Saturday, November 22, 2014

A Quick Note from The Good Doctor: Off to a Charlie's Angels Event on a Dark, Wet Night

Doc here with a very quick note from The Valley, near the small women's liberal arts college...

Saturday night will yield a different adventure for The Good Doctor and his physician's assistant Starlet.  The Lizardo 4000 is gassed up and waxed for a trip to a secretive Charlie's Angels event in far north Chicagoland. 

It's been awhile since we ventured north, gave the secret password, and gained entrance to this party filled with hot couples and sexy singles.

I will be writing a report on the evening, complete with which angels were in attendance (Farrah, Jacqueline, & Kate), and the other secret seductive agents who ventured into Charlie's two-story penthouse. 

And no, I'm not giving out the password.  Charlie would not approve. But you will hear what happened...


Friday, November 21, 2014

The Good Doctor's Pic of the Day! A Peak Inside The Berlin News Agency!

Doc here, a man who some say celebrates Thanksgiving EVERY Thursday by wearing large shoes with giant buckles on them, with The Good Doctor's Pic of the Day.

Last week The Good Doctor spent many hours with my good friends at The Berlin News Agency. During my visits there, I shot some new interior and exterior photos of BNA for use in a special project we are working on together. 

I thought that you, the good readers of The Journal, would like a peak at one of the new photos.  With the worldwide audience The Journal now enjoys, many of you have never been to BNA, or are even on the same continent as The Berlin News Agency.

So let me pull back the curtains, and give you a peak inside the main theater at the awesome Berlin News Agency.

Upcoming Event! The Holiday Ball @ 15th Ave Adult Theater on December 13th @ 8pm in Chicago

Updated! New Website for Toledo's Westwood Theatre Private Members Only Club!

UPDATED 12/12/14: Doc here... I have posted the three new party posters for The Westwood on their new website,

It looks like it will be a busy December at The WW!  Check them out!



Doc here with some breaking news from this thing of ours...

The brand new website for Toledo's awesome Westwood Theater Private Members Only Club is now live and online.

Included in this slick new web site are a dozen new photos of the exterior and interior of the theater, taken by none other than your old friend in the white suit and aviators. 

Make sure you check out all the goodness from my good friends at the Westwood Theatre Private Members Only Club!  New photos, event notices, and more are coming up soon to the new web site. 


Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Good Doctor's Pic of the Day! A Sneak Peak at Hawaiian Eyeful's Photo Shoot by The Good Doctor

Doc here, a man who some say has very good luck, with a very special Good Doctor's Pic of the Day.

This past weekend, The Good Doctor visited Portland, OR, the land of trees, Voodoo Doughnuts, and some of the most legendary ladies in this thing of ours.  And on the Mount Rushmore of Portland Legendary Ladies is my good friend, Hawaiian Eyeful.

Long time readers of The Journal have seen many pics and reports from her and about her. Whether it's an image of her nude, relaxing in an infinity pool in an exotic foreign land, or on her knees inside a glory hole booth, she commands your attention. 

As part of my weekend trip, I scheduled 2 photo shoots with Hawaiian Eyeful: 1 for Friday night and 1 for Saturday morning. The Friday night shoot had to be cancelled since our very cool location was booked for another event and unavailable. However, Saturday's shoot more than made up for Friday night. 

300+ images later, Hawaiian Eyeful, and her hubby Mr. Eyeful, wrapped up our shoot in a wild and wet fashion in The Good Doctor's luxury hotel suite near PDX. I have just begun the Photoshopping process on the best of the best (this girl doesn't take a bad photo), and will have a full gallery of HOT images from this shoot coming soon here at the Journal.

TODAY! Visit Announcement! JP's Slut Toy at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago Thursday 11/20 Around 9:15pm (w/5 PICS)

Doc here, a man who some say once spent a summer on the competitive lumberjack circuit, with a very cool Visit Announcement for you, the good readers of The Journal.

The incredible JP's Slut Toy will be visiting 15th Ave. Adult Theater & Spa in Chicago TODAY 11/20 at 9:15pm (approximately). 

Those of you that have been lucky enough to see JP's Slut Toy during one of her visits know that she is a total smokeshow. You name the superlative, she owns it. 

This Thursday's visit comes with a few requests from her and her noble escort, JP.  In JP's own words, they are:

PSA: Curious Activity at The Barnett Ave. Superstore in San Diego by A Ride on 11/19/14

Doc here... Well, this was unexpected. 

Just before turning in last night, I received an e-mail from long time reader and  contributor A Ride. It seems that there was a visit to the Barnett Ave. Superstore in San Diego on Wednesday evening my the local authorities. 

Now, of all places, this is one of the last places I would expect a visit to occur. I have been to the Barnett Ave. Superstore several times, and it is a tightly run ship. 

Let me turn this over to A Ride for his report...


Hi Dr.

Wanted to drop a quick note.  I was at Barnett tonight and two police officers popped into the theater, shined their flashlights in everyone's faces, then turned and left.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Freeze Frame! Sloppy Seconds Seekers with 9 PICS!

Doc here, a man who some say once thwarted a strong arm robbery by flinging a veal and pork meatball right into the perp's left ear, with a long overdue Freeze Frame Report.

Highlighted in this report are the winners of the 1st Lizardo5Th Photo Contest, Sloppy Seconds Seekers. Long before this photo contest, they were submitting quality reports and pics from this thing of ours.
 Included in this Freeze Frame Report are some of my favorites from their submissions.

So without further ado, why not pop open a Fresca (Hi Gemini!), and welcome back to The Good Doctor's Journal, Sloppy Seconds Seekers!


Sloppy Seconds Seekers Gallery
(Click on the thumbnails to ENLARGE)

Monday, November 17, 2014

Follow-Up! The New Westwood Theater Private Members Only Club's New Website - Check it out!

Doc here... I would like to invite you to check out the brand new website for Toledo's Westwood Theater Private Members Only Club,

In this new website, you'll get a glimpse of this great movie house, which has been beautifully restored (and illustrated by lots of photos taken by The Good Doctor himself).

You will also get advance notification of the next parties and events @ The Westwood. 

Check it out!   -Doc

Box Score! Last Week at The Berlin News Agency - Week Ending 11/16/14

Doc here, a man who some say will fly coast to coast for a Philly cheesesteak and a Voodoo Doughnut, with a Box Score Report.

I visited with my good friends at The Berlin News Agency on Monday and Tuesday of last week, working on a project with them that we will announce soon here at The Journal. 

In the meantime, we would like to share with you last week's Box Score of couples, single females, and T-gurls. It was a very busy week at BNA, and the show I saw on Tuesday afternoon was spectacular (more on that House Call coming soon at The Journal).

Here we go with last week's numbers:

59 Male/Female Couples
 5 Single Ladies
10 T- Gurls


Saturday, November 15, 2014

A Quick Note from The Good Doctor: Saturday Night Fever in Portland and Chicago

Doc here, live from Portland, Oregon. I hope everyone's Saturday was a lot of fun...Mine has been pretty f-ing fantastic so far.

Fantastic how? one might ask.

This morning and continuing into the early afternoon, The Good Doctor had a fun and extensive photo shoot with the legendary Hawaiian Eyeful (with pics from this shoot published exclusively soon here at The Journal).  We got some incredible images today, and they will be worth the wait while they are edited and Photoshopped prior to publishing.

Picture this... Hawaiian Eyeful, wearing nothing a black see-through body stocking, a trench coat, and bright red fuck me heels, posing on the ladder of the hotel leading up to the roof. 

Or this... Flashing inside the public elevator of the hotel...

Or this... Hawaiian Eyeful's flawless body silhouetted against a translucent screen in The Good Doctor's suite, every curve shown almost like a ghostly apparition. 

Many, many thanks to Hawaiin Eyeful & her great hubby S for helping make this shoot one for the ages. 

So kids, my last night in Portland for 2014 is kicking off with a bump in the road, but I just fixed the tire and reset the GPS. 

FYI... If you follow me on Twitter, you got a live glimpse of the shoot this morning. You can still check it out @Lizardojournal on Twitter. 

Talk to you next from The Valley, near the small women's liberal arts college. 


Thursday, November 13, 2014

Couple's Flash Report! Right to the Point Couple's Trip to 15th Ave Theater in Chicago on 10/24

Doc here with a brand new Couple's Flash Report from the Right to the Point Couple. You will see in their report why they chose that pen name.

Here we go!


Hi Doc,

This is RC from the Right to the Point Couple... So we made our way back to 15th Ave. Theater in Chicago on 10/24 after about two year break. We walked in to the theater go into couples section, and there is a couple there already. She was a very good looking brunette so we sat  & watched him finger her for about 10 minutes. By this time the wife tells me let's get things going, as she hates the awkward beginnings. She warms up quick with a dick in her mouth. 

So we moved out of couple section to first row in front of the theater.  She began to take her pants off and that sent everyone running (LOL). So I pulled my pants down and she began to give me a great BJ while being fingered and touched by like 10 guys at the same time. 

I asked one of the guys about the room behind the screen, and we all went back there. She got comfortable on her back and reached for my dick, and puts it in her mouth. She starts going to work and then a black gentleman asked if he could fuck her.  I say she's all yours!