Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Field Report: Adult World in Pioneer, TN by Mark (& Wife)

Doc here with a Field Report on Adult World in Pioneer, TN by first-timer Mark (and his wife).  It's a quickie, but we need to put this place on the radar and see if we can get some reports on this adult theater/ABS.

Here is Mark's Field Report...


Hi Doc,

While driving between TN and KY, my wife and I stumbled across a very large adult complex called Adult World (imaginative huh?) in what appears to be Pioneer, TN (Ed. note: Address is 383 Luther Seibers Ln, Pioneer, TN and has been added to the Dr. Emilio's Adult theater Database)

Adult World
Pioneer, TN

Although I did not have time to do a tour, it has two theaters, one for singles and one for couples plus a meet and greet room.  I found an article on the Internet dated 2008 reporting it was raided and 15 people arrested.  License was pulled.  However, the county apparently discovered the store/theater was a big tax generator for the county and returned the license and now the police leave it alone.  I wonder if we can get any reports on this place.  I have been to theaters all over the place but have never seen anything like this one.....



Doc here again... Looking at the Google map of this complex, it really is in the middle of nowhere.  But judging from the pure size of this place, it must have enough business to keep the lights on and people returning for that walk on the wild side.

This facility was also listed in the Dr. Emilio Adult Theater Database as being located in Knoxville, TN.  I have deleted that location and replaced it with the more accurate address info and details.

Thanks again to Mark and his better half for the updated information on Adult World.  Now we need a detailed Flash Report and maybe a pic or two of the outside of the complex to really put this place on the radar.  If you have a report, have been there, or have a pic or two, just e-mail the friendly resort waiter that runs this blog at

Thank you!