to ENLARGE)

Reminder: Visit Announcement: The Luscious Laura & Mr. Wayne at The Art Cinema in Hartford This Friday and Sat. Night (7/15 & 16) with PIC!

Doc here, a man who some say had a hand in the research and development of the Pocket Fisherman, here with a special Visit Announcement.

My good friends, The Luscious Laura & her life partner in crime, Mr. Wayne, will be spending not one, but two evenings at the mighty Art Cinema in Hartford this coming weekend, Friday 7/15 and Saturday 7/16/16. 

They will be arriving about 9pm both evenings, and will be looking for sexy couples AND clean, respectful, non-pushy, and ready guys.  (Note to the guys: Take note of the 4 criteria outlined. Screw it up, and it will be a Balcony Only visit. And I am not joking.)  Do not disappoint me, guys. 

And do me a favor, folks...Tell The Luscious Laura and Mr. Wayne that "Doc sent me/us!" 

How about a little morsel to wet the appetites of the aforementioned couples and guys:

I encourage you to join my friends, The Luscious Laura & Mr. Wayne, at their weekend two-fer at the mighty Art Cinema in Hartford.  Also, follow the Art Cinema on Twitter @TheArtCinema