Saturday, April 2, 2011

Flash Report! "Kneeling With Gloryhole Nancy" Returns (with very HOT pics)

The Good Doctor enjoys the springtime.  Why?  Opening day in baseball, the fresh air, the birds chirping, and Gloryhole Nancy returning to an adult bookstore in Toledo for some F & F (fun and fotos).

Ladies and gentlemen, she is back and hotter than ever...Enjoy the report, and really enjoy the brand spanking new photos.

(Note: Click on the photos to ENLARGE, since they are hi-res images.  Trust me, you will want to!)


Hello gentlemen, we're back! We know we've been away from the fun for a while but we've been very busy with that thing called "real life." lol  Sometimes life just dictates that work and other important things take priority, so that explains our time away.  We've been spending our time playing with various women (as you know, Nancy is VERY, VERY bi) and laying kind of low, but just the other day as we were running around when Nancy reminded me that we would be driving by the bookstore...

We pulled in to the store around noon, expecting it to be slow.  It wasn't too busy but there were enough guys that there was a mad rush to the booth area when we walked in lol.  The clerk made a joke about how Nancy makes the gays guys straight when we walk in, and that he was glad to see us again. 

We were in a booth for about a whole 10 seconds before a cock was sticking through for Nancy to pleasure. She dropped to her knees and started slurping on that cock like it crazy! Needless to say he soon groaned VERY loudly and erupted all over her triple D's, the whole time Nancy totally loving it. He thanked us and quickly exited after he told us that he could not believe that he was lucky enough to get sucked off by Nancy finally, as he has been following our Yahoo group for some time now. Another satisfied fan!


We left after a few more cocks, each one clearly enjoying her mouth and blowing huge loads for her.  Soon it will be warm enough for Nancy to wear her mini skirts, tank tops, and slutty heels again to the bookstore again....Hope you guys enjoy the pics!  And if there are any horny ladies who want to get together with Nancy and I sometime, get a hold of us!

T & Nancy


Doc here again... Thank you again Nancy and T for providing the great report and incredible photos of your most recent trip to the bookstore.  We look forward to an even warmer Spring!

Also, do yourself a favor and join Gloryhole Nancy's Yahoo Group HERE. Great pics and stories from an incredibly hot girl with a passion for sucking cock.