Friday, May 13, 2011

Field Report: The Art Cinema in Hartford by OldBeatNik

Doc here with a "straight to the point and no fluff" Field Report from Senior Journal reporter, OldBeatNik.  His topic is the Art Cinema in Hartford, CT, and OBN has provided his observations and opinions in the following report.


Hi Doc:

The Art Cinema Theater 255 Franklin Ave Hartford Ct is an old regular theater converted to porn. It is located on a fairly busy street in a 80% residential neighborhood. There is no parking lot so street parking it is.

The theater is huge, at least 300 seats on the ground floor and 100 in the balcony which is for couples only. It has a huge screen and shows really boring porn movies that the management changes twice a week. The balcony rows are very close to each other and the seats are extremely uncomfortable. It is not possible to eat anyone out by kneeling on the floor, there is no room. There are arm rests so leaning over would be rather uncomfortable too. The lower theater is better for action but unless it is a theater savvy couple the penis gallery would make any one uncomfortable. The bathroom works and doesn't smell which speaks well but the place itself is run down and needs repair.

Needless to say there was no couples action the 2 hours I was there. I know that's not much time but the movies were so boring I just couldn't stay any longer. The theater may get couple action but I don't know why. They would have to walk down a residential street(with kids and families) to enter a seedy joint. It costs $20 for couples (another disincentive, why aren't women free?) Single men is $10. It's not a theater I would recommend.  Oldbeatnik


Thanks OBN for the report on the Art Cinema.  So far, the jury is split on the Art Cinema... The Captain gave it a thumbs up, and OBN a thumbs down.  I think we need a tie-breaker...