Friday, July 15, 2016

Inside Luscious Laura: Memories of The Art Cinema and an Event from 2015 (w/PIC!)

Doc here, a man who some say wishes he could be in Hartford Friday and Saturday night to join my good friends The Luscious Laura & Mr. Wayne as they take The Art Cinema by storm for a little R&R (or more like F&S). 

In her brand new blog, Luscious & Lusty, The Luscious Laura will be chronicling her erotic adventures.  And as one of her first posts, she recounts a fun night on the main floor of The Art Cinema from last year.

This is a great report and preview for this weekend's main floor fun at The Mighty Art Cinema.

Take it away, Luscious Laura!


Memories Of The Art Cinema

Main Floor at the Art Cinema

The Real Luscious Laura
What are my favorite kind of boys? The horny ones... Especially if they have a big hot load for me.

Last summer I attended one of Doc's parties at the Art Cinema in Hartford, CT. I'm going again next weekend July 15-16, so I've been reminiscing about my last visit.

There was a nice crowd of couples in the balcony but my attention was drawn downwards to the main floor. My significant other (W) and I found a nice spot near the rail on the balcony where we could see almost everything happening.

I could see the hungry and horny boys at the front of the theater watching the balcony. The longer we stood there the wetter my panties got.

Finally we made our way back downstairs and found a seat in the back of the couples section to watch what was going on. No sooner than we sat down and I had pulled my date's cock free of his jeans - a single girl joined us to help me stroking his cock.

That was fun but the real action started when W had me walk between two gents and hold out my hands - asking to stroke their nice hard cocks. A crowd gathered around us as I began to stroke them both. I could feel them getting close and asked if they would shoot their load on my pussy. I suppose I'd say the eagerly complied. Each took a turn standing between my spread legs to rub their cocks on my wanton pussy. Both gave me huge loads of course!!

The next time I looked up there must've been a dozen guys around me all stroking their cocks. The single girl even came back to watch the action. I asked her to jack a guy off on my pussy - she chose one out of the crowd and jacked him off on my pussy too. It was so hot to have her do it too.

That was the tipping point after that it was one after the other until all of their loads were spent. I had cum dripping off my pussy, my stocking tops, and running down my legs.

It was an EPIC scene and hope to repeat it again on my next trip.



Doc here again... Many thanks and Good Luck for this weekend's visits by The Luscious Laura and Mr. Wayne to the Art.   God's Speed kids!