Saturday, March 14, 2015

Updated 3/14! TONIGHT!!! St. Pattys Party @ 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago on Saturday 3/14 @ 8PM! Hosted by Doc!

Updated 3/14 at 12:30pm: Doc here, with a quick reminder that TONIGHT you will have your eyes full of sexy green outfits and sultry leprechauns at the big St. Patty's Day Party at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago's western burbs.

The river is already dyed green, so the next thing on your St. Patty's to-do list is stop by 15th Ave. tonight, and be ready to get your party on!

The Party Room is decorated, the music is ready, and the Swag Bags for the first 50 male/female couples are filled and ready to hand out (with your paid admission). 

There is only one more thing to add to the party. YOU. I strongly suggest you attend the event and not be that person/couple kicking themselves for not going. If you have attended one of our monthly parties before, you know what's in store for you. 

The Lizardo 4000 is washed, waxed, and ready to head up to 15th Ave. Adult Theater. My lovely guest physician's assistant Vickie the Vixen is ready you take your vitals and check your extremities. And if we can swing it time-wise, I will Tweet out a pic of Vickie's sexy St. Patty's outfit just before the event (It's HOT!).  Make sure you keep an eye on my Twitter feed @LizardoJournal

And we need contestants for Nearly Naked Twister... The first 8 ladies who sign up are in. The game will take place on our stage, and everyone will have a great view of the game. E-mail me at to sign up, or see me when you arrive tonight. First prize is a very cool sex toy with a $50 retail value. 

As always, I will be available to give tours, answer your adult theater questions, and give mustache rides. Why?  

Because I am a giver.

See you tonight!!!


Updated 3/12 at 2pm: Doc here, and they are always stealing my lucky charms...

We are 2 days away from the big St. Patty's Day Party at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago's western burbs. And what a party it will be!

Last evening, The Good Doctor, the lovely Natalie, and Bob put together the 50 (yes, 50!) 15th Ave St. Patty's Swag Bags for Saturday's event.  As always, they came out great, and we can't wait to give them out to the first 50 male/female couples in the door (with their paid admission, of course) starting at 8pm.

Here is a peak at the Swag Bags (which I Tweeted out last night):

Not bad, eh?  Each Swag Bag contains a $50 retail value of things for all your senses. Included is a XXX DVD, a FREE COUPLES ADMISSION for a non-event night, a first look at the announcement for our April party, a couple things that may glow-in-the-dark, and many more tasty items.  The Party Room is also decorated and ready for you and your dancing shoes.

Making a return (and after some modifications), is Nearly Naked Twister (NNT), which will take place on our stage.  We are looking for 8 contestants total, and the game will be fast paced and far more sexy (trust me) than our initial go round.  The only rule for the game is that the ladies will need to be dressed sexy (just like last time, where lingerie ruled the day). 

If you are a lady and would like to participate in NNT, please e-mail me at with your first name.  Otherwise, sign up when you get to the party (if there are spots available). There will be a $50 value winner takes all prize courtesy of 15th Ave.  January's winners took hope a very nice sex toy...

Remember members who are coming to the party...Please make sure you click on "Add Me To The Event" in the SLS calendar. 

The Good Doctor, along with special guest physician's assistant Vickie the Vixen will be available to give tours, answer questions, and provide an excellent meatball recipe. Just let us know (we will be up front between 7:45pm and 9pm), and we will be happy to help.

See you Saturday!

(Magically delicious)


Updated 3/11 at 2:30pm: Doc here, and the countdown is on for Saturday's BIG St. Patty's Party at 15th Ave. Adult Theater  in Chicago, starting at 8pm. 3 Days until your luck changes and you witness what is now Chicagoland's best value in a lifestyle event. 

Our parties are big. The excitement level is high. The light show in the Party Room will lure you in. The music will get you moving. And the movies...Well, you know what they will do to you.

I have talked to several out-of-state couples who are coming in for the Party. Ohio and Massachusetts  will be represented, along with Wisconsin, Indiana, and of course Illinois. Among those are some legendary couples from the adult theater scene who I have known for years. Trust me on this... You do not want to miss this event!

We have upped the number of 15th Ave. Swag Bags to 50 that will given out to the first 50 male/female couples in the door starting at 8pm. They are first come, first serve, so I strongly encourage you to get to 15th Ave. early so you do not miss out on the swag bags

Tonight (Wednesday), remember to check out my Twitter feed @LizardoJournal  tonight for pics of the 15th Ave. St. Patty's Swag Bags as Bob, Natalie, and myself put them together exclusively for you. 

We continue to welcome many guests from, and if you are part of that community, make sure you hunt me down Saturday night so I can thank you in person for coming to the event. members... If you plan on attending, please click the "Add me to the Event" button on the calendar section of SLS. It's not mandatory, but I would like to see who is coming from that arena. 

A reminder that my special guest physician's assistant for this evening, Vickie the Vixen, has an outfit for the party that will amaze you. She will be helping The Good Doctor give tours, welcome new guests, and if asked nicely, will take your vitals. 

Questions on the event? Please feel free to e-mail me at  

This is going to be big!  St. Pattys at 15th Ave!

Update tomorrow...


Updated 3/7 at 6:30am: Doc O'Lizardo here, reporting from the Buckeye State this morning, with a friendly reminder that 1 week from tonight the big St. Patty's Day Party kicks off at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago. 

We hope you make plans to join us for what is shaping up to be something special in Chicago's western burbs.

I talked with the very naughty Vickie the Vixen last night, and she was giving me the rundown on her St. Patty's outfit... Wow.  Just wait until you see it!  And she is very excited about taking your vitals as any good physician's assistant should. 

Next Saturday...Be there! 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago!



Doc here with an update on the upcoming BIG St. Patty's Day Party at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago. 

The Party Room will be decorated to the nines, & couples and sexy singles both local to Chicagoland and from out of state have committed to attending. This is going to a be a big one kids...And one you should not miss!

My special guest physician's assistant for the evening, Vickie the Vixen, has an outfit for the party that will amaze you. She will be helping The Good Doctor give tours, welcome new guests, and if asked nicely, will take your vitals. 

We will be welcoming many new couples to the party from, and we cannot wait to show you what the 15th Ave. Adult Theater experience is all about. 

Next Saturday! 3/14/15 at 8pm. St. Patty's at 15th Ave. Adult Theater!

Be there!