Thursday, December 8, 2016

UPDATED Thursday 12/8! 2 Days to Go! Saturday December 10th, 2016 at 8pm! Bad Santa 2: Electric Boogaloo Holiday Party at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago at 8pm! Hosted by Doc!

Updated Thursday 12/8 at 2PM: The buzz is getting LOUD for this Saturday's Bad Santa 2: Electric Boogaloo Holiday Party at 15th Ave. Adult Theater . 

Yesterday, Bob & Natalie completed the Bad Santa Swag Bags, and they came out great! Here is your sneak peak at them:

Remember kids, the first 50 M/F Couples get a swag bag, starting at 8pm. Each bag contains close to $50 retail of cool and sexy things for all your senses. Do not miss out on these fun bags!

Bad Santa's outfit is good to go for Saturday, and it's bad. Real bad. And I'm he is still looking for the pants.

Join us for a HUGE last event for 2016! It's Bad Santa 2: Electric Boogaloo Saturday night at 8pm! Remember, this party is BYOB!




Doc here, a man who some say spreads Christmas cheer in the only way he knows how. Without pants

We are only 3 days away from the last HUGE party of 2016 at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago: Bad Santa 2: Electric Boogaloo Holiday Party.  The Good Doctor cannot wait to get in the holiday spirit, spread some holiday cheer, and host his favorite party of the year in Chicago. 

Last year's Bad Santa Party at 15th Ave. was a crazy affair, complete with sexy little outfits on the girls, a NUTS sexy outfit contest, and Bad Santa sans pants. He was even seen walking around with Santa's Secret Sack, with several ladies picking out some sweet delights while other found something a little bigger and longer. 

As always, we will have holiday swag bags for the first 50 M/F Couples in the door, starting at 8pm. Each bag contains about $50 retail value in fun things for all your senses. Remember to get to 15th Ave. early so you do not miss out on them. 

Remember, this party is BYOB, so bring your favorite libations and we will keep them cold for you behind the BYOB bar. We will have cups, ice, and mixers at the ready for you. 

At 10pm, a special holiday version of our Sexy Outfit Contest begins. 10 Girls, 10 sexy outfits, 3 great vibrating prizes, and a guy in a really bad Santa outfit will MC. Ladies: if you want to participate in the contest, see me early in the evening to sign up and get your number. 

Later today, pics of the Bad Santa swag bags will go up on 15th Ave's Twitter, just to wet your panties appetite on what awaits you on Saturday. Make sure you are Following 15th Ave to get your sneak peek of the fun bags.

Next update later today...

Make plans to join us Saturday night at 15th Ave. Adult Theater, 2125 N. 15th Ave., Melrose Park, IL for Bad Santa 2: Electric Boogaloo!


Visit Announcement Clue #1: Chicago Holiday Edition

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Flash Report! ORichard Drops Into the Oregon Theater on 12/2/16 & Drops Us Some Knowledge

Doc here, a man who some say was once a promising 3rd baseman for the Bucks County Smooth Beavers, until a bad hop to the taint changed his mind (and career). 

One of The Journal's longest tenured reporters is intrepid senior scribe ORichard. Located in the Pacific Northwest, he has long been a voice of reason in a turbulent Portland, Oregon adult theater scene.  As a matter of fact, ORichard authored one of the most popular reports in the history of The Journal, a profile of the former Edgewater West lifestyle hotel in Oakland, CA. You can read this great report here: 

Fast forward to present day... ORichard popped into Portland's last classic adult theater, The Oregon Theater this past Friday, December 2nd, 2016 and authored this report on what he saw at the venerable OT. 

Take it away, ORichard!


Dr. L,

Friday at The OT... 
7:00 couple was middle -aged and she did not come dressed to play (jeans and button-down shirt). Obvious newbies, they sat demurely in the middle of the couples section until after 9:30, watching the movies. Nearly all the guys were respectful with only a couple waving their cocks to try to invite interest. 

Monday, December 5, 2016

Box Score! Naughty or Nice Holiday Party at The Art Cinema on Saturday 12/3/16

Doc here, a man who some say will accept all medical plans for an exam, even though he is unlicensed in 45 states (pending in 5). That's because he is a giver.

Saturday night's Naughty or Nice Holiday Party at Hartford's Art Cinema was a blast!  After a ton of prep work and decorating, not to mention the Secret Santa portion of the evening, it was a fun and exciting night at the mighty Art Cinema.  

We welcomed a larger than normal amount of first-timers, and it was great meeting you and providing tours of The Art Cinema!

Here is your Box Score Report from The Naughty or Nice Party!

BOX SCORE - Naughty or Nice:
80 M/F Couples
3 Single Females
5 Trans Girls

In the next day I will be publishing my House Call Report on the evening with some images from a quick photo shoot in the lobby featuring the amazing Lolita (reporter Incognito's girl).  

Thanks to everyone (from Ernie, to the terrific security and Secret Santa staff) for making this event (The Art's first ever holiday party) a huge success! 


Flash Report! The Piedmont Player Hits Annabelle's in Winston-Salem on 11/29/16

Doc here, a man who some say has the magic touch in raising sea monkeys, with the debut of another first-time reporter, The Piedmont Player!

TPP visited Annabelle's in Winston-Salem, NC last Tuesday (11/29/16), and has filed this report to the news desk here at The Journal.  And it's a good one, folks!

Please enjoy the spicey goodness (Hi K!) of The Piedmont Player's debut...


Hi Doc,

First timer reporter...long time reader.   

Last Tuesday, I had a little time to kill and decided to spend it in my local fun palace, Annabelle's in Winston-Salem, NC.  

Normally when I go in the afternoon, it is an all male affair and I spend my time chatting with the regulars in the main theater and watching the action on the screen.  

Tuesday was a nice the main theater there was a gentleman around my age and a beautiful brunette perhaps in her early to mid-30s.   They were sitting on a couch, watching the action on the screen and everyone seemed to be respecting their space.  They stayed there for a couple minutes before getting up and leaving the theater.  I gave it a minute and the left behind them and headed over to the booth area.  

Winston-Salem, NC
The couple was in the booth area and were having a discussion...they were apparently discussing what to do next.  After that, the couple headed back to the main theater and sat down in a semi-private booth with a small couch in it. The booth has half walls that spectators can look over if they like.  

The couple then starts making out and she starts giving him a hand job.  This goes on for several minutes and they are starting to attract a small crowd.  The gentleman then pulls his pants down a little farther and she starts to blow him.  For the next couple minutes they switch hack and forth between the blow job and the make out session.  All the while, her jeans start working their way don until her beautiful ass is exposed. 

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Updated 12/3 at 10am: Tonight! Naughty or Nice Holiday Party at The Art Cinema on Saturday December 3rd, 2016 @ 7pm!

Updated Saturday 12/3/16 at 10am:  The big night is tonight (Saturday 12/3) at 7pm for the Naughty or Nice Holiday Party at The Art Cinema in Hartford! I hope you are ready, because we certainly are!

The Good Doctor along with the great staff at The Art Cinema were decorating and prepping for the event until well after midnight, making sure our first holiday party was dressed to the sixty-nines!  It's going to be a HUGE night, and I hope you'll join us for our last big event for 2016.

Remember, the first 50 M/F Couples get a holiday swag stocking with lots of delights inside, including a free couples pass for your next visit (non-event) to The Art Cinema.

The Lizardo Lantern arrived in Hartford in the wee hours of 12/3, and is in place on the roof of The Art to signal the start of the evening in the skies over Franklin Ave. 

The Good Doctor is excited, as the buzz for tonight's party is high, and his brand new Xmas boxer briefs fit perfectly.  Good times my friends...

As always, tickets are only available at the door: $40 for M/F Couples and Single Guys, $20 for Single Girls and Trans Girls. 

Let's kick off the holidays the right way at the mighty Art Cinema tonight at 7pm for The Naughty or Nice Party. Questions? E-mail me direct HERE

Thanks, and see you tonight!



Friday 12/2 Update:The Good Doctor is up early (actually, I never went to bed) to leave for the Midway Aerodrome, and onto Hartford for final prep for the event. 

Next time we talk, it'll be from Hartford.



The Lizardo Lantern is currently on a flatbed, heading to The Art Cinema for Saturday's big event. When you see that beacon of adult theater goodness in the skies above Hartford, you'll know that Naughty or Nice is rocking and rolling. 

To prepare yourselves, I suggest re-newing your Lizardo Lantern Oath (above).

Make plans to join us for the last huge adult theater event of the year at the mighty Art Cinema: Naughty or Nice Party, Saturday December 3rd, 2016 at 7pm.  Hosted by your old friend in the white suit and aviators.



Doc here... Please join us for Naughty or Nice, The Art Cinema's first holiday party, on Saturday December 3rd at 7pm. The Art's address is 255 Franklin Ave. in Hartford, CT.

If you are looking for New England's best value in lifestyle events, look no further than The Art Cinema. This classic art deco theater hosts the largest adult theater events in the country, and we are excited to wrap up a great 2016 with it's holiday party!

M/F couples can enjoy the exclusive VIP Couples Balcony (sorry, no single guys permitted in the balcony) with their admission, as well as complete run of the house.

We will be awarding Naughty or Nice Holiday Swag  to the first 50 M/F couples into the event (with their paid admission), which carries a $40 retail value. Make sure to get here early so you do not miss out on them!

Dress Code (recommended but not required): Ladies: Sexy in Red or White.  Guys: Dress to Impress.

We look forward to welcoming you to Naughty or Nice on Saturday December 3rd at the mighty Art Cinema, 255 Franklin Ave. in Hartford, CT.

Tickets only available at the door. See you then!


Thursday, December 1, 2016

Visit Announcement: S&K Visit 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago TONIGHT (12/1) at 10pm!

Doc here, a man who some say has gotten more guys laid than 1-800 Flowers (Thank you Khal!), with a last minute Visit Announcement that will be a great start to your December.

My good friends S&K (and myself) will be stopping by 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago TONIGHT, Thursday 12/1/16, to take in a movie or two at 10pm. They would love to have some fellow movie lovers join them for a showing of "It's a Wonderful Bukkake Life."  

S is a smoking hot red head (you may remember her from one of the sexy outfit contests The Good Doctor hosted earlier this year at 15th Ave.), and a very bad girl. 

Non-latex condoms are the order of the day, gents. 

As always gents, remember the following rules:
  • Be respectful.
  • Be patient.
  • Listen to our instructions.
  • No crowding, otherwise you'll be out of the mix. 

Join us tonight at 15th Ave. Adult Theater tonight, Thursday 12/1, at 10pm. 


Field Report! The Beard Sweeps Through the Mid-Atlantic for 3 Visits (BNA, Annabelle's, CVE)

Doc here, a man who some say once devoured 14 water ices in one setting, triggering a brain freeze some argue he never recovered from. 

The Good Doctor thinks you'll enjoy this report from first-time Journal scribe "The Beard".  The Beard hit a few of the Mid-Atlantic's most notable adult theaters, and has submitted this report to the news desk here at The Journal, deep in The Valley near the small women's liberal arts college. His beard has also been known to hypnotize women. Fact.

The Beard visited some of The Good Doctor's favorite places in the late Spring: BNA in Berlin, NJ, Annabelle's in Winston-Salem, NC, and CVE in Gastonia, NC. 

Please welcome to The Journal, The Beard.



Here is my report from the week of traveling down south earlier this year. This may be old news, but might be of help to some people as they hit these locations.  

Friday - Berlin News Agency 

Arrived about 9:30pm a little later than I like (damned Turnpike traffic),  and seemed to had just missed a couple. No big deal since I have almost never left BNA on a Friday or Saturday night unhappy. 

Berlin News Agency
Berlin, NJ
Taking a lay of the land the theater to the left was empty and the first cubicle in the front had a well dressed younger lady and her guy hanging out. The next two were occupied buy other guys and the fourth to the right had a group with a lady not to my liking. They are regulars as I have seen then before and only get down every few months. 

A little while later an older couple comes in and walks around for a bit and finally settles into the 2nd cubicle. They have some fun with a few guys, with a large group surrounding them and I'm blocked out and resigned to watch. They have their fun and must have left while I was in the next cubicle. 

While that is going on another couple comes in and joins couple in the 1st cubicle and after awhile the female half of the couple decides to play, as she takes off her top and starts to orally pleasure some of the gathered masses, me included. She was doing a fine job and the lady from couple # 1 gets up and starts playing as well. By this time I had let another guy enjoy what I had and moved on to her friend who by this time was taking on guys from both ends. I patiently waited my turn and was rewarded by an awesome BJ and then suited up, moved around behind her and hit her doggie. When I completed, I thanked her and retreated outside for a smoke and to regain myself. 

Monday, November 28, 2016

Flash Report! The Organist's Mid-Summer Visit to the Mighty Art Cinema in Hartford

Doc here, a man who some say has hair so aerodynamic, NASA has committed to a study of it to determine it's use it high altitude test flights.

File this report under "Better Late than Never", and it's all The Good Doctor's fault. Newly anointed senior reporter The Organist filed this report with me in the late summer, and it dropped under my radar for editing. Not good. 

The Organist (who I finally had a chance to meet at the HUGE Halloween Party with his awesome girl at The Art Cinema in October) who could not be a nicer guy, does a great job painting the picture of a fun evening at the mighty Art Cinema in Hartford. 

Tickle those ivories, sir!


Hey Doc! The Organist here. 

This past weekend had a definitely busy Saturday night at the Art! Many couples played on the main floor. I heard that there where ten couples on the main floor, and I only counted about seven. 30+ couples overall and a couple of single ladies. There was so much energy going on it almost set off a bit of sensory overload.  LOL! 

International Flash Report! The Traveler Hits Praha 1 in Prague, Czech Republic in July, 2016

Doc here, a man who some say once entered a Czech dumpling throwing contest in late 1986 somewhere near Akron, Ohio, with a special treat for you, the good readers of The Journal.

At the huge Gobblefest Party at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago in early November, a gentleman walked up to me early in the evening and introduced himself. He stated that he used The Good Doctor's Database of Adult Theaters to help plan trips to different theaters across the US. He also told me that he travels internationally, and has hit some fantastic places across both ponds. 

The Good Doctor has been looking for more international reports, and what this nice gentleman explained to me was music to my ears. I gave him my card, and asked him to consider submitting reports from these exotic locales. He said he would think about it and went about enjoying the rest of the debauchery going on during Gobblefest.

This past week I heard from this gentleman, now known by his nom de plume The Traveler. And within a day, the following report hit my in-box about Praha 1, a great sounding adult emporium in Prague, the Czech Republic. And it sounds like it is all sorts of awesome!

Please welcome to the rogues gallery of Journal Reporters, The Traveler!  Take it away, sir...



Prague is a beautiful city to visit in the summer months. During my last visit, I was wandering the old city on a warm sunny July day enjoying the wonderful architecture and local beer. I had taken the time to do some internet research before I started my walk and found a club that featured a gang bang themed program starting early on a Wednesday afternoon so I decided to stop by. The name of the club is Praha 1 located on Jungmanonova Street. It is one of the half dozen swingers clubs that are located in this fabulous city. This particular club is open to single males on most days so it was a perfect fit since I would be going single today.

The club is located a short walk from some of the most popular tourist sites on a street lined with small businesses and apartment buildings. I actually walked past the club several times before I realized the entrance was in a small courtyard of the building and since the club had no signs that marked its location you must be careful to check the building numbers. 

Following the instructions on the website, I called the club from my cell phone once I arrived at their door and told them I wanted entry. It only took a few minuets for a man to arrive and let me in. He collected my 40 Euros provided me with a towel and showed me to the locker area where I disrobed. On future trips I would be more prepared with my own towel and flip flops but what they provided was adequate.

The locker room was adjacent to the bar where I found several men sitting on bar stools and a single couple at a small table in conversation. I ordered a beverage and continued my exploration of the club. 

In a large room just off the bar was a nicely appointed lounge area where I found three more couples sitting on sofas enjoying food from the buffet table and cocktails. The couples were a mix of ages ranging from mid-thirties to mid-fifties and all attractive. I spent a few minutes in the lounge relaxing and adjusting to the naked sexual atmosphere of the club. Since it was still early afternoon, I decided to take my time to explore the club and wait for things to develop.