Thursday, December 11, 2014

Blast From The Past! Emme and Miss K Hit Cinema 309 on 9/19/11 (w/PICS!)

Doc here with a very special Blast From The Past Report featuring my good friend Emme.  

Over the next few weeks, The Good Doctor will be republishing a number of reports that Emme submitted previously in the early days of The Journal. These reports were insanely hot, and helped vault her into the spotlight as one of the earliest legendary ladies of The Journal (along with notables such as Katie X, The Mysterious Maya, Hawaiian Eyeful, Gemini, Koral, C&R, M&S, Daisy Train, Bambi & Thumper, and more).

Emme was also very good at that early time submitting pics of some of these adventures, and that holds true with this report from September 19, 2011.

Emme, our good friend Miss K, and Miss K's hubby S ventured out and eventually ended up at Cinema 309 in Wilkes-Barre, PA.  Naughtiness ensued.

Please welcome back from her hot tub time machine, the awesome Emme and her trip to Cinema 309.

Here we go!


Hi there Doc!

I am so excited to share my latest experience with you! Given my track record, you know I am somewhat of a wild card. One never knows the situations I will stumble into...or flat out make happen :) 

Emme & Miss K
Well, you know my ultimate favorite playmate, Mrs. K. As you say, I swoon when I talk about her. She is amazingly sexy, sweet, funny...I can go on. She is also very kinky and adventurous. I had mentioned a few times to her about my like of this thing of ours and she has always been game. So Sunday, I was going to be meeting her husband S for the first time. Wouldn't you know, we picked a spot not too far from our local adult theater....just in case ;)

So after a nice lunch and some chatting (and maybe a little groping between K and I in the ladies room. The poor waitress who walked in on us was so embarassed) the three of us decided an exploratory theater mission would be in order. The three of us make a great team...kinky, adventurous, and slightly crazy. We hopped in my car and headed to the theater. We browsed around the small shop for a bit eyeing toys and videos. Then we paid our threesome admission (same as a couple...don't we at least get a star?)

Emme & Miss K
S decided the back row was where we should reside. None of us are seasoned vets, this their first time and only my second. We all decided afterwards we need to do some more research on the ins and outs of our particular theater as far as best days for couples, certain seating, etc. We had all agreed that the fellow patrons would be in a look only participation status. This was, after all, the first time S and I were meeting so we were taking things slowly ;) I know, I know....we are so progressive thinking.

The beautiful K sat between he and I and not long after we got settled, she and I were smooching and groping. I cannot keep my hands off her and she gets me insanely wet. I had black crotchless tights, knee high boots, mini skirt and a v-neck shirt. She had a lowcut sweater (drove me crazy all afternoon staring at her gorgeous cleavage) long flowy skirt with a slit, knee high boots and an adorable black thong. She has sweet dark nipples that beg to be tugged and licked. Her hands rubbed my thighs and soon teased my dripping pussy. I swear she can make me cum in seconds flat! S was on her other side and took turns kissing her lips and breasts. He and I share her quite well.

Emme & Miss K
As we were getting heated up, as you may already be suspecting, the fellow patrons started the very quick and totally ridiculous mob toward us. As S put it so accurately so, it was like the Night of the Living Dead. Making matters worse, practically everyone in the theater was geriactric. Believe me, I firmly think that everyone deserves a good sex life and some fun. However, this was just not the crowd that helped with our fantasy of the whole experience. Also, the patrons had to be told several times that this was a look only party. 

I have read of theater chivalry on your blog before, but unfortunately it was nowhere to be found. While he said he was good, I felt bad that S could never really relax to enjoy himself as he was on constant guard. I know that comes with bringing two women into a situation like this, but really...sit back, stroke your cock and enjoy the show!

I had the pleasure of going down on the lovely K. It was very hot licking her sweet pussy as her man sat and watched. I love making her feel good, and having a group of men watch made it even hotter. She so sweetly returned the favor, sliding her tongue so expertly up and down over my clit as she fucked me with her fingers. I let my head fall back, breasts exposed as S licked my nipples until I came very quickly. We focused again on K for a bit until S  hopped down in front of me to lick me to another orgasm as K did her thing on my breasts and lips. Pure pleasure in a group of givers :) 

After we collected ourselves, we decided it was time to head out. As we left, I noticed a younger couple browsing in the videos. I wondered if they would make it to the theater to play. As I mentioned we will have to do some more research. K and S may go just as a couple to enjoy the dynamic of that. As has been my experience, this last trip just makes me want more so I am confident there will be more fun to come!


Doc here again... Many thanks once again to Emme for this report back in 2011. As most great literary works, it stands against the test of time well.  Well done Emme!

There will be more to come from the Emme archives in the days and weeks to come. Stay tuned...