Saturday, February 6, 2016

TONIGHT!!! 15th Ave. Adult Theater's Valentines Event: Cupid is Calling! Hosted by Doc! Saturday February 6th, 2016 @ 8pm in Chicago

Updated Saturday February 6th at 11am: Doc here, a man who some say is having an unprecedented good hair day, with an update on the HUGE Valentines Party at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago TONIGHT!

The Lizardo 4000 is gassed and waxed, and ready to make the trip into Chicago to host tonight's event, along with my sexy physician's assistant, The Lovely Jen.

Things are shaping up nicely on Chicago's west side, with decorations going up in the Party Room at 15th Ave., as well as our swag bag preparation for the first 50 M/F couples starting at 8pm.

The event guest's RSVPs are pouring in from SLS and Fetlife, with (as of right now) my good friend StuntSlut Simone attending along with Mr. S, as well as many other special sexy ladies and couples!  

My awesome physician's assistant, The Lovely Jen, is counting the days and hours until the event. Some would even say she has ants in her pants!  It's good to be The Good Doctor.

Here is a pic from Wednesday afternoon and the 15th Ave. Swag Bags for Saturday night:
Saturday's Cupid is Calling Swag Bags

The Party Room at 15th Ave.

Make plans to join us for Cupid is Calling at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago this Saturday night at 8pm!  Our sexy outfit contest is back, with GREAT sex toy prizes for the winners, plus the return of Doc's Secret Sack!  


Doc here, a man who some say wears boxers with hearts on them 24/7/365, with a quick update and reminder about the next big adult theater party at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago.

One Week from Tonight! I'm with Cupid Valentines Party at The Mighty Art Cinema in Hartford, CT on 2/13 at 7PM! Hosted by Doc!

Friday, February 5, 2016

Freeze Frame! The Very Naughty Southern Belle @XXXDixie w/ 42 Pics!

Doc here, a man who some say can was the anchor man in a 4x100 meter relay race, when it was determined that he was only fleet of foot when it came to rushing to a bakery for fresh cannoli.

The Good Doctor has a little treat for you, the good readers of The Journal.  Long time contributor XXXDixie (@XxxDixie on Twitter) was kind enough to send along a ton of hot pics of her sexy self to your old friend in the white suit and aviators to showcase this evening. 

What was sent to me was gaggle of great pics of Dixie...Some solo pics. Some playing with a girl. And a bunch playing with a lucky guy.  And by reviewing the images carefully, one thing is very clear:  Dixie is a bad girl!

Here we go... Wake the neighbors and call your friends.  Lots of x-rated goodness awaits you!


@XxxDixie 's Freeze Frame Gallery
(Click the Thumbnails to ENLARGE)

Flash Report! Viking Hits Fantasyland I and II in Tampa in 2015

Doc here, a man who some say the Norse Gods referred to as "The Great Bear Shirt", even though I am allergic to fur.

As part as the big report catch-up, this outstanding report from first time contributor Viking slipped through the cracks.  I am happy to say this has been rectified, and is now here for your reading pleasure. 

Viking hit the always great Fantasyland I and II in Tampa, FL, and has this report to tell his Nordic tale. 

Take it away, Viking!


I recently had the chance to spend some time in the center of adult fun, Tampa! Unlike many of my trips to these emporiums of "this thing of ours", this time I had a chance to spend several evenings at Fantasyland I and II in Tampa.

Fantasyland I
Tampa, FL
Both places have changed from what you might expect of most adult theaters. First they are pretty upscale, I'd be willing to take the wife (I was alone on this trip) to either one. FantasyLand is a bit more like a theater, with gloryholes in the back, theater up front and a lounge of the main "store". Fantasyland II is more club like, with an outdoor area as well as a lounge and two theater rooms. 

What's different about both places, and I suspect this is with a nod to the local law enforcement, is that there's very little public display of affection (or lust). For the most part couple dress up in there sexy, revealing best and look to pick up a willing subject and then they retreat to the private rooms. A great deal for those able to join the sexy players, not so much for those who'd like to watch. However the week was not without it's highlights!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Couples Flash Report! StuntSlut Simone at the Bad Santa Party at 15th Ave. Adult Theater on 12/12/15 (w/4 NEW PICS)

Doc here, a man who some say is governed by his three prime directives: Serve the public trust; Protect the innocent; Uphold the law. 

My very good friend, the amazing StuntSlut Simone, attended the Bad Santa Party at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago that was hosted by your old friend in the white suit and aviators. It was a crazy night, and StuntSlut Simone was right in the middle of the craziness. 

She has graciously written up her Flash Report on the Bad Santa Party, and also lets us in on her next visit to 15th Ave. in Chicago. And on top of all that goodness, she has sent in 4 brand new pics of her sexy self.

Fasten your seat belts, pop open a Fresca (Hi Gemini!), and enjoy the naughtiness that is StuntSlut Simone! 

Here we go...


Hello, fellow perverts and Doc! 

I had such a great time at the Bad Santa Party in Chicago that I’m making the long drive from out of state to attend the Cupid is Calling Party on February 6th at 15th Ave.

And since there wasn’t a Flash Report that covered the trouble that I got into at the Bad Santa Party, I figured I’d take a moment explain just how much fun that night turned out to be.

Monday, February 1, 2016

International Field Report! Club 487 in London, England by John in the UK

Doc here, man who some say once enjoyed a meal of "Toad in the Hole", with a rare International Field report from first time contributor, John in the UK.

John read that I was looking for updates and new entries for The Good Doctor's Adult Theater Database, and was kind enough to pass along this update on London's last remaining adult theater, Club 487.

The Good Doctor has information on this location dating back to early 2015, but my info was incomplete. Well kids, I cannot say that any longer, thanks to John in the UK.

Here we go...

Thursday, January 28, 2016

A Quick Note from The Good Dr: Houston Update (Long Overdue)

Doc here, a man who some say lives in a shotgun shack, and he might find himself in another part of the world. 

I have good news for those of you who either live in the Houston area, or visit there often.  I happened to come across a new review of the top adult XXX related emporiums in Houston, and much to my surprise I had next to nothing in the dB on any of them. 

That, dear readers, has been corrected. 

If you head over to The Good Doctor's Adult Theater Database and scroll down to the Houston listings, you will find several highlighted in bright green.  Those are all the new and updated listings for H-Town.   The good news is that all are couple's friendly, and several have couple's theaters.  There are also two new on-premises lifestyle clubs listed there as well.

Hope you find it informative and enlightening. I hope you can visit some of them, and report back to The Good Doctor on your findings. 


Flash Report! Anaconda Hits Past Time Video in Steubenville and Adult Land in Pulaski, PA

Doc here, a man who some say can do "The Worm" without any warning, any time. 

Senior reporter Anaconda has just filed a great report from the Ohio/PA border and the two adult theaters that straddle it:  Past Time Video in Steubenville, OH and Adult Land in Pulaski, PA.  Plus... he has info on a brand new adult theater that will be opening this coming weekend!

Here we go...


Hey Doc,

Well, work took me to various points in Ohio this week and I decided to take advantage and really give some of the scene there a good shot at coming through for me. Turns out I wasn't so lucky this time.

Unfortunately, most of my chances to hit the theaters is during the week, which we all know is not ideal, but you can get lucky once in a while. Well, I had tried Fritz a few months back mid-week and it was dead, so I decided this week I was going to check out Past Times in Steubenville, OH and Adult Land in Pulaski, PA.

Past Time Video
Steubenville, OH
I rolled into Past Times about 6PM on Tuesday night. Hard to tell how much traffic was actually in the store since it's all street parking, but it seemed like there was a small crowd. Of course it was all guys milling around the booths hallway which you walk through to get to the theater. 

 I sat and watched the films and guys would come and go. I had to shoo a few away. I am a pretty firm advocate of not meandering around too much cause it seems a bit stalkerish/creepy, but I did get up to stretch my legs a few times and see if anything was going on out in the booth area. 

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Call For New and Missing Adult Theater Reports!

Doc here, a man who some say has always put the lotion in the basket so he never gets the hose, with a make good for you, the good readers of and reporters for The Good Doctor's Journal.

During this past summer, there were several weeks where submitted reports came into The Journal when I wasn't in a position to edit, format, or publish them.  I was being pulled in several different directions (all kinda awful, to be honest with you) unrelated to this thing of ours, and I was not able to keep my eye on the ball.  

And by ball, I mean The Journal.  

During this time, starting in late May through August & September, there were many reports came in that I was not able to publish. By the time I got my footing back at The Journal, it was all I could do to keep up with the current flow of reports and get them published, let alone keep my hosting duty commitments with events at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago, CTs Adult Theater in Gary, IN, and The Art Cinema in Hartford. 

Here is my ask: If you submitted a report during that time window, and didn't see your report get published at The Journal, please send a new e-mail to me HERE with the report and I will publish it as soon as possible. To make it up to you, I will create a new (or new upgraded) logo for you with your re-submitted report(s). 

The one reporter I am totally caught up with is senior Journal scribe, The Oral Reporter.  But the rest of the Lizardo reporting team, I owe it to you to get your valued work up, and quickly. I hope you guys accept my apology, and can send in your submissions.  I will be looking for them.

New reports are also needed...badly. A few cities have gone pretty quiet on the reporting front: Dallas, Hartford, Tampa, Berlin NJ, even Portland & Seattle.   But as always, I want reports from across the adult theater spectrum.  Please send them on in...

For new reporters, here are a few helpful guidelines for your first report:

  • I will need a pen name for you (singles or couples) to publish the report for starters.  If you need me to help you with one (about 50% of the time I do), I will be glad to help. 
  • Name the theater and it's city, the date, day, and time of your visit.  
  • A photo of the outside of the theater is always appreciated. I constantly update by adult theater archive of photos of the theaters. If you don't have one, it's OK.
  • Send in a much detail as you can remember.  I can always edit down if it's too long.  I do not "edit up".
  • Don't worry if your English or writing skills are not your string suit. I will edit your grammar, usage, and punctuation. I have your back.
  • I will add in pics if I have any from that location, if you didn't submit any. 
I will acknowledge receipt of your report when I see it in my in-box, and give you a rough idea of when to expect to see it on The Journal's front page. Fair enough?

Thank you again for your patience and your valued readership.  Last month saw over 260,000 pageviews at The Journal, and this month we are on track for the same. This thing of ours is getting to be quite a thing...


Friday, January 22, 2016

Field Report! Kisses Adult Theater (Formerly The Colony) in E. St. Louis, IL by The Oral Reporter

Doc here, a man who some say loves receiving good news about an adult theater coming back to it's earlier glory days. 

Senior reporter The Oral Reporter spent 3 days at Kisses (the former Colony Adult Theater & Cocktails) in East St. Louis, IL and has filed a detail-rich report on his findings (address in the adult theater dB as "Kisses"). 

You will see what is new, what is being upgraded, and what is being refurbished at Kisses.

In my last trip there (as the old Colony) in 2011, things were in rough condition. Theaters 2 and 3 were filled with debris and unusable, which was unfortunate. The late Ed (the former owner) was trying his best, but I am sure he was ready to sell it back then if there had been a taker. 

Fast forward to now... Ed passed away unfortunately, and the business was sold to new ownership.  And the changes are in full swing, and The Oral Reporter is here to detail them for us.

And this just into the news desk here at The Journal...There is a Lingerie Party TONIGHT, 1/22, from 8PM to 3AM at Kisses.  Stop by and check it out!  Doctor's orders!  And don't forget to tell them that "Doc sent me!"

Take it away, sir.


My pic of The Colony from 2010.
Hi Doc,

This is a report that is very much different than my normal report of just going to a typical XXX theater and reporting on the action or lack of action at that location.

This report starts out with me sending a message to the Yahoo site for the Colony Adult Club and theater group. I had been receiving these for some time but I had never gone to this location. I noticed that it said under new management and soon to be named Kisses. So even though Colony II name is still on the building, it is now officially called Kisses.(ed. note: I have changed the listing in the dB to Kisses (formerly The Colony).

The new times and days of operation are as follows:
Thursday:  6PM to 3AM
Friday:      8PM to 3AM
Saturday:  8PM to 3AM

The prices are as follows:

  • Couples are $35 dollars which includes 2 drink coupons.
  • Single Males are $20 dollars with one drink coupon.
  • Single ladies are $10 dollars with one one drink coupon. Ladies you can't get into a club anyplace and get one drink for that price.
  • Couples who choose the Drink Special pay $65 dollars for all you can drink all night.
  • Single Males and Females choosing the Drink Special pay $45 dollars for all you can drink all night.
This is for mixed drinks and for beer or wine. If you go to a regular bar any place and you drink all night it will cost you a lot more than it will here. Linda pours a strong drink and uses quality liquor. You will not get a watered down mixed drink here. If you choose to do the cash bar, the current prices are as follows, Mixed (well drinks) are $8 dollars, Premium mixed drinks may be a little more. Beer is $5 dollars, premium beer may be a little more, soft drinks are $2 dollars.

The new owners name (and who I got to know) is Linda Kiss.  She is a bubbly, cheerful and sexy lady who is determined to get Kisses back on the list of the best and most fun lifestyle places to go to in the Greater St Louis area to party. Kisses is located in East St. Louis, IL (or as locals call it, The Eastside).

Just Announced! Save the Date! Mardi Gras at The Art Cinema in Hartford! Saturday April 16th, 2016 at 7pm! Hosted by Doc!

Doc here...for more information on the mighty Art Cinema in Hartford, visit . There you will find tons of pics of The Art, learn something about it's nearly 100 year old history, upcoming events, and much more.

Couple's Flash Report! The Adventurous MD Couple at Fantasyland 1 in Tampa (w/10 XXX PICS!)

Doc here, a man who some say travels on his boat the Argonaut, outmaneuvers villains, salvages everything from a bicycle to a nuclear missile, rescues children trapped in a flooded cave, and even a dog. A frogman first, a Good Doctor a close second.

One of the top highlights of 2015 for The Good Doctor was meeting The Adventurous MD Couple during their trip to Chicago. I had set up a "meat and greet" for them at 15th Ave. Adult Theater, and good, wet times were had by The Black Sox (my gang bang crew) and them.   Ms. Adventurous MD Couple is a smoking hot brunette, with a tight, sexy body and a craving for cum. Mr. Adventurous MD Couple is a great guy and the perfect partner in crime for the Ms. 

When we were wrapping up at the end of the evening at 15th Ave., The Adventurous MD Couple told me of their upcoming trip to Tampa, and my recommendations of a fun place to play.  Of course I recommended the always awesome Fantasyland 1 & 2, and they were off to the races.

Fast forward to last Friday, and they made a mid-day trip to Fantasyland 1, with spectacular results. This report is their best to date, and includes 10 great pics of their scene at FL1, featuring the real Ms. Adventurous MD Couple from that afternoon (click on the thumbnails to ENLARGE them)!

Take it away, The Adventurous MD Couple!


Last Friday at midday, the AdventurousMDCouple visited the Fantasyland 1 Adult Theater in Tampa (visit Fantasyland on Twitter HERE). Wow, what a great experience it turned out to be!