Monday, July 18, 2016

Flash Report! Anaconda Drops a Puck at Past Time Video in Steubenville, OH

Doc here, a man who some say drove a Zamboni on his prom night, with the return of senior reporter Anaconda and his trip to Past Time Video in Steubenville, OH in early June.

Here we go...



I found myself in Ohio for work last week and while prepping for the trip, I was trying to make some dates on SLS and thought with 3 nights to work with, I might end up at a theater or 2 as back-up plans. 

Well, I had a very successful trip outside of the theaters, but those would be stories for someone else's blog as it doesn't pertain to "this thing of ours." HOWEVER... after reading the Oral Reporter's stories from earlier this year about Past Time Video on Thursdays (couples free day/night), I was dead set on making a stop there on my way through the area. SOOOOO... I took my fellow reporter's advice and showed up as early in the day as possible since he made it a point to mention that couples activity can start pretty early and you don't have to wait until the sun goes down. 

I rolled into town around 2:30PM. I walked in and paid my $11 entry fee and asked the guy behind the counter if there had been any couples in or out yet. He said that there was only one and they were in the theater right now. JACKPOT!! 

Past Time Video
Steubenville, OH

I walked into the theater which is not particularly dark in general, but the movie playing at the time was just in a dark setting, so you could not see as much as normal. Of course, there was no way to miss the crowd that was gathered in the far corner. I approached and saw the couple going at it. He was sitting on the couch and she was riding him cowgirl. She was gorgeous, pretty face, tight, slim body, beautiful tits with pierced nipples, no more than 25 years old. About 6 guys were on/around the couch either watching or participating in some way. 

Hands were all over her from many directions and she was stroking the 2 men who were positioned in front of her. She also sucked some, but seemed to be more able to just stroke to to the angle and/or pace of the fucking she was getting. Now, I took a turn getting stroked and sucked, and since I wasn't there when they arrived, I wasn't sure if any ground rules got laid down, so I just kinda followed to vibe of the crowd and let some of the other guys set the pace. 

Then, 1 of the guys stepped up behind her and just stuck his cock right in her ass and she loved it. So, now, as she is getting DP'ed she is moaning and riding 2 cocks and it was quite a hot scene to watch. The 2nd guy finished and no one stepped up immediately, so I didn't wait for a written invitation. I stepped up for a shot at being in her ass for her 2nd DP and, WOW!!! I mean, assholes are generally pretty tight, but this girl's was exceptionally so. I had to be a bit patient to get the angle right and work my way in, but it was worth it. I won't lie, I was wearing dress shoes, so my traction wasn't good and the angle was difficult with her sitting up more than lying down, so it was very pleasurable, but was also physically taxing. 
The Large Theater @ Past Time Video

I wasn't too disappointed when she wanted to switch positions. She climbed off her man's cock and got on all 4's on the couch, began sucking her man's cock and offered me some doggy style. I swapped out the condom for a new one since I also wanted to experience her young pussy and slipped in from behind. Man, her pussy was very tight too. I knew I wasn't going to last long and didn't want to keep the other guys unduly waiting, so I just went to town and fucked her pussy hard and filled the condom after a couple minutes. I had sampled all three of this hot young girl's holes and they were all wonderful!!! 

I stepped out of the theater to clean up a bit and returned to the theater. I stood nearby and watched the show as they continued to entertain all the men that were interested in playing. They finally took advantage of a short break in the line of guys to dress and leave. I thought they were leaving for good since they had been playing for a while and took on all the guys, but they only were taking a break themselves to clean up and cool off. They came back in and almost immediately began playing again. She went back to riding him cowgirl and I took up a spot in front of her and she went right to down on my cock, more aggressively this time. She was doing her best to get the whole thing in her mouth/down her throat and she almost had me to the balls. It felt amazing!!! I am not young buck anymore and I knew it would take me a while to cum again and not sure if I wanted to since I wasn't sure if 3rd round would be in the cards for me and I was really thinking there would be more couples coming in and it was still early. 

I let her give me an aggressive, wet, sloppy, deep-throat BJ for about 10 minutes before I stepped back and let another guy step in. I elected to just watch and wait for now. Like I said, they were already in full swing when I walked in just after 2:30 and they left about 4, so they were really there to have a good time and hope they are regulars. I asked the clerk about the timing of the couples influx and he mentioned that typically they get a few in the afternoon, like the sexy young couple and then it dies for a few hours from about 4-7, then they really start rolling in from 7 onward. I was in it for the long haul, so I sat and watched the movies for a bit walked around a bit, checked out the movies and merchandise, just biding my time. 

I went out to my car to get some air, make some calls, check some e-mails. Right at 6PM, a couple pulls into the lot and parks next to me, and Doc, she's HOT!!! Not as young as the first girl, but still young, wearing a very cute flimsy summer jumper, wedge heel sandals, brunette, with a killer body and gorgeous face. She could be a model. They walk in, I wait about 2 minutes and follow them in. 

They are at the desk talking to the clerk and I walk by and head to the theater. Shortly thereafter, in they come and take a seat right inside the door. She sits on his lap and he starts rubbing her up and down, they whisper to each other and giggle. The guys start making some comments and offering compliments trying to gauge the intentions of the couple. One more bold guy tries to sit next to them on the couch and is quickly rebuked and retreats. They move to another couch with a little more space around themselves and clearly indicate the "no fly zone" which is about a 1 couch radius. I am disappointed because they are clearly only here to put on a show, but what a wonderful show it would be. Her naked, statuesque body was a sight to behold, especially watching her blow her man and then ride his cock. 

They put on the show for about 15 - 20 minutes or so, and it was hot, but we were all disappointed they didn't invite any participation at all. Ok, keep being patient....7...7:30....8PM. Still no more couples. I said I was in it for the long haul, but I did still have a 3.5 hour drive home. Then it dawned on me, Doc. "Oh, shit!! I am getting cock blocked by hockey!!" 

I realized that the Penguins and Sharks were due to drop the opening puck @ 9PM in Pittsburgh for game 5 of the NHL finals where the Pens had a shot to win the Cup as they were up 3 games to 1 at that point. Since Steubenville is in such close proximity to Pittsburgh, I figured the couples action might be MUCH lighter than normal if most people were invested in having a chance to watch their team hoist the trophy. I called it a night @ 8:30 and headed out. 

I can't complain about the fun I had that night, but man, I just can't help thinking how much more wild it could have been had it not been for that fucking hockey game!! I'll just have to pick a different Thursday in the near future and write an even BETTER report. 

Until then...



Doc here again... Many thanks to Anaconda for another great report from the front lines of this thing of ours.  Past Time Video is an intriguing adult theater complex, and on The Good Doctor's "To Visit" list.   Let's see more reports from there.