Sunday, July 2, 2017

Join the Art Cinema Friends Fetlife Group! Get the Latest Info & Network with over 2,300 Members!

Doc here, a man who some say had a Richard Dawson shrine in his office, with a favor to ask of you, the good readers of The Journal. 

Back in the day, and before The Good Doctor started this Journal of Adult Theaters, I moderated a few different discussion group on platforms that since have gone the way of the Dodo Bird and 8-track tapes.  

Things have changed dramatically since then. Your choices of social media are wide and varied, and most likely you are using them on your smartphone. You can take your pick: Fetlife, SLS, KiK, yadda yadda yadda...  All solid, all aimed at a slightly different demo.

When I was approached to help moderate the Art Cinema Friends Fetlife Group (the largest Art Cinema-related group with over 2,300 members), I didn't think twice about it. Why?  

The Good Doctor (as many of you know) has been working closely with the mighty Art Cinema for over 5 years, in various (and some would say mysterious) ways. The Art was the first adult theater I worked with, and will always a special place in The Good Doctor's heart (and pants). I have hosted numerous huge events there starting in 2013, and they are something to be seen to be believed. Want to see over 100 couples in an adult theater? This is the place!
The VIP Couple's Only Balcony @ The Art Cinema

The Art Cinema offers it's guests something now unique to the adult theater scene: an art deco theater, with a M/F couples exclusive VIP balcony, which gives you the best couples adult theater experience you'll ever find. 

And we need to get the word out deeper and wider!  That's where you, the good readers of The Journal, come in...

First, please join the Art Cinema Friends Fetlife Group HERE.   You will get a great idea of who your fellow enthusiasts are, and you'll share a common interest: The mighty Art Cinema!  Want to find out which couple of single has plans to attend The Art Cinema? This is the place!

Second, recommend to your fellow adult theater enthusiasts to join the Art Cinema Friends Fetlife Group HERE . The bigger the party, the bigger the fun we'll enjoy!

Want Visit Announcements? Check. Event Announcements? Check. Have questions about The Art and needs answers? Check. A list of adult theater best practices from actual patrons of The Art? Discount Double Check. 

Be one of the cool kids in class... Join the Art Cinema Friends Fetlife Group HERE . 

Doctor's orders!