Sunday, March 20, 2016

Couple's Flash Report! The Right to the Point Couple's Disappointing Trip to the Lido Theater in Dallas

Doc here with a solid Couple's Flash Report from regular contributors The Right to the Point Couple.

Here we go...


Hi Doc,

The Right to the Point Couple here... 

Well we had to change the plans are couple times, but as luck would have it we were able to go to Lido Theater in Dallas on Wed. 3-9-16. 

We went, in picked out a movie, and paid for a private room upstairs. Mrs. RTTPC was a little nervous because it was new place, so we settled in on the couch with the movie playing on the screen and the door left open. We jumped right into it like we always do, with me fingering her already wet pussy. I had the crowd stay by the door until I can see she's ready, because she's starts looking for a cock to suck.

Lido Theater
I then motion for them to come in, so she starts sucking a big cock and drains it in like two minutes take it all over her face (which normally she doesn't do but was in a mood that night), but that mood quickly went away. Then she wanted to be fucked at the same time with a cock in her mouth, but nobody had condoms so she sucked another cock taking that load also in her mouth and face. 

She was still waiting for someone to fuck her, but nobody stepped up so I stepped in fucking her doggy for as long as I could hoping someone would appear with a condom to continue this but no one did.  She drained one more cock, got dressed and left some what disappointed. 

We got into the car and she said why would people show up to an adult theater unprepared? (ed. note: EXCELLENT POINT!) They are always ready to go at 15th Ave. in Chicago, and mentioned that we will be making a trip there soon. 



Doc here again... Many thanks to the Right to the Point Couple for this informative report. They brought up two good issues in this report regarding The Lido in Dallas.  
1. Guys, bring condoms to an adult theater if you are planing to engage.  Not doing so is just dumb.
2. Single guys are aggressive at The Lido in my experience visiting there over the years. I strongly advise that the male half of a couple keep their girls close by, even when changing clothes or straightening out after a visit. The RTTPC had an un-invited visitor walk in while the Mrs. was changing.  

Not cool, Lido guys.  AT ALL.