Monday, April 25, 2011

Flash Report: Cruising The Coast With Bob in Biloxi - 4/23/11

Doc here with something the Easter Bunny could never give you: This week's Crusing The Coast With Bob in Biloxi

As the Cal Ripkin of this thing of ours, he is Mr. Consistency.  If a Sunday passes without a Bob report in my in box, I know something is up.

No one has been looking forward to the end of the Lenten season more than our good friend Bob.  Hopefully after the holiday, things will return back to normal for Bob, which means hot wet fun at the theater as well as the ABS down the street.

Without further ado, from parts unknown, weight unknown...Bob in Biloxi:


Hi Doc,

Well I bit the bullet and went over to check the pre-lent scene in this thing of ours. I have mixed reviews at the outcome, but here goes:

The Gulf Coast Theater
Biloxi, MS
There were five couples that showed up during the course of the day at the Gulf Coast Theater in Biloxi. Four couples before I got there, the first couple was seen to suck off everyone in the theater, together, not my thing, so I didn’t miss anything in that regard.  The other three couples (before my arrival) were rumored to have only played by themselves.

When I did arrive, there was one regular couple that attended and only watched the movie, they usually only hook up with other couples and a third wheel for them is an unusual thing.

Meanwhile down at the trusty ABS (two blocks down the street) a middle aged couple showed up, she had red hair (usually denoting super freak?) dressed in a short grey skirt and black blouse. Nice race, about 50 or so, petite and well proportioned. I’m thinking maybe this wasn’t a wasted trip after all? I was “lucky” enough to get the booth next to them, but I have to tell you doc, she gave the worse blow job I’ve ever had in my life!! WAY too much teeth on my buddy!! To the point of being painful! I managed to coat her tongue anyway, then retreated to the safety of my vehicle for some R & R . They stayed a long time, one of the regulars came out bent over and walked up to my window complaining of the same treatment.

Bob in Biloxi
After they left, it was getting close to closing time for both establishments, ( both the theater/abs closes @ midnight) when a couple pulled up next to me. She was a young thing in her 20’s , blond hair, medium perky tits in a dark grey summer dress, they walked in the ABS and turned around and walked out. As they were getting in their car, she was on my side backed in, I said good evening! She said it would have been if this place hadn’t closed so early. I told her, not to worry there was more sex going on in the parking lot than in the store anyway. (Ok, I lied to her, sort of like that I won’t cum in your mouth lie) But that perked her interest and she asked me to explain. More lies from me of course, but the end result justified the means.

After talking for a few minutes, I learned she wanted to try out the holes, that they had placed an ad on CL, and someone answered telling them about the glory holes, etc. Well I respond to couples on CL every Sat night telling them about both places. After a few for minutes of discussing this, we concluded it was indeed me. I always send a pic of the dick and she wanted to see it. So out “Stanley” came, she then reached in and started stoking me, then asked where we could go? I told her, right here, right now. This girl must have been horned up, because she jumped in the front seat and started blowing me. My windows were down, enjoying the ocean breeze, her escort/husband/boyfriend/FWB was standing outside, sort of blocking the view from the street. Unlike the previous lady, this girl could suck a cock!! Gentle, soft, super wet, hot mouth!, she blew me for a few minutes, then asked if I had a condom. Well, Bob is always prepared, ripping open the wrapper and rolling it on, she laid across the front seat and was playing with her clit telling me to fuck her. (BTW she was clean shaven with a huge clit!)

I didn’t know at the time, but while she was blowing me, her “friend” was playing with her pussy, (her ass was pointed toward the pass side where he was standing)  so she was soaking wet as I entered a very tight, wet and hot box!! After shaking the suspension on the RAM for a good while she started screaming she was cumming and grabbed my ass pulling me deeper inside. I lost it and filled the bag with baby batter. Both of us had worked up quite a sweat but she was smiling and said thanks, so I think she may have lived out one fantasy last night! We talked a few more minutes then we departed company with a suggestion we might have to meet up again. As usual I told them, I’m there every Sat night.

And that folks is the news from the beautiful Gulf Coast.


Doc here again.  I don't know about you, but I need more friends like the ones Bob makes.  I can speak with 100% honesty that I do not have any 20 year old blonde female friends that will let me take them in a RAM.  Or even a Yugo.

Bob, you are my hero.

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