Saturday, May 14, 2011

House Call Report: StuntSlutSimone's Gang Bang at CTs Adult Theater in Gary - 5/13/11

Doc here with a long overdue House Call Report.  I have a few in the can as well, but since this one is fresh in The Good Doctor's mind, it jumps to the head of the list.

About a week ago, a post on the CTs Yahoo Group announced that StuntSlutSimone was planning a visit to CTs Adult Theater in Gary, IN.  A Friday night at 8pm reservation was in place, and guests were invited.  The Good Doctor decided to RSVP.

This was SSS's third gang bang at CTs, as she visited twice last year under a different name (but thank God, the same sexy girl).  Here is an excerpt of the invitation:

I'm 27, bi, 5'7", long dark hair, C-cup, size 12, curvy,
thick, big round ass, and love to suck and deep throat.

CTs Adult Theater
Gary, IN
The description is very accurate my friends... And she has an adorable face.  She is truly an energizer bunny, and has amazing stamina every time she has visited CTs.

The Good Doctor gassed up the Lizardo 3000 (ouch) and ventured up to Gary from The Valley near the small women's liberal arts college.  Traffic was bad heading in, but I pulled up to CTs at 9pm (roughly 45 minutes after the gang bang began). It's been awhile since I have been to CTs, and it was great seeing Pete (the owner) again.  He is a great guy, and always makes the couples visiting CTs welcome.  Pete has had a rough few months, but it was great seeing him in good spirits (and showing that swagger once again).

On to StuntSlutSimone's GB...

After paying my very reasonable fee at the counter, I entered the theater area of CTs.  As expected in a visit announced this far ahead of time by SSS, it was standing room only.  Even though it took my eyes a minute or two to get adjusted to the dark interior, my ears were working fine.  SSS was on the CTs exam table, and was getting pounded by a BBC, and was moaning loudly.

StuntSlutSimone's guy was positioned in the corner at the head of the exam table, with his arsenal of camera gear and a shopping bag full of condoms.  He mentioned to the crowd shortly after I entered the theater that the BBC fucking her was doing a great job, because he knew the sounds SSS makes when she is being satisfied. 

When my eyes adjusted fully, I moved as close to the exam table as I could to survey the situation.  As I mentioned previously, I had been at CTs twice last year during SSS's previous two visits.  Both of those times she looked great, with some black stockings, garters, and a cute baby doll top.  But tonight, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, she looked even better.  Picture this: Black fishnet stockings, red garters, a black and red print (with cherries mind you) baby doll top, and her long black hair fixed up in two pig tails with red ribbons holding the pigtails in place. 

Yes, StuntSlutSimone was being a very bad girl...

A few of the highlights:
  • After the first BBC had finished fucking SSS, guy # 2 (a younger stocky) BBC stepped up and really gave her an intense fucking.  As she was being pounded once again, another BBC stepped up to the side of the exam table and had SSS stroke his cock. 
  • After guy #2 emptied inside his condom, the other BBC at the aide began to fuck SSS's mouth.  Now, this was not your run of the mill mouth fucking.  This was an intense, gag reflex inducing face fucking he was dolling out to our pig-tailed theater slut.  While my vantage point was not conducive to see what was happening, I sure as hell could hear.  And this was intense... And SSS was loving it. 
  • StuntSlut Simone took a short break right after the intense face fucking she just experienced.  She returned and hopped right back up the table, but this time with her head facing the end of the table, and with her elbows propping her self up.  By this point, The Good Doctor was at the side of the table and I (along with a few other guys), were gently massaging her terrific ass.  Her ass is soft, supple, with just the right amount of curves.  Her guy then said to the crowd, "spank that ass...She can take it."  His request was then granted, and a few of the guys (including your  narrator) picked out a cheek and gave it a good playful swat or two (or 10).  This sent SSS into full on squirm mode.
  • With SSS's head at the end of the table, this put her in position to suck all the cock her little heart desired.  Guy #1 was (I think) Mr. Throat Fucker from before the intermission.  SSS gobbled up this guys huge BBC.  Then this guy did what I was waiting for someone to do: Grab StuntSlutSimone's red pigtails and fuck her mouth.  It wasn't long later that he was cumming inside her mouth.
  • This repeated itself 2 more times (without the pigtail grabbing) before another older guy stepped up, and lasted all of about 30 seconds in her mouth.  Efficient.
  • Next guy up was a middle-aged white guy who stepped up to the plate, went for the pig tails first thing, and it was on.  She gave this guy a thorough tongue bath, alternating between his cock and his balls.  Next, she started devouring him, and the pigtails proved to be excellent leverage as he was dirty talking to her.  At one point, she motioned to her guy, who was positioned to the side of the table, giving him an excellent profile view.  SSS was forced into sign language, and from what this reporter could tell, she was making a sign for him to take some photos.  He responded, and the photo session began again, with her saliva dripping from her bottom lip as she worked this hard cock.  He then asked her if she was ready, and at that moment she pulled him out as he came in her mouth and on her tongue while looking up at this guy.  She then showed the guy, and then showed the same her creamy reward to her guy and the camera.  It was an incredible visual (since I was that middle-aged white guy).
The Good Doctor stayed another 20 minutes or so, as StuntSlutSimone continued her feeding frenzy on the well mannered guys at CTs.  I'm not sure how long they stayed, but there was still a supply of hard cocks waiting for her when I walked back out to The Lizardo 3000.

Lastly, a huge thank you to StuntSlutSimone and her guy for another memorable visit to CTs Adult Theater in Gary.  The atmosphere was relaxed, the guys were well behaved and ready to perform, and I hope SSS was satisfied with the turn out. 

The vibe was just right in what is arguably one of the most hardcore adult theaters in the country.