Saturday, June 20, 2015

FINAL UPDATE! TONIGHT AT 8PM! Beach Blanket Bingo Party at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago 6/20/15

UPDATED Saturday at 11AM: Doc here once again..The Lizardo 4000 is gassed and waxed, and it's time to hit the road to 15th Ave. Adult Theater and the big Beach Blanket Bingo Party, which starts tonight at 8pm.
The buzz is high, and the the surf is up at Chicago's western burbs. 

Tonight's sexy game, "Pop Your Balloon", should be fun. I will be hosting, and will be looking for pairs of lovely ladies since this is a tandem game. There will be a very nice set of boobs prizes for the winning pair of ladies, courtesy of 15th Ave. Adult Theater.

Be ready for a high energy evening, surfers and surfettes... I am!

See you tonight!



Friday Update: Doc here again...The Party Room is decorated, the swag bags are completed, and now the only thing missing is your presence Saturday night!



Doc here, a man who some say was once a roommate of Fred Johnson, with an update on the big Beach Blanket Bingo Party at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago this Saturday night at 8pm.

This couples and singles events is open to all, and promises to be a wet and wild event! Remember this is a BYOB event, and our staff will be happy to keep it cool for you until you are ready. 

M/F couples and single females get preferred parking in our rear lot. Just check in at the entrance with our staff and they will show you where to park. 

As always, 15th Ave. Swag Bags for the first 50 M/F couples in the door, starting at 8pm. Don't miss out on them!

The dress code is sexy beachwear for girls, and either dress to impress or tropical shirts for guys. 

The Good Doctor will be on hand to host the event. There will be games as well, with a brand new one that should prove interesting for both the contestants and the audience.

Surfs up, Big Kahuna... This Saturday, June 20th, starting at 8pm!  


Friday, June 19, 2015

Visit Announcement! JP's Slut Toy at 15th Ave. Adult Theater at Noon CT TODAY!

Doc here... A last minute Visit Announcement for those of you in and around Chicago and 15th Ave. Adult Theater.

TODAY, at 12 noon-ish, the smoke show known as JP's Slut Toy will be visiting 15th Ave. Adult Theater to enjoy a movie or two. Summer is blockbuster movie season, and JP's Slut Toy is a blockbuster in her own right.

In case you need a reminder of how incredible JP's Slut Toy looks, please enjoy the scenery (and click the thumbnails to ENLARGE).

Breaking News! Portland's Club Sesso Closing!

Doc here with some bad news from Portland, Oregon.

Portland's highest profile and largest on-premises swing club, Club Sesso, is closing their doors after Saturday night's farewell bash.  In a message sent out to their customers from the owner, issues with the city of Portland and it's different entities have forced the closure.  

In that same letter, the owner also said that they are re-evaluating re-opening Club Sesso, but that may be way down the road.

Many thanks to my Portland "insider" for the head's up.

Club Sesso...We hardly knew ye.


Thursday, June 18, 2015

Hello?...Is This Thing On?

Doc here, tapping the microphone to see if it's working. Many apologies for the site going dark for the better part of three weeks. 

I wish I could tell you that I ran off with a gaggle of porn stars on a Vegas bender, or I was riding to Valhalla with Imorten Joe, or that I underwent lengthy testing so I can donate my fabulous mustache to science when I kick the cannoli plate. None were the case.  

The Good Doctor had unplug totally to focus 100% back in my old stomping grounds and parts in between. Three weeks later, my thick black hair is grayer, I haven't slept much, but I am back. I hope you will accept my apology, folks.

This coming weekend, two BIG adult theater events will take place...

In Chicago, The Good Doctor will be hosting the Beach Blanket Bingo Party at 15th Ave. Adult Theater. This couples and singles party was a huge hit last year, and this year's will be bigger and better!

In Toledo, The Westwood Private Members Only Club will be hosting their Junebug Jam Party, starting at 8pm.  The historic refurbished Westwood PMOC is an awesome place for it's members, and one you should join and see for yourself. They have events scheduled for the next two Saturdays, and I will post info as soon as I can.  

Reporters: If you have submitted a report in the last few weeks, I will get to them. I am buried in e-mail and report submissions, so it will take a bit. 

It feels good to be back. It will feel better when I am caught up with all my associates in this thing of ours

Thank you,

Saturday, June 6, 2015

TONIGHT!!! Playboys & Playgirls Couples and Single F's Only Party at 15th Ave. Adult Theater June 6th, 2015

Doc here... Tonight is the big night for Playboys & Playgirls, a couples and single females ONLY party tonight at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago.

Starting at 8pm, couples and single females will get preferred parking, the first 40 male/female couples or single females get one of our awesome swag bags, complete with a deluxe pair of bunny ears for the ladies (if you do not have your own). 

Here is what the Playboys and Playgirls swag bags look like:

The Good Doctor will be on hand to greet our couples and single ladies, and for our first-timers, I will gladly take you on a tour of the facility.  Just look for the guy in the lab coat and stethoscope. 

Remember, the event is BYOB, and we will have special guest caretakers Vickie the Vixen and Victor helping with your BYOB needs.

The doors to the Party Room open at 8pm. 

See you tonight at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago for Playboys and Playgirls!


TONIGHT! Fetlife 12.0 at The Westwood Private Members Only Club in Toledo - Starting at 9pm!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Couple's Flash Report! The Amazing Gemini Turns Two at The Paris Theatre in Portland

Doc here, a man who some say is so secure in his beverage choices that he had the Fresca logo tattooed on his powerful right bicep (a tattoo of a fancy lace-up shoe adorns his left bicep), with a special Couple's Flash Report from my very good friend, the amazing Gemini.

A couple of weeks ago, our friend Gemini was on a mini-tear through The Paris Theatre on a back to back Friday and Saturday night. 

This is a detail rich and well written piece that really showcases the fire that burns inside of Gemini.  And of course, you should pop open a Fresca to fully enjoy this report.

please welcome back to The Journal, my good friend Gemini!


NIGHT 1 - Friday Night at The Oasis

The last two nights have been such fun. My husband, Jordan, planned for us to go see a couple of local bands both Friday and Saturday night so I could dance the night away. But as a prelude to an evening of music, he brought me to the Paris so I could get my groove on in a more orgasmic way. 

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

House Call! The Good Doctor Times It Perfectly with Mr. & Mrs. Slaneesh at 15th Ave. Adult Theater on 5/5/15

When we last left The Good Doctor, he was sitting across from Childs in the remnants of their arctic research base. Neither was sure if the other was The Thing, but one thing was for sure: one of them smelled like veal meatballs, while other was weird and pissed off.

Good day to you and to all the ships at sea... Your old friend, The Good Doctor here with a long overdue House Call Report. A scant 3+ weeks ago, The Good Doctor encountered regular Journal contributors, Mr. & Mrs. Slaneesh at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago. This was not an ordinary lead up to a carnal encounter at one of the top adult theaters in the country. This was a lead up two months in the making. 

At the St. Patty's Party at 15th Ave in March, Mrs. Slaneesh was in quite the mood. She was playing hard, and on more than one occasion, we ran into each other in the Party Room and tried to scoot away for some monkey business. But, each time, my hosting duties got in the way.  One time it was to MC "Nearly Naked Twister". The other time a topless woman asked me to do some bird calls. You know how it goes...

When the same exact thing happened in April at the Mardi Gras event at 15th Ave., something had to give. It was pretty clear we needed to set up a non-event physical and work-up for Mrs. Slaneesh, before her acute condition got completely out of hand. 

On the morning of May 5th, while The Good Doctor was in the middle of his weekly break dancing class, a telegram arrived mid-move-busting. It read:

This must be serious, the Good Doctor thought to himself. Mrs. Slaneesh is the picture of health; gorgeous, tall, tan, hotter than a pistol, perfect boobage, and that ass of hers... And now an urgent telegram detailing distress. I needed to act. 

A Quick Note from The Good Doctor: Thank You 8 Million Times!

Doc here, a man who some say as a youth, would amaze kids in the neighborhood by his ability to fling a cannoli through an open window and onto a dessert plate...while eating a cannoli. 

The Good Doctor would like to extend a hearty thank-you to you, the good readers of The Journal. Why you ask?

This past weekend, The Journal of Adult Theaters hit another impressive milestone: Our 8 millionth pageview!   That is an incredible number, and your old friend in the white suit and aviators has you to thank. 

Back in the early days of The Journal (sometime in 2010 if memory serves correct), I wrote down a lofty goal and taped it to my monitor: 250,000 pageviews.  A couple of other adult-themed blogs I frequented that had a similar approach (one was focused on dogging, and the other was a regional blog on the ABS scene in that city) had achieved those numbers, and I wanted The Journal to be one of them. By the early 2011, The Journal had passed both blogs in terms of pageviews, and we were off to the races.

So kids, I raise my Bloody Mary and salute you for your loyalty and readership. Let's see how quickly we can get to 9 million!


Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Couple's Flash Report! The Adventurous MD Couple at San Diego's Barnett Ave. Superstore Theater & The Jolar Cinema

Doc here, a man who some say knows a thing or two about crab cakes, with a terrific first-time Couple's Flash Report from the Adventurous MD Couple.

In this action-filled report, Adventurous MD Couple hits two of my favorite adult theaters on the left coast: the Barnett Ave. Superstore & The Jolar Cinema in San Diego.

How did they fare? Was there good trouble to be had? Let's find out...

Please welcome to The Good Doctor's Journal, the Adventurous MD Couple!


Dear Good Doctor - A report from Adventurous MD Couple

Since the bulk of your reporting comes from the guys, we thought a couples perspective might be a nice addition. We are new to your website and to adult bookstores and theaters. but had a great first experience and thought we could add to your site. 

Penthouse Photo Op! Your Pics with the Penthouse Article: Report #5 - Kitten!

Doc here, your mysterious online overlord, a man who some say has had his vision dim. All that remains are memories. He remembers a time of chaos. Ruined dreams. This wasted land. But most of all, he remembers the Road Warrior. The man we called Lizardo.

Welcome to Report #5 of Photo Op! Your Pics with the Penthouse Article.  In this edition, I would like to welcome back to The Journal the sexy and lovely Kitten, as she enjoys a little light reading in bed. Topless.