Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Flash Report: Tim Visits 15th Avenue Adult Books and Theater in Melrose Park, IL

Doc here with a Flash Report from long time reader / first time caller Tim.  Tim is experienced in this thing of ours, and he is now part of the journalistic ranks here at The Journal.

Here is Tim's report on 15th Ave Adult Books and Theater in Melrose Park, IL...


Hey Doc,

Ive been a member of your blog for awhile and also member of many of the adult theaters that are linked to you.  I have done theaters in Nashville, Chicago, Cali, and New Orleans.  Some couples clubs and some just good old fashioned jerk shacks. 

I live in Chicago and here is my most recent visit to 15th Ave Adult Theater last month. 

15th Ave. Adult Books and Theater
Melrose Park, IL
In my usual work day, I'm surfing porn and Craigslist to see whats going on in the sex world that lives beyond me.   So I decide that I will visit a client in the suburbs of Chicago and then travel over to the 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Melrose Park, IL. 

I have been to the 15th Ave. Theater many times and very rarely see a woman or couple.  That could be because I only go on weekdays during the daytime.  I have heard that the night activity is far better then my previous experiences.   So I pay my donation to get in and head straight into the theater. 

Its just like a regular movie theater with the porn playing, good video, good sound and very few people in the theater.  So I sit and enjoy the movie for a bit while my eyes adjust.   I decide that since there are only about 5 guys in the theater that its safe to pull out my cock and jerk off for a bit while I sit and wait for something better to happen.  To my surprise the guy 2 rows back views this as some invitation to come and bother me.  So my cock goes back into my pants as usual in the theater since the place is normally over run with guy on guy action. 

I watch another 20 min and decide to take a walk to the porn booths and jerk off in private there for awhile.  On my way to the booths I look into the store and see a couple paying and heading toward the entrance to the back area.  I linger a bit and watch them head into the theater...  I among the few other guys who happened to be in the hallway at that time follow them into the theater.  

They are a BBW couple, dressed in normal clothes nothing fancy or showy.  She was heavy but pretty face about 5"5 and 200lbs and smallish tits.  Her man was walking in front and she was holding his hand on the way in.  They grabbed a seat only about 10 rows into the theater so I was assuming that they were new and just checking it out.  Lucky for me that since it was daytime it was not crowded and most of the guys in the theater were looking for guy / guy action anyway. 

10 Minutes into them sitting there, I can see she is rubbing his cock through his pants and he began to put his hand up her shirt like back in the 8th grade in the movie theater.  Another 30 minutes go by and the few of us guys that were interested were keeping our distance because they were not making any moves to each other or giving any signs that we could move in.  So it was one day where everyone got the theater rules right. 

A new guy walks in and sees them and heads straight for their row.  He actually scoots past them in the same row and sits about 3 seats away from her.   Few minutes in he pulls out his cock and starts jerking off.  She watched him for a few minutes intently and then whispered to her man and they both got up and left. 

Of course I quickly followed to see if they were headed for the booths.  She went into the bathroom for a minute and then came out and they headed back into the store.  They actually shopped for almost 15 minutes which was driving me crazy as I paced in the booth hallway being greeted by every guy there wanting to suck me off.  Finally I watch them engage in a serious conversation for a min and him point to the booth area.  I'm thinking, "come on back"! 

They do, and he leads her straight into the booth area and he checks the booths for the one with the glory hole at the end (Ed. Note: that glory hole is now closed).  They go in and I'm 3 guys deep in line now for the next booth.  DAMN! 

First guy heads right in and is a guy in his 60's and looks a bit dirty, he comes out about 5 min later and shakes his head in the motion to say its a "no go" for the glory hole action.  The next guy goes in and is a Hispanic guy but was dirty from work, like he was there on lunch break from a mechanic shop.  He lasted about 5 min in the booth and also shook his head no on the way out.  So the next guy just walked away and that left me with about 4 more behind me now. 

I went in and positioned myself so that i could see through the glory hole while still standing.  I could see she was on her knees and was jerking her man off.  He too was a big like her and had a very small cock only about 4 inches.  She was playing with it and watching the movie that was on the screen in front of them.  She sucked him a bit but then looked right over through the hole at me.  I was wearing dress pants, a dress shirt and am 34 year old business type guy.  All I could hope for was that I was the type she would suck off through that glory hole.  She leaned toward the hole to look up at me as well, so I made sure to un-zip my pants and take my cock out while she was looking in at me. 

I just stood there jerking off for a bit and I could still see her watching me. I wasn't going to make any moves toward the hole I figured to just let her watch me.  I dropped my pants all the way and gave her a good show of me stroking my cock, (nothing big on me only about 6.5 inches) so this was the best show I could offer her. 

She then stood up and I could hear some rustling around in their booth and could hear them whisper.  I figured it was over and I didn't even get to show her my cumshot.....  She returned to her knees and I backed up a bit to see in better and she had taken her shirt off and her tits were now out.  Small tits they were but very firm and round, probably a b-cup but like on a 20 year old not normal for a woman her age of about 35. 

Her man began playing with them and she was sucking him off, seemed like they were going to give me a show this time to watch.  So I sat on the chair in my booth and watched them.  She kept looking through the hole to make sure I was watching them.  I most certainly was and giving my cock a real work out at the same time.  Her man said something to her and she pulled off his cock and looked up at him, he took her hand and put it on the glory hole.  She pulled her hand back away from it and went back to sucking him again.  At this point I've been in the booth for 15+ minutes and have already had a couple knocks at the door behind me.  I know its not proper to keep the booth but they didn't give me any signal to go and I have not yet blown my load. 

So back I go to watching her suck him off, then he begins to position himself closer to the hole and all I can really see is the side of him now and not much of her at all.  Next thing is his finger comes through the hole and motions like a "come here motion".  Not looking for a hand job from a guy I'm hesitant to do this, but it could make sense that he just wants me to make a move. 

So what the hell, I go for it!  I stand up and put my cock near the hole but not through it.  He can see the tip of my cock and he begins to back away again from the hole.  She looks over and whammo there is my cock looking back at her.  This time he takes her hand again and pushes it through the hole and she takes hold of my seriously rock hard cock.  Perfect!  She is just stroking me gently for a min and then begins to pull me through the hole.  I then felt the warm and wet mouth of that sexy BBW, and she was not shy about sucking a cock. 

I was taken all the way deep into her throat with in seconds.  She never used her hand or took my cock out of her mouth for almost 5 minutes, until I erupted a huge load of cum into her mouth.  She leaned back and swallowed some as I watched and let some run out onto her tits.  It had to be a huge load I worked up and by the looks of her tits dripping with my cum I'm sure I could have cum again real soon. 

She put her hand back through and pulled my cock back into the glory hole.  She sucked me for another min or so as I got soft.  Then she actually said "thank you" through the hole to me!  Ha!  I leaned back and said "no, thank you!".  Her man laughed and he to said "thanks man, that was hot".  I figured i had one last opportunity to play with her so i reached through the hole and played with her tits dripping my cum for a min.  She liked it and kept directing my hand to where the cum was on her tits since I couldn't see through the hole with my arm in it.  I then zipped up and headed out of the booth. 

I got some dirty looks but the guys waiting then knew the action was on.  



Doc here again... The glory holes at 15th Avenue Adult Books have been closed for the better part of two years now, but there was a window of about 10 days where one booth was open.  It looks like Tim's timing was excellent, since the holes are now covered with a metal plate.

Thanks again to Tim for his report.

Do you have an adult theater report you'd like to see on the pages of The Journal?  Just e-mail Gus Grissom The Good Doctor at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com. I will edit and format your report, and you get the glory.