Tuesday, September 5, 2017

New Feature! Candi O's Final 12: Chapter 1 - Gulf Coast Adult Theater in Biloxi, MS on 8/27/17 w/PICS!

Doc here, a man who some say believes the world needs three things: 1) faster cars, 2) bigger alligators, and 3) more legendary women in this thing of our's.  And in this brand new series, "Candi O's Final 12", we ride along, ride on, and soak in the journey of the last 12 months in the scene of the legendary Candi O!

Candi and her hubby have spent many years in the adult theater scene, and have been contributors to The Journal for almost it's entire run.  A couple of years ago, in a city that begins with a "Ch", ends with "O", and in the middle is "icag", The Good Doctor was driving Candi O and her hubby back to their hotel after a fun-filled night at 15th Ave. Adult Theater with several members of The Black Sox (my GB crew) and some of the gen pop. It was a wild, wet scene I will not soon forget.

Candi and her hubby mentioned that they were soon coming to an end of the adult theater days. They sounded serious, but a little part of me had hoped that this was the product of a few hours of serious fucking inside an adult theater, not a long term strategy.

I was wrong.

The gorgeous Candi O is indeed making her last lap dance around the US, making her last mark on her favorite adult theaters before hanging up her thong. And luckily for us, Candi O and her hubby have invited us along for her last 12 months of adult theater shenanigans, which I will chronicle and publish. And along the way I will add in my own observations of Candi O being Candi O. 

And they were glorious.

Here we go... Chapter 1 of Candi O's Final 12: The Gulf Coast Adult Theater in Biloxi, MS...


Hi Doc,

Many husbands have a passion to visit every baseball or football stadium strewn across this country. Mine has a similar passion for adult theaters. The Doc's guide has come in very handy.

This is my final twelve months. I have been spreading my thighs for twenty men at a time for twenty years, one at a time. I thought I would contribute; my final fucks, and if appreciated perhaps I will document each of the last of our erotic  travels.

This trip found us in Biloxi. The Gulf Coast Theater is very conducive to kinky play. It was a Sunday afternoon, and even though a veteran now, I still get nervous. Stomach knots never relinquish until a firm cock is in my mouth or pussy.

Gulf Coast Adult Theater
Biloxi, MS
I like the theater location. The area feels safe, a shit hole pub two doors down is the perfect place to wash away the butterflies. We walked in with my ample cleavage in full braless view through my sheer pink top. The bartender hit on me almost immediately.

Two flirtatious hours later the pump was primed and ready. This is one of the darkest theaters I have ever disgraced. I leaned back against my husbands hard cock, still tucked away in his shorts, while my eyes adjusted. The theater was packed with eager boners...due to my craigslist advertisement, complete with pictures.  I was instantly mobbed. Shadows of lusting hands pulling off my top, while tugging at my tight leggings. So much for my beautiful white lacy panties.
Candi O
In the past this ravenous behavior would cause panic, a hyperventilating surreal separation of body and mind. Now I encourage it. I walked nude, into the den, reaching out and making out with each willing mouth. Hands are everywhere, my ass crack, different lips on my neck, my breasts, my shoulders. Fingers dipping into my wetness.
"How are you boys?" I am smiling, fumbling in the dark for one erection after another; not lingering on the old, cold cocks who must be told to get hard or back up. We now have years of experience preparing a room. It is sad and slightly pathetic that so many cling to the myth that they are still as good once as they ever were.

This theater has some very nice play spaces. One in particular is a large, walled off couched alcove. I backed up into this ink black corner with two nice cocks in tow. One eagerly stripped completely, the other shuffled along with pants around his ankles. I laid back on the cum scented, worn, imitation, leather and spread my legs while a flashlight illuminated my clean shaven, drenched pussy. I reached down and separated moist lips, a clear invitation.
Candi O
Mr. Naked wasted no time. He pushed his way, bareback, into a surprisingly tight vagina. I warned him not to cum in me. I wanted to taste, smell, feel, and swallow at least twenty thick juicy loads. Another cock found it's way deep in my throat. I arched my neck and let him face fuck me until his juices ran freely and I had to swallow repeatedly to keep from choking on a massive cumload.

This went on for what seemed like hours. I was doggied, then a side entry, then bukkaked...surrounded, kneeling on sticky concrete of my own making. At one point, while positioned on the couch allowing a large cock rear entry, the air thick with heavy breathing and low moans, I looked back over my shoulder just in time to see his wide cock pull out and drop enormous pulsing rivers of man nectar on my lower back. It ran down between my ass cheeks, matting my landing strip.

Each orgasm brought out the flashlight. Every cock thrust was spotlighted so all could view our pleasure. I fake most of mine, the men seem to enjoy the ruse. Hubby will vibrate my pussy later, back at the Hard Cock Hotel, while I close my eyes and recreate being the center of so much savage lust, so much desire.
Candi O
This was a home run. I spent an hour and a half sucking ball sacks, running my tongue up and down rigid shafts, kneeling with hands clasped behind my back; challenging myself to bring one throbbing, delicious cock to orgasm using only my mouth. Offering up my naturally lubed slit to a variety of positions.

We have learned that the quality and quantity of fine cocks is always better during daylight hours. Married men who can slip away. Horny beyond restraint. This afternoon was no exception. A great way to begin the end.

Where to next? Maybe Chicago...



Doc here again... What a start to this brand new series here at The Journal! Candi O is not only as advertised, she's more than advertised!  Gorgeous. Quick. Funny. And a very naughty, cum-hungry girl. I for one cannot wait to see where this journey takes them, but sure shooting I will try to intersect with them at points on this journey. 

Next stop Chicago?