Friday, January 20, 2017

Couple's Flash Report! Twistingly Returns to 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago for a Matinee (w/4 PICS)

Doc here, a man who some say feels most comfortable while wearing a fez, with a dynamite Couple's Flash Report from my good friend Twistingly

In this report, Twistingly visited 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago on a recent afternoon, accompanied by Journal contributor Raygun

One of the things I love about Twistingly's reports is her ability to take you (the good reader of The Journal) and have you experience her visit.  This is no black and white play-by-play kids. This is an experience that she is giving us access to. 

Sit back, pop open a Fresca (Hi Gemini!), and do a deep dive on this report (and new pics of Twistingly).

Here we go...



We arrived at 15th Ave. and parked in back. Although we had talked about it, I was still a little nervous about going inside. I was hoping not to be noticed, but knew there was little chance of that. Raygun knew it too and suggested we sit and wait for another couple to arrive before going in. That would give us someone to watch and take some of the attention away from us. Fortunately, another couple arrived almost immediately. We waited a few minutes and then followed them inside.
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We stepped up to the counter ready to pay only to find that couples were free all week. Bonus! I tried to bee-line it into the safe, dark theater, but RG, who was holding my hand, tugged me in the opposite direction. He wanted to look around first to see who was there and where the other couple had gone. We headed away from the theater towards the back, past the video booths and the vending machines, and into the spa.

We found them at the back of the spa on the stepped seating by the TV. They were chatting with 4-6 guys who had gathered around them. They were a reasonably attractive couple, in a Midwest way. Both wore jeans, sneakers, and sweatshirts. Everyone seemed surprised to see another couple. I don't recall specifically what anyone said, but there was a comment about me being a "real girl." "Oh, she's real," RG said.

It didn't seem like they'd be quick to action, so RG asked if I wanted to go to the theater. He positioned us dead center in the "couples only" seating area. I started to relax as we chatted quietly. He said he'd never been there as a couple and seemed excited by the idea of this new experience.

Gradually, our conversation progressed to touching and then kissing. It soon became clear we were attracting some attention. Of course, we had attracted attention just by being there, but now we were doing something worth watching and might do more.

Guys entering the theater positioned themselves discretely around us, or at least discrete by theater standards. Most sat on the right side of the theater giving themselves an easy view of us on the left, but one guy sat several rows in front of us and looked back over his shoulder never taking his eyes off us. He moved a row closer and then another row closer until he was as close as he could get without violating the couples only boundary.

I knew we had an audience, but I closed my eyes and tried to block them out of my mind, focusing instead on RG's hand rubbing my pussy through my tights, occasionally taking a whole handful and just squeezing. I had offered to take my tights off in the car and now wished I had.

I stroked him through his pants until he freed himself and let me touch warm skin. I was turned on by him, the way he was touching me, and the idea of giving him a "couples experience". I leaned over the arm of the seat and replaced my hand with my mouth. The man in front of us was no longer in my field of view, but I could hear the other guys move in closer to get a look. I heard the little noises RG was making and that's all I cared about. I was enjoying the taste and feel of him and was in no hurry to stop, but after a while he asked if I wanted to go to a booth instead. I did.

He led me down the hall past several tiny rooms. I thought maybe he had a favorite. We entered one on the left towards the end and he closed the door on the guys following us. He immediately realized the video wasn't working and suggested we switch rooms. I took a deep breath and stepped back into the hallway among the waiting guys. One or two tried to make friendly small talk as we crossed the hallway and selected another room before again closing the door in their hopeful faces.

We didn't change the channel to pick a movie. We just let whatever was on continue to play, lighting the room and providing background noise.

I sat on the bench and sucked him while he stood in front of me. Then I turned to let him fuck me from behind. I bent over and leaned on the bench, trying unsuccessfully not to bang my head on the wall. We laughed and switched places. He sat on the bench while I knelt and took him in my mouth. Our time in the video booth was a blur of things that felt and tasted good. It was hot and tight in there. I was wet and sweaty and so we slipped and slid around. I eventually rested, straddling his lap on the narrow bench, my legs shaking, my hair damp and in my face, while he held me and kissed me and called me baby.

We put ourselves back together and left the booth, brushing past a few guys still waiting by the door. RG said, "They can enjoy the smell of sex we left behind." After a short stop in the bathroom, he took my hand and we went to see if the other couple was still around.

We found them where we had left them, only now his pants were open and he was sitting masturbating. Her pants were unbuttoned and her shirt pulled up just enough to show the underside of her almost fake-looking round breasts. She was facing slightly away from her husband, tugging at the cock of a regular looking guy who knelt facing her, hands at his sides. Several guys stood nearby watching.

We sat down across from them, my back against RG, and talked to her while she just carried on like she didn’t have a dick in her hand. I think it was her husband who was getting off more than she was. I watched the guy she was jerking, his shirt pulled up, pants pulled partially down, while she worked him rather clinically.

He came and thanked her while she wiped her hand off in a towel. She went to the bathroom to wash her hands and the husband started chatting with us. He asked if he could see my tits, and I think I said no thank you, but I may have just shook my head and whispered something about just wanting to watch. He asked if I was feeling shy and I said no. RG held me a little closer and I think he nodded his head yes.

They asked if we were there to play and we let them know we already had, mostly in private. She looked surprised and I was a little embarrassed to have said it out loud.

The four of us continued to make small talk, while the group of men watched, waited, and listened. They mentioned they had to get back home. I asked if they lived in the area. She said no, they weren’t close and wouldn’t do this near home. She said this was the most she had ever played with anyone, that they usually just watch. After a few awkward pauses RG suggested it was time for us to leave too. We walked out, me still a little unsteady on my feet, and left shortly after.



Doc here again... Just imagine, you happen to pop into 15th Ave. Adult Theater on a weekday, and you run into two Journal reporters, Twistingly & Raygun. No, they are not an accounting firm, but two 15th Ave. Adult Theater visitors who do a great job of chronicling their adventures.

And thanks Twistingly for taking us along for the ride.