Monday, November 2, 2015

Same Day Flash Report! Status Uncertain at Annabelle's in Winston-Salem, NC on 11/2/15

Doc here, a man who some say knows that people are gonna drink! You know that, I know that, we all know that, and all I do is act on that. And all this talk of bootlegging - what is bootlegging? On a boat, it's bootlegging. On Lake Shore Drive, it's hospitality. I'm The Good Doctor.

One of my favorite varieties of contributions to the Journal is the "Same Day Flash Report." The scene & the sensation; it's all fresh.   And with the freshness, an unfiltered tale comes spinning my way courtesy of the interwebs. Thus, I like to publish them same day if possible. 

This is the case with this report from first time contributor, Status Uncertain. In his terrific red-shirt debut, Status Uncertain visited Annabelle's in Winston-Salem, NC and has filed this report.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Round Table of Journal Scribes, Status Uncertain.


Hi Doc-

First time contributor here, but a man that appreciates two things very much... 1) "This thing of ours." And 2) reading your blog about others' experiences with "this thing of ours!" I am a frequent business traveler, so I have had the great fortune to see many of these places myself. After sitting on the sidelines, I humbly submit to you my first visit report.

I found myself with time to kill in Winston-Salem, NC. Outside of CVE, near Charlotte, the scene here is very hit-or-miss. However, today (11/2) fortune shined in my favor! I made my way to Annabelle's on the northern side of Winston. The attractive and friendly attendant took my $10, gave me my tickets for the booths, and let me on my way. 

Winston-Salem, NC
Through the door, I find myself in a dimly lit hallway facing a door with another hallway leading to the left. To door at high noon led to a very large dark theater with 2 TVs playing straight porn. LOTS of couches here and also LOTS of dark corners for doing dark deeds. I sat and enjoyed the movies for a while, then decided to check out the rest of the building.

Proceeding down the second hallway and to the right, you will find a second much smaller theater which caters to the gay/TS preference. I did not go in, but the room looked busy. And to the left, an arcade room featuring several booths...most with glory holes.

I turned to head out of this room, and EUREKA! A couple with a tall woman in a fantastic short skirt come in looking for action! We made eye contact right off the bat and I knew it was on. They selected a booth, and locked the door behind them. I entered the neighboring booth and we were off to the races! She warmed me up with some hand action, and when my jolly roger was at full mast, presented a condom through the hole. I happily strapped up, presented my wrapped package, and was greeted with a warm, wet, and tight surprise. I did my thing, re-pantsed myself and went on my way. A rather large crowd of needy guys had formed...I'm sure they all left happy.

Not sure if this was the exception to the rule or not, but I'd call this visit to Annabelle's a success!

On a personal note, I will have the awesome opportunity to be in Ground Zero for this thing of ours...Tampa...the weekend of Nov 13th. I look forward to visiting a few of the Taj Mahals of the trade while Im there! If anyone needs an eager companion, drop me a line at

Thanks for keeping the masses informed! Until next time-

Status Uncertain


Doc here again...Many thanks to Status Uncertain for his terrific first-time report from the Tarheel State (being a yankee, I have no idea what a tarheel is, but that's another discussion).   Keep up the fine work sir, and welcome to the team!  Submit one more report, and I'll show you our secret handshake.

It's good to hear that Annabelle's is back on the radar here at The Journal, and hopefully more reports are on the way from there.