Monday, August 3, 2015

Couple's Flash Report! The A-Z Couple at Beach Blanket Bango at The Art Cinema in Hartford on 7/11/15 w/ 12 HOT PICS!!!

Doc here, a man who some say was once given the key to the Naked City, since he had a million stories about it, with a GREAT Couples Flash report from the legendary A-Z Couple.

A-Z hit the huge Beach Blanket Bango party at Hartford's Art Cinema in July, and have submitted their report on their evening. And folks, it's a crazy one...

There are many cameos in the report, including The Good Doctor, my good friend the tall and gorgeous Natasha, and a cast of dozens & dozens.

What trouble does the adorable and naughty Miss A get into this time?  Just read and see for yourselves, and enjoy the pics from the event!

Here we go!


Hi Doc,

Well as usual, Miss A always likes changing gears and doing something different at each event, so for Beach Blanket Bango she concentrated on the girls with her all but famous strap on. On a sad note, I didn't get as many pics as I would have liked to due to requests of some of the couples but completely understandable. 

Natasha and Miss A
We got to the theater about 9pm, and proceeded upstairs and found Doc. We chatted for a few, then a beautiful tall black haired woman introduced herself that she knew us thru a mutual friend, and that she really wanted Miss A to have her way with her (ed. note: This tall beauty was my good friend Natasha). After a few minutes of chatting, they went up into the chairs under the lights where A put her toy on and the tall girl got on top and grinded A into the seat. She then bent over and A road her from behind like a champ making her moan and with delight.

Next, a cute blonde and her man approached A, where she ended up on her hands and knees getting it from behind from the man and her face buried in the blondes wet shaven pussy. Not sure who was moaning the most, but they were all satisfied! 

Miss A
With all this going on, a black couple was watching intently, especially the girl with a lot of curiosity and the man with a raging hard on a stallion would be proud o (at least ten inches). This caught A’s attention, so she went over to him, grabbed his cock, looked at the crowd and said hey guys wanna see a disappearing act and sucked him all the way down to the base. She then gave him some attention for a bit, but again was distracted by another couple with a pretty faced dirty blonde. She was a little shy, so A took it slow with her starting with some kissing then some titty play and fingering each other and sharing sucking her mans cock ending with a great double facial and awesome snow balling with the girls licking each other clean.

It was then we went downstairs to the main floor, where we set up under the lights and got immediate attention from the crowd. With the usual clowning around (which we like), someone yelled from the back rows "Watch out for that girl! Guys, her dick is bigger than mine." That got some laughs, but then it was time for her favorite thing: The Eiffel Tower. 

The Good Doctor's Pic of the Day! The Amazing Bambi (from Bambi & Thumper)

Doc here, a man who some say set the world land speed record in 1979, with a top speed of 739 miles per hour. This record was later thrown out after an illegal meat was found on board the racer (prosciutto). 

For today's Good Doctor's Pic of the Day, we are welcoming back to The Journal one of the hottest women I have had the pleasure of meeting in this thing of ours: The amazing Bambi!

Bambi is a bombshell folks... Attractive, a killer body, and she is also a very bad girl.  So when a new pic is sent into The Good Doctor by her hubby, Thumper, well I sit up and take notice. 

Please welcome back Bambi as The Good Doctor's Pic of the Day!


UPDATED 8/3/15! 4 Days Away! Cathy at CTs Adult Theater in Gary, IN on Friday August 7th at 8pm! (w/9 PICS!)

UPDATED 8/3/15: Doc here with an update on the big visit to CTs Adult Superstore in Gary, IN by the legendary Cathy on FRIDAY August 7th at 8pm.

I spoke with Cathy on Friday, and she is super excited to be coming back to CTs for her third visit. The Good Doctor will be there to help host the event and coordinate the activities. 

All systems are go for another night for the ages at CTs with the incredible Cathy... If you have ever attended one or both or her previous two visits, you know what I am talking about. 

Get plenty of sleep and take your vitamins, as this Friday will be a crazy one at CTs. 

More updates as we get closer to the event.


Here are some pics of Cathy for the newbies in the crowd (click the thumbnails to ENLARGE)...Enjoy!


Doc here with a very special Upcoming Event announcement... 

On Friday August 7th, 2015, my good friend Cathy ( ,  , ) will be returning to CTs Adult Theater in Gary, Indiana for her third visit to this adult theater and ABS.  Her past visits have been CRAZY, and this one is shaping up to be the craziest yet!

You all know Cathy...She is one of the original internet age porn sensations, and self-proclaimed "Horniest Housewife on the Internet."  Her videos and still pictures are legendary, whether she is in an adult theater, a gloryhole, or a gang bang. Do not let her innocent looks fool you...She is one naughty MILF!

She is looking to meet new and old friends alike during her visit to CTs Adult Theater in Gary, IN. Accompanying her to CTs will be her hubby Peter, as well as The Good Doctor himself. 

Get ready for the horniest housewife on the internet...Cathy!  See you on Friday August 7th at 8pm at CTs!


Sunday, August 2, 2015

Smut for a Sunday Evening: Steamy Days of Summer Edition with 35 Hot Pics!!!

Doc here, a man who some say gets nostalgic on hot, humid weekend nights, where as a younger Lizardo spent some of his evenings honing his adult theater game back in NY. 

Steamy nights at Good Time Charlie's, the Niagara Falls Cinema, The Capri Art, and The Lyell were part of the curriculum of this August dance. 

Flash forward 20+ years, the locations may be different (15th Ave. in Chicago, The Art Cinema in Hartford , Fantasyland in Tampa to name a few), but the dance is much the same.

August is a hot, sticky month, and luckily for you, the good readers of The Journal, it also means another edition of Smut for a Sunday Evening.

For the uninitiated, Smut for a Sunday Evening is the best of the best pics from The Good Doctor's Journal of Adult Theaters.  Nothing has been lifted from the net.  These are all pics from original submissions from the authors, or from The Good Doctor himself. 

Got it? Good.

Please sit back, pop open a Fresca (Hi Gemini!), and enjoy some steamy pics from The Good Doctor.


Smut for a Sunday Evening: Steamy Days of Summer
(Please click the thumbnails to ENLARGE)

A Quick Note From The Good Doctor: Good-Bye Hot Rod Edition

Doc here, a man who some say as a young Lizardo, went to the wrasslin' matches back in NY and saw many legends of the squared circle.   However, the one he liked the most was Rowdy Roddy Piper. 

In an era of grand entrances, his was the one with most attitude. Not the biggest, not the flashiest, but he had the best mic skills.  

Pull up an episode of Piper's Pit on YouTube sometime, and you'll see what I mean. 

Hot Rod died in his sleep on Friday morning 7/31/15. A pisser right until then end. He came here to chew bubblegum and kick ass. And he was all out of bubblegum.

R.I.P. sir.


Flash Report! The Oral Reporter Hits Personal Preference in Mesa, AZ

Doc here, a man who some say get further with a kind word and a Bloody Mary than a kind word alone, with a Flash Report from senior Journal scribe, The Oral Reporter.

TOR this time has hit Personal Preference in Mesa, AZ, and has filed this detail-filled report.

There was also news on a second Personal Preference location in Florida that is also discussed in the report.

Take it away, sir.


Hi Doc,

Oral Reporter here, getting ready to fly out of Phoenix and on my way to Salt Lake City (AKA the land of no adult entertainment).

Last night I visited the Personal Preference Adult Theater here in Mesa, AZ. I sent you a message of the Breaking news as they say on CNN, concerning the second Personal Preference located in Holiday, FL (added to The Good Doctor's Database).

I arrived at the Personal Preference Adult theater 
and book store in Mesa about 6 PM, I paid my $10.00 entrance fee, (good for 5 hours) which gets you into both theaters. The ABS is moderate sized and has a good selection of everything from DVD, magazines, toys, and sexy outfits for the ladies.

Personal Preference
Mesa, AZ
I entered the theaters and found each theater had about 6 or 7 occupants in each one, both were playing heterosexual movies, but there was quite a bit of guy on guy action going on in each of the theaters. One theater reverts back to Couples Only at 8PM to 11PM (longer if there are 3 or more couples in the theater after 11PM).  At 7:45 PM they told everyone to move over to the other theater so the clerk could clean up the theater for the couples. 

At 8PM sharp I noticed the first couple come in, then the couples started coming in on a regular basis. I asked the owner Vince how many couples came in last night (Saturday) and he told me he had 13 couples during the couples only time. 

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Visit Announcement! TONIGHT! The CEO at Horse Cave Theater in KY at 9pm! (w/8 PICS!)

Doc here... The is last minute, but oh so worth it!

TONIGHT, 8/1/15, at 9pm, the incredible C.E.O. hits DC Video in Horse Cave, KY and it's adult theater.  It's address is 845 Flint Ridge Road, Horse Cave, KY. 

The C.E.O. is one of the legendary ladies of the adult theater scene, and if you can get to Horse Cave, KY, you will not be disappointed.  Her better half, Mr. Chairman, told me directly that The C.E.O. is extra thirsty tonight for lots of guys, so don't disappoint The Good Doctor. 

Show your support and show up tonight at Horse Cave.  And, as always, tell The C.E.O. and Mr. Chairman that "Doc sent me!"

Here are a few pics of The C.E.O. to wet your whistle and prime your pump for tonight's visit.



The C.E.O.

Flash Report! The Oral Reporter is Back in Dallas with More from Xposed and Lido Adult Theaters on 7/25/15

Doc here, a man who some say can bake a cannoli like nobody's business, with a Flash report from senior Journal scribe, The Oral Reporter.

TOR is back in Dallas, and back to monkey business.  Here is his tale...


Hi Doc,

Well I was expecting a better night on Saturday the 25th of July, but too many things did not happen for that too happen. It was not an uneventful night but not as originally planned.

I flew into Dallas on Saturday afternoon, I thought it was going to be the best night ever at the Xposed Theater and at the Lido Theater. Well let me tell you what ended up happening.

UPDATED 8/1 with PICS! Couple's Flash Report! T2Please & Gwenyth at The Downtown Adult Cinema in Akron, OH

Doc here, a man who some say can charm a King Cobra snake with his lovely baritone singing voice, with a terrific Couple's Flash Report from T2Please & Gwenyth.

It seems that T2Please and the lovely Gwenyth visit Akron's Downtown Adult Cinema on occasion, and put on an afternoon performance for the matinee goers.  And this report chronicles one of these visits...

So please welcome back to The Journal, T2Please and his lovely consort Gwenyth!



My sincere apologies. It has been awhile since my last report. Primarily because the Summit News in Warren, OH has currently been eliminated as a playful option. That being known, and T2 Being an opportunistic individual, I have improvised and reengaged by attending the Akron's Downtown Adult Cinema, currently the only facility in NE Ohio that functions as an adult theater venue (ed. note: The Foster in Youngstown is still open).

My companion is the lovely 'Gwenyth', she is an early 40's divorced smoking hot blond MILF. Stands about 5'5" and weighs about 135lbs. She has a pretty face, nice skin and smooth curves. Best of all is her attitude, she gets off having sex in public places and, wait for it, a true anal queen!

Friday, July 31, 2015

15th Ave. Adult Theater's Next Big Event in Chicago! Back to School Party on August 22nd, 2015 at 8pm, and Hosted by Doc!

Doc here with a sneak peek at the next 15th Ave. Adult Theater couples & singles party: Back to School!

By the time mid-August rolls around, our attentions will once again be turned to school supplies, new school clothes, books, laptops, and of course, naughty schoolgirls.  That is where The Good Doctor steps in.

I would like to invite you, along with your favorite naughty schoolgirls, teachers, or librarians to join us inside the awesome Party Room at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago's western burbs. This is one of our biggest parties of the year, and one not to be missed.

If plaid skirts, tight white blouses, and pig tails are something you like to see, then this is the place.  Misbehaving? Then you just might get your hand slapped with a wooden ruler. 

Once again, we will have our famous 15th Ave. Back to School Swag Bags for the first 50 male/female couples (with your paid admission).  Get here early, and stay LATE. The party runs from 8pm to 1am, but the theater is open until 2am.  This is a little something I like to call Happy Hour, and it's not to be missed.

Lastly, here is the new promo video for this event...Enjoy.


Couple's Flash Report! Britt & Terry at XTC in Akron, OH (w/3 HOT PICS!)

Doc here, a man who say only uses a Magnum XL-200 condom, with a very cool first time Couple's Flash Report from Britt & Terry.

In this excellent report, Britt & Terry hit XTC in Akron, Ohio as a change of pace from other Ohio venues they have visited in the past.

What did they find? Was it worth taking the flyer on XTC? Let's see, shall we?

Take it away Britt & Terry!


Hey Doc,

Britt and I have been big fans of your blog over the years and thought we would write in to tell you about our recent experience.

First off, we have had a lot of fun over the years. We started with Summit News, however that dream has long faded. So we have been forced to find new venues for our enjoyment. We have given the Akron Adult Cinema a try, but find the facilities to be severely dirty and run down, and Britt did not like the manners displayed by the clientele. 

The Real Britt

We've tried Foster's (in Youngstown) only to find that they close whenever they feel like it. We've also tried Pulaski which has a very nice theater, but they close at 10pm. Because of such we have fallen in love with the Westwood in Toledo. Our biggest complaint however, its over a two hour drive to get there from where we live.Well being as it is, we keep trying to find something more local to satisfy her urges when we don't have the time to make it out to Toledo. We recently heard that XTC in Akron (address in the Adult Theater Database) began allowing couples into their booth areas. So we figured we would give it a try this past Tuesday night.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Flash Report! The Oral Reporter's Good Luck Runs Out at Fantasy Zone in Memphis

Doc here, a man who some say used to wear a wire while playing poker at The Tangiers, signaling my partner when and how to bet, with a Flash Report from our good friend, The Oral Reporter.

The Oral Reporter visited Fantasy Zone in Memphis, TN, and lady luck was not on his side.

So what happened at Fantasy Zone?  I will let our esteemed senior reporter tell you himself.



Well my several weeks of good luck changed to nothing happening for a straight guy at the Fantasy Zone Theater in Memphis.

I guess I was spoiled by the abundant action in Dallas, Phoenix, and in Buffalo.
There were plenty of guys chasing each other around the booths, the theater, and the little room off to the side of the screen.