Friday, October 21, 2016

Freeze Frame! The Girls of 15th Ave's 2016 Halloween Party "Nightmare on 15th Ave" w/ 25 Pics!

Doc here, a man who some say has hair with the same water-repelling properties of a mallard duck, with some delightful eye-candy for you in advance of Saturday night's Nightmare on 15th Avenue Halloween Party

This event, which traditionally is the biggest of the year for 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago, has now grown tremendously in scope and size.  We draw attendees from far away from Illinois, such as Ohio, Indiana, Iowa, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and even Georgia!

Last year's Nightmare on 15th Ave. Halloween Party drew 106 couples, and scores of sexy singles. Dollars to doughnuts, I think we might break that record Saturday night.

Being the benevolent, caring soul that defines The Good Doctor, I am here to present to you some of my favorite images of a small sample of some sexy women that have RSVP'd for the party

You can thank me tomorrow night as I host the party @ 15th Ave.  Enjoy!


The Girls of Nightmare on 15th Avenue's Halloween Party 2016 in Chicago
(Click the Thumbnails to ENLARGE)

Let's Play 2! A Friday Double Head-Her at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago on 10/21/16 with Khaleesi AND The Adventurous MD Couple!

Doc here, a man who some say was once the play-by-play voice of the Siracusa Calamari of  the Mediterranean Baseball League (MBL), with some of the best news about a Friday in recent memory.

The Lizardo Lantern will be getting quite a work out at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago on Friday, 10/21. You see, we have scheduled a twi-night double head-her at 15th Ave and it's going to be a hooter hoot.

Let's look at the starting line-up for both ends of this adult theater double head-her. 

Leading off at 5pm Friday is the force of nature known as Khaleesi (AKA The Mother of All Squirters).  Here is what she is looking for (based on the scouting report):

Loyal readers of Dr. Emilio Lizardo's Journal of Adult Theaters, you are cordially invited to join us for a BUKKAKE at 15th Avenue Adult Emporium, this Friday, October 21st. Khaleesi will do her best to flood the theater... And then it's your turn.

Put on a display of your face-painting artistry! Give a demonstration of your cumshot accuracy! Show off how much spunk you can pump!

All we ask is that you 1) be respectful and follow her instructions about when and where you may touch her and 2) be polite and try not to get any in her eyes. Just in case, Khaleesi will be wearing her reading glasses. (And we know many of you, like Khal, like that look too!)

Make sure to be Following Doc on Twitter and checking The Journal regularly this week. Our ETA is 5pm.  We're hoping for at least 20 of you to be there with heavy loads ready to launch.

Khaleesi has always had bukkake fantasies, she LOVED both she had at 15th Avenue this summer, and she wants this to the biggest and best yet. That's why we've finally decided, for the first time ever, to announce our visit. Please join us Friday @5 and lets all have a good time making a beautiful mess!


Khal and Khaleesi

And now onto the 2nd game, starting at 8pm Friday starring Mrs. Adventurous MD Couple

Taking the mound for the nightcap are my good friends The Adventurous MD Couple. This is the 2nd year in a row they have made an appearance at 15th Ave., and last year's was a blast (actually, multiple blasts). 

There will be three innings to their visit...Pay attention.

1st Inning: Mrs. Adventurous MD Couple will be initially entertained by The Black Sox, The Good Doctor's crew of GB specialsts. We will be starting in the theater, as Mrs. Adventurous MD Couple loves to show off for the crowd. 

2nd Inning: The Black Sox will escort TAMDCPL back for a GB. Watching is encouraged. Consider it priming the pump.

3rd Inning: It's time to pop the champagne corks, as Mrs. Adventurous MD Couple wants a cum bath.  Step up and swing for the fence, gents. 

Guys: Be freshly showered, not smelling of smoke, and courteous.  If you fail at any of these, you'll be sent to the minors before walking up to the plate for your at-bat. 
Questions?  E-mail me at

Hit the batting cages early, ladies and gentlemen. 


Thursday, October 20, 2016

Visit Announcement! The Awesome Candi O at The Oregon Theater in Portland this Friday 10/21/16 at 9pm! (w/PICS)

Doc here, a man who some say developed an Italian fighting technique similar to Tai Chi, called Ma Donne, whereby you distract your opponent my giving him a dope slap when he isn't looking.  It was never proven to be effective. 

This weekend is shaping up to be one for the ages across the country and this thing of ours. In addition to a double-header of legendary ladies Friday (Khaleesi and The Adventurous MD Couple) and the huge Halloween event Saturday night at Chicago's 15th Ave. Adult Theater, Portland has stepped up with a visit from one of my favorite legendary ladies.

The smoke show known as Candi O is visiting The Oregon Theater in Portland Friday night at 9pm. Candi has visited every top adult theater in the country (I've seen them in Hartford and Chicago personally), and is stopping by Portland's last classic adult theater Friday night.  

The Good Doctor is over-nighting an extra Lizardo Lantern to Portland to signal Candi O's arrival at The OT Friday night. 

Here are a few of my favorite Candi O pics from The Journal's archive:

Updated Thursday at 8am! This Saturday Night! Nightmare on 15th Ave Halloween Party in Chicago on Sat. October 22, 2016 at 8pm! Hosted by Doc!

Updated Thursday at 8am:  Doc here once again, with an update on this Saturday's HUGE Nightmare on 15th Ave Halloween Party.

Late yesterday, the e-mail machine at The Journal produced the first pic of this year's Halloween Swag Bags for the party. These bad boys contain approximately $50 retail worth of naughty goodies for all your senses: A Free M/F Couples Pass (for a non-event night), a XXX DVD, glow sticks, Halloween Candy, condoms, lube, and even Pop Rocks. 

Here are the bags:

The Party Room's decorations are almost complete, and by the time we pop the doors open at 8pm Saturday, it will be ON! Also, look for the "Girls of 15th Ave - Halloween Edition" feature coming in the next 24 hours here at The Journal.

Join us for the BIG ONE: Nightmare on 15th Ave, this Saturday night at 8pm!



Update Tuesday 10/18 at 3pm: Doc here with some updates on just who might be gracing the HUGE Nightmare on 15th Ave Party this Saturday night at 8pm.

This event draws out of towners like nobodies monkey business. Last year it was true, and this year is even bigger!

Let's start with the legendary StuntSlut Simone! SSS will be coming into town, and word has it she wants double the glazed doughnut treatment this visit. 

Flying in for the Nightmare on 15th Ave. will be The Atlanta Crew (featuring The Luscious Laura, Mr. Wayne, and others). Last year they were The Teen Titans.  What will they be this year?  

Making their first party appearance will be The Adventurous MD Couple! Mrs. AMC is a very bad girl... How long will her costume even stay on?

Will the incredible Slut Diane make an appearance?  My fingers are crossed too. 

Look for a "Girls of 15th Ave - Halloween Edition coming later this week (but before the party). 

And that is just the tip of the iceburg folks... If you are a couple, and are coming in from out of town, please let me know directly at . I will be happy to post about your visit!

Tomorrow's update will include a sneak peak at the fun swag bags, and much more.

Do not miss out on 15th Ave's biggest party of the year...Nightmare on 15th Ave!  The fun starts at 8pm this Saturday.



Doc here...We are less than a week away, and the RSVPs are coming in fast and furious. This is our biggest event of the year, and we hope you'll join us for a night you'll never forget!

For our YouTube promo video:

For the flier and details for the event:…

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Flash Report! Peeper Returns with a Great Trip to Fantasyland 1 & 2 in Tampa on Friday 10/14/16

Doc here, a man who some say once starred in the 1980's nature program "Animals in the Bush" on PBS.  He left the show shortly after it's premier as he felt deceived by producers who promised him a show "on that other bush you like", but never shot it.

The e-mail machine here at The Journal has been humming, and as evidence, the following report from 2nd time contributor, Peeper.

Peeper ventured out to the legendary Fantasyland 1 and 2 in Tampa, FL last Friday, and his story is an impressive one to say the least (addresses in the adult theater dB). 

Take it away, Peeper!


Hi Doc,

Long time fan and part of this thing we love. I don't get out as much as I use too but last Friday was one of my free days to explore.

I visited Fantasy Land 1 and 2 . I got into Tampa around 5PM and decided to buy my tickets early. I stopped by FL2 to look around since I had never been in there since it became FL2. The clerk was very friendly and told me about the place. Just then a young 20 something couple walked in. He said my friend only you can F this experience up. He also said there was another couple in there.

Fantasyland 1
Tampa, FL
Indeed there was a 40-50 something couple in the fishbowl putting on a show. The young couple went into a private room with a glory hole in between. A man in a dress beat us all to the room and locked the door. No I cant figure that one out but he/she won the race. 

After he/she was happy that person left and a few of us entered to see what was happening. To our surprise the glory hole was open and there was a nice little butt placed against the glory hole. 3 of us played with this young play toy. Then she went and enjoyed her companions cock while we watched. After that they moved closer to the hole to enjoy some doggy and feeding at the hole.

After that I left to visit FL1. Nothing was going on at that time so I went to the hotel to shower and change.

After refueling and cleaning up I went back around 9PM. Overall in FL 1 and 2 there were over 20 couples Friday night. Not everyone played but many did. What I noticed was there were many that played out in the open. That is a big change from my last visit a few years ago. I was in the theater when the local TV executive was busted about 8-9 years ago. Since that night I had not seen anyone play in the open. 

Fantasyland 2
Tampa, FL
The highlight of the evening was at FL1. A Hispanic lady (30's white dress and great tits) who was in both theaters all afternoon/evening finally let loose. She took off her panties, spread her legs and took on a number of willing young studs. It was a feeding frenzy. Sitting next to her was a tall thin gal in a black dress. Her male companion was fingering her. He exposed her so myself and another guy moved in to see if she wanted more. She did and we sucked and fingered her to a wet ending. That was all she wanted at that time but I think she moved to the booth area for more.

It was like a tennis match in both places. You could not keep your eye on all the players. Many played in the private rooms, others went to the booth areas. I saw a number of couples at both theater throughout the night. They came out to play.

Field Report! Phantasyman4u2001 Reviews Portland's Taboo Adult Theater and The Oregon Theater on 10/15/16

Doc here, a man who some say once developed a shampoo that was called "Capelli Pericoloso". It's been banned throughout the Western hemisphere for using "un-natural ingredients including sea horses."  However, to this day, The Good Doctor still uses it successfully and often.

The e-mail machine here at The Journal's home office (near the small women's liberal arts college) cranked out the following  Field Report from first time contributor Phantasyman4u2001 on the two remaining Portland, OR adult theaters: The Oregon Theater and Taboo Video.

While we know a ton about The Oregon Theater (I have been there countless times), not much is known about Taboo Video's new mini theaters (I have been to Taboo pre-mini theaters).  

That is until now.

Please welcome to The Journal Phantasyman4u2001.  Take it away, sir.



I was in Portland this past weekend and went to the Oregon Theater both Friday and Saturday nights with some really fun times with couples. Brents Theater Tales explains all the action. I also stopped by another ABS I had heard about. Not the OT but could have potential. Following is the info on it and hopefully locals in Portland can expand.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Visit Announcement! Koral at Humpday Gangbang at The Catalyst in Portland, OR Wednesday October 19th, 2016 w/PICS

Doc here, a man who some say is People Magazine's #14 top motivational speaker for 2009, with quite a Visit Announcement for you, the good readers of The Journal.

In the name of God and the Baby Jesus, if you are anywhere near Portland, OR this Wednesday, then you need to go to The Catalyst, an on-premises lifestyle club for what will be your best Hump Day ever.  Why does The Good Doctor say this?

These Hump Day events are organized by TJ, who is well know in the scene in Portland.  And from everything I hear, these events are no-frills, balls to the walls, action-focused events. 

And the cherry on top? The legendary Koral (along with her partner in crime, S) will be one of many in attendance, mingling, socializing, and at 10pm, she will put the "Boo" in bukkake. For half an hour, Koral take every shot across her (bow) brow (and gorgeous face). 

Yes kids, she is THAT girl.

Here are the details:

Visit Announcement! Khal & Khaleesi's Return to 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago This Friday 10/21/16

Doc here, a man who some say performed rhythmic gymnastics at the 1976 Olympics in Montreal for the Italian Team, with the Visit Announcement that you all have been waiting for.

Take it away, Khal & Khaleesi!


Dear Doc,

How can I begin any other way than to first congratulate you on the AMAZING relaunch of The Journal! It looks great! Well done. And from two of us who so very much enjoy "This Thing of Ours," THANK YOU for continuing to be the torch bearer, pied piper, and Chief Communications Officer for all things ABS.

Secondly, we want to apologize for vanishing so abruptly from Twitter. We felt it was the best decision for us, but that doesn't mean we've disappeared entirely. We're still out in the world and we're still making visits to 15th Avenue.

That said...

Loyal readers of Dr. Emilio Lizardo's Journal of Adult Theaters, you are cordially invited to join us for a BUKKAKE at 15th Avenue Adult Emporium in Chicago this Friday, October 21st. Khaleesi will do her best to flood the theater... And then it's your turn.

Put on a display of your face-painting artistry! Give a demonstration of your cumshot accuracy! Show off how much spunk you can pump!

Field Report! New Location in North Hollywood: Sherman Way Adult Book Store by NHR

Doc here with a quick Field Report from first-timer NHR on an existing location in North Hollywood, CA that gets M/F couples traffic called Sherman Way Adult Book Store.

The LA scene is kind of a big bag of misery right now in this thing of ours, so positive news is a very good thing.

Here we go!



Hot couple in here last week.  Clean, safe, good parking, great AC, small theater in ABS    straight adult videos on two large screen televisions. Couples and guys.   Hit and miss.  

Was last there /  October 12, 2016. Attractive couple, played with others.

Sherman Way Adult Book Store

11841 Sherman Way
North Hollywood, CA 91605

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Special Report! Vickie the Vixen's Long, Hard, and Wet Ride to 3.5K

Doc here, a man whose meatball IQ is in the high 160's, with an incredible retrospective from one of the naughtiest women I have met in the adult theater scene: Vickie the Vixen.

This recap of her five years in this thing of ours is nothing short of amazing, and from this editor's eyes, note perfect. Set the set bar at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago very high. So high I don't set it coming down anytime soon.

I don't think everyone truly understands why I do what I do. Its high time I tell you. You could say I'm a slut, a whore, a nasty little girl, a vicious dominatrix or an obedient slave. I am all of that and more. Any woman who allows so many men to grace her nethers surely must have some voracious appetite or be completely insane. Don't worry, I play safe! That life thing kinda entices me. Those who truly know me understand what I am about to tell you. The reason I do what I do may shock you or it may intrigue you. I hope it does both!

Throughout all of my adventures I am accompanied by my best friend and life partner, Victor. From these posts you can tell he's quite a character. The party truly does begin once he arrives. We didn't always have the picture perfect relationship. We didn't always talk about sex. In fact, not that long ago I still shushed him when discussing anything beyond PG-13 in public. 

Vickie the Vixen
My open lifestyle began almost five years ago when I caught Victor cleaning someone else's pipes. He had always drifted a bit but no one ever really pulled him away from me until this one. It was hard to accept; I felt I wasn't doing my job. I wasn't sexy enough or he had just grown tired of me ran through my mind as I mentally beat myself up. I was pissed at him don't get me wrong. I was contemplating doing hard time for the many responses racing through my head. Then rationality kicked in and we talked.

He told me he needed kinky to get off. Really kinky. I was a virgin when we met so anything beyond missionary was kinky. It wasn't like he needed ball bleeding or ass ripping masked cum escapades to get off, he just liked screwing sluts. After much contemplating I agreed to take on the task. We planned to go to 15th Ave. and made the trip during a Marti Gras party. We did the usual tour, spent two minutes watching a gang bang behind the screen and I wanted out. It took a few more visits until I was brave enough to give it a try. 

First I showed up in sweatpants and frumpy clothes, then my wardrobe slowly grew to incorporate a theme for every day of the year. My favorite look though is thigh high tights, garter belt, knee high boots, a short black anything and my signature "Fuck Off" belt. This is my sanctuary. If I was going to do this, I was going to be bad ass at it!