Friday, April 5, 2013

Flash Report! The Big Shield @ Summit Street News in Warren, OH on 4/1

Doc here with another fantastic Flash Report from that front line warrior himself, The Big Shield.
In this report, he ventures to the great Summit Street News in Warren, Ohio on Monday 4/1. 
Hey Doc,

The Big Shield arrived in Northeast Ohio in the late evening on Easter and decided that if the Good Doc could turn out the highly anticipated Sunday Smut early and if people were really fed up with family - that maybe just maybe some would be so far at their wits end that they would venture off to either The Foster Art Theater (to which I've never been) or the Summit. Not having anything to do before work in the morning I decided to venture to both only to find that both were closed at tight as a bank vault on a Sunday....but this was not much of a surprise being Easter and all.

However, the little birdie that whispered last week was right, The Big Shield did make an appearance at Summit News in Warren, Ohio last night Monday April 1st and here is my report on my Curly Top Adventure.

The Big Shield had a long day of meetings on Monday and arrived at Summit News at 8:30ish which was a lot later than planned and desired, knowing that reports (of the non Dr. Lizardo blog type) had to be written before another early morning start.

Upon entering the parking lot, I was encouraged not so much by the number of cars (I've learned the hard way that this is often a sign of dude-ism going on), but rather by the fact that there were a lot of out of state tags in the Lot. 

Well, The Big Shield was fooled again as at entrance I asked the clerk if any couples had been in and he said no. Knowing that the Good Doc sent out a feeler, I felt pretty good that at some point a couple or lady would show up, so I paid my Theater admission ($11) and I entered. I did not stay in the theater but a quick minute as a Bi movie was being shown and that is just not my thing.

So I ventured off to the booths were I took up residence in the first booth which due to the lack of a door has the ultimate advantage of allowing one to see through the reflection off of the glass the patrons coming and going into and out of the theater and/or to the private rooms (I'm sure that now that this info has been shared it is likely to get a bunch of occupants).

Summit Street News Main Theater

I fed the machine and moved from the booth to the store and back several times and as time passed I seriously considered cutting my loses and speeding over to Foster's which is about 25 minutes away by my guestimation. As I was contemplating in the booth in walks Curly and her beau who was given a tour of the facility - there goes wasted money in the booth as it was now time to return to the theater (wrong movie genre and all) to set up residence in a prime location on one of the new couches.

Curly could pass for Cathy's (Cathy's Craving) sister - not that I've had the pleasure of meeting Cathy, but I do not believe this was Cathy. (ed. note: It was not Cathy) She was mid 40's or so I guess had on black leather boots and a mini skirt and jacket to match. I supposed 5'3, tight curly blond hair, a pretty smile and lips and a tongue that The Big Shield had to get a personal hug from.
Private Theater
Summit Street News
When I walked into the theater, Curly and her beau were sitting on the far wall couch and a quick survey of the room suggested that there was no real good location to be cool at a respectable distance as well as being able to have a good look see of any ensuing action between Curly and her dude. So reluctantly I took up residence in the no-no seat in the back corner which is typically reserved by common sense for couples....but hell there was already a dude on the 3 seat couch (I suspect that that is the reason they chose the couch on the far wall). After a couple of minutes of watching the couple (whom weren't really playing) instead of the awful movie I decided to leave the theater. But I over heard the guys working there talk about changing the flick as I was walking out and decided to just make a quick pit stop in the john and double back to the theater. 
This time I made a beeline for Curly and her guy and I asked if I could sit down on the couch next to theirs as now the only thing between me and her were the two couch arms that were touching each other. I was given the polite 'yes' and I sat. Trying to simultaneously look at the movie which was in front of me to my left and look at the couple who are now slightly behind me on my right was a difficult thing so I gave up on trying and focused on the movie while occasionally glancing back at Curly.  I wasn't sure if it was apprehension being what seemed like her first time in the Summit or if it was something else but Curly and her beau did very little playing and it crossed my mind that the Summit might be a no fly zone. So I stayed super cool until I saw during a leg crossover that Curly was pantiless under her mini skirt. 
At this point I began to half wake The Big Shield and let her catch a glimpse through my active wear. Curly gave me a devilish grin and licked her lips and at that point I was allowed to join them on their couch. Curly placed her left leg over my legs and her right over her Beau's exposing a lightly haired and very tight honey pot which I was allowed to dip my finger in. 
Curly grabbed the Shield and started to stroke it to attention. And then that beautiful mouth hugged the Shield. I stood up so that I could help Curly stretch the Shield to it's full expanse so that she could be fully protected. Any thought of Curly being apprehensive were now gone as she was working on coaxing out the protective juices of the Shield. Still not at full expanse I reached down and grabbed more tit than was imagined underneath her her jacket and with each squeeze of the tit, The Big Shield continued to expand. I believe that Curly was somewhat surprised as when she thought that she had The Big Shield fully grown, there was more to be had, and her mouth had to stretch open wider.

After enjoying Curly's mouth hug for 20 minutes with guys positioning to enjoy the show and in hopes to be the next in line, I contemplated asking Curly if she would like a nice Big Shield - stretching of her honey pot, but it was so tight that I was sure that I would not last long and never want to leave a lady wanting for more stretch without being able to give it to her. So I simply asked her if she wanted the protective juices and while I never heard her verbal answer (you can guess why) upon hearing my question she tugged harder at the Shield until I coated her entire mouth and throat with the protective juices that only the Big Shield can provide. She swallowed all of it except that which oozed out of the corner of her mouth and dripped onto her legs upon my climax. She sucked me soft and we thanked each other and The Big Shield was on his way. Maybe Curly and/or her dude will submit a report to tell what happened after with the other guys there.

All the way on the drive back to my hotel and again in the morning with The Big Shield at full salute and attention, I kicked myself for not asking to stretch Curly's pussy for her. So Curly, if you happen to catch this report, stay to tune to the Good Doc to find out when The Big Shield will be back in the area.

Well Doc, I'll be headed back to parts unknown shortly but am considering a early afternoon trip to the Foster's before I take off. 
Until next time, may The Big Shield be with her, whomever she may be.
Doc here again... Another excellent report The Big Shield!  Many thanks, sir. Keep up the great work and reports!

Flash Report! The Traveling Man Hits The Gulf Coast Adult Theater In Biloxi

Doc here with a terrific Flash Report from regular contributor The Traveling Man.

His port of call this time is Biloxi's Gulf Coast Adult Theater, and here is his tale to tell.



Ok, where to begin?   Wednesday night, March 13th, I find myself in Biloxi, looking forward to Friday night when I plan on attending the Gulf Coast Adult Theater.   So, I check into my hotel, and decide what the hell, let's do a little surveillance and check the place out.        

First off, let me say I like this has a good vibe to it.   And I have been to MOST all the places we all know, at one time or another.     So, it's around 6:30 pm, and I pay my $10 and get my stamp on my arm for in and out privileges.    There are no booths here, only the store and the theater.  The theater is L shaped, with a large 15 ft. Screen off to the left, or straight leg of the theater.    This section has normal theater seats, but high backs, in relatively good condition.    Off to the right, is a large alcove area ( the L part) that has about a half dozen couches.
Gulf Coast Adult Theater
Biloxi, MS
When I first walked in, it was only myself and three other guys.  The occasional confused gentleman walked in, but quickly stayed with like kind.  For the most part, there were all shooters here, waiting on a fun loving couple to show up.     Around 7:30, a couple walks in and takes a seat upfront to the left in the theater seats.  He was probably mid 60's, and she was maybe a little younger, with short brown hair, and wearing a skirt and blouse.  They were clearly here to play, but with whom?    
It took a while for them to get frisky, and it soon became obvious they wanted a younger man to join them.   One young guy, who just happened to also be way to aggressive, sat in front of them, constantly looking back at em, but clearly not knowing what to do.    She sat against the wall with one empty seat to her left, with her jacket placed in the empty seat next to the wall.    Each time the young guy would get up and go walking around, she immediately removed her jacket from the chair, but all the money in the world wasn't going to buy this kid a clue.    
Gulf Coast Interior Alcove
 After awhile, around 8:00, a nicely dressed guy in his early 40's walks in and sits behind them, shaking hands with the woman's husband as he walked to his seat,  obviously, they've played together before.   She looks like Lidia Bastianich, the Italian TV Chef, and she was built like her too, short and squat.  
She and her friend played a bit while her husband watched.  She liked him rubbing her breasts, and giving her a neck massage.    Well, after about 15 minutes of this, the three of them left the theater for parts unknown for a little quiet time.
I decided to leave, and got into the car and was JUST about to put her in reverse to back out, when I notice a van pulling in, with what looks like a gorgeous blonde in the passenger seat.   I shut the car off and went inside faster than you can imagine, LOL.    It was around 8:30 when they came in, stunning the audience.  

She was absolutely stunning, in a slinky black dress that barely covered her ass and showed off perfect dancer-esque  legs.  She was about 5'6" tall and weighs approximately 115 lbs.  nice 32C tits ...basically, a body to die for!     She strongly resembled Gwynneth Paltrow in Iron Man, but a hell of a lot sexier!  I found out later sh was a very young looking 26 years old.   They sat towards the rear on the left hand side, and I eventually sat at the end of their same row.   They didn't do anything, not even hold hands, yet it seemed like her juices were stirring, but he was stoically watching the movie and seemed to have little interest in putting his hands on her.    One moron started leaning against the wall, behind her seat jacking off..pretty much a foot away.  I tried to get his attention to set him straight, when the both got up and walked out.  If looks could kill!
Gulf Coast Theater Interior

After about ten minutes, I decided to head out the back door to see if they were still in the parking lot.  Glory be, they were.  I walked up to the van window and said hello, and asked if that idiot was bothering them.  The Mrs. was drinking some flavored vodka from the bottle....gotta love a girl who not only looks like this, bit also knows how to party!    Anyway, she said she was comfortable, and they've been here before and know the deal..but that guy really creeped her out.  I assured them we would take care of him and any others who get out of hand.   
I re-entered the theater and sat to the left, on a couch against the wall directly facing a couch that faced forwards, perpendicular to mine.   After ten minutes or so, they came back in and I told them I saved them a couch!   They thanked me, and she sat to the far right on the couch, about 2 feet from a smiling Traveling Man!  Well, it didn't take long at all before this vision stands up, peels off the dress, and kneels in front of her man to suck his cock.    

A few of us offered our couch pillows for her to kneel on, and she graciously accepted. This girl loved to suck cock, and would teasingly sway her. Small hips and fantastic hard ass in rhythm as she slurped the cock of her lucky husband. I moved so I could sit on the arm of the couch to see better, and stroke my cock along with, by now, about ten others spanking the monkeys like a chorus line of manly masturbators.
After about 15 minutes, and many compliments given, I politely asked him if I could feel the lady's beautiful ass.  He said that, because I was cool and she liked me and was comfortable, I could...but only me.     She on her knees sucking her husbands cock, and me now on my knees next to her cupping, kneading, feeling, spreading this hard body's ass, when her husband tells me to see how wet she is.  Hey, I don't have to be told twice.  I start playing that pussy like Bach played his favorite  Stradivarius.   She was wiggling and I entered her with my finger, and man, was she tight.  I could only imagine how tight that pussy must feel wrapped around your cock, or how good it tastes.       
After about ten minutes she wanted to sit on his cock, so I held her hands to steady herself, and stood in front of her, hoping, praying with every fiber of my being that she would lean over and suck the little traveler.    Now, I was blessed with almost 9" and pretty good girth, but being about 100 lbs. overweight now, it isn't quite as impressive as it once was - but, it's still a contender, even of it isn't winning the title belt anymore. I softly asked her to suck it, but remember, they didn't even want touching at first.  She asked her man if she should, and he said she should play with it, so as I stood in front of her and played with her amazing tits, as she sat on her husbands cock while being fucked in front of a dozen men, and gave me an exquisite hand job. Unfortunately for me, it didn't take long for this 50 year old to shoot a huge load all over the place, to my grunts, her squeals, and the approval of the horny peanut gallery.
By now, it was about 10:15pm, and I thanked them for a wonderful evening.  I asked if they were coming back on Friday, as I was still in town, and they said they would be back Friday night!
As I left, she was still sitting on his cock, bouncing up and down while The Olympic Hands on Dick team practiced in unison.
Gulf Coast Theater?  Huge thumbs up from The Traveling Man!


Doc here again... Many thanks to The Traveling Man for another quality Flash Report.  Kudos sir!  As always, we are looking forward to your next report from the trenches in this thing of ours.