Friday, May 13, 2011

Flash Report: "One Afternoon in Paris" by floyd in Portland

Doc here with another outstanding Flash Report from Portland's premier daytime adult theater scribe, floyd.  Working the afternoon shift at The Journal's Portland bureau, he is always johnny on the spot for the afternoon Red Flags at The Paris Adult Theater on 3rd and Burnside in Portland.

Here is floyd's Flash Report...


One Afternoon in Paris

Sitting at my desk in Portland, OR, yesterday (Monday), I realized that it has been quite some time since I filed a report.  (Regular readers will know me as the “afternoon” reporter on all things Paris – The Paris Theater in Portland, that is.  I work in a downtown office just a short streetcar ride and a quick walk from the Paris, and I watch for the“flags” that the theater posts via text, which indicate the presence of couples, single women, and other interesting scenes.)

The reason for my lack of reports is just that there has been very little afternoon action at the theater over the past two weeks.  Not that there haven’t been flags, because there have been, but they have all resulted in either an empty theater upon my arrival or a couple checking the place out with little or no intention of playing. So, lest The Good Doctor conclude that I had been sucked into a gaping whale snatch while bodyboarding in the frigid Pacific water off Rockaway Beach, I figured I better pen a quick report, no matter how lame. 

Naturally, it was at this exact moment that I checked my texts to find I had missed a Red Flag at 1:04pm, it now being 2:10.  Hoping for the best but expecting to be too late, I hurried to the streetcar stop and was soon entering the Paris.  From the half-dozen guys at the rail, I realized that the couple was still there, situated on chairs in the “Couples Annex” area where the exam table sits.  I recognized them immediately as the out of town couple that visits Portland occasionally: he, a heavy-set dude with long hair and a beard, and her, barely five feet tall with frizzy dark hair and an absolutely killer body, with a perfect ass and small natural round tits with perky nipples. They are the couple that was mentioned in Part II of my post of April 8th entitled “Better Late Than Never.” She is either a dancer or aspires to it, since she regularly exhibits lap dancing moves on her guy when they visit, with him completely clothed and her completely naked.  And naked she was.

I joined the other five guys at the rail for a closer view of this diminutive beauty, admiring her slim body, smoothly shaved pussy, and gorgeous little boobs.  As she leaned back against her guy, he reached around and diddled her clit while she spread her pussy.  She alternated lap dancing moves on her guy with visits to the railing, where she moved down the row of lookers giving each a quick grab of titty and even presenting one for a lick or a suck now and again.

One lucky fellow, Shaved Head Guy, up on the stairs, was receiving lots of extra attention as she encouraged him to caress her spectacular little ass as well as ministering to her breasts. After a while she invited him to cross the chained threshold and join them in the annex.  He took a seat next to her guy, and she returned to the lap dancing business, alternating between her two seated subjects. It is a testimonial to how great the action can be at the Paris that this soon got a bit boring, regardless of how hot she looked.  It was sexy, without a doubt, but the watchers (your loyal reporter included) wanted to see some action!  A couple of guys gave up at this point, thinking it was to be a repeat of their past performances, and left.

She made another pass at the rail, and this reporter was treated to an extended oral tour of both of her breasts while simultaneously holding her perfect ass. Nice! At this point I noticed that both her guy and Shaved both had their hard cocks out and were jacking off slowly.  She noticed and redoubled her full body rubs, finally settling down in a kneeling position on the floor and taking her guys big cock in her mouth.  A grateful crowd watched intently, and after a nice BJ she trotted down into the gen pop area to snag a condom, which Shaved applied to his rigid dick.  She moved over to him and did an encore performance on his covered bone. From the sounds he was making, it looked like he was having a lot of fun!

After the BJ’s it was back to the dancer moves, and I really thought her guy was going to fuck her, but it was not to be.  They were very friendly throughout, chatting with Shaved and the guys at the rail.  I learned that he was married, but not to her. (There’s alot of that FWB stuff going around at the Paris these days.)  He also called her “Bug,” and it was nice to have a name to go with the face and body, even if only a nickname.  Soon her guy indicated that it was time to go, as they had been there for well over two hours.  She lay back on the big ottoman in the annex, looking amazing, and he stood over her.

“Gotta cum before we go,” he said, eloquently.

He offered to let Shaved cum on her at the same time, but he regretfully declined as he was not that close.  Her BF then proceeded to jack off vigorously over her naked body until he shot a big load all over her belly.  Seemed like an awful waste of a wet, willing pussy to this reporter, I must say, but to each his own I suppose.  That concluded the show, and she dressed and bid us all a very friendly adieu, promising to return soon. 

Doc, I’ll continue to provide you and your readers the latest updates from the afternoon shift.



Thanks again to floyd for his outstanding Flash Report.  Also, make sure you check out floyd's blog, Cockofthetalk. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll share the stories...

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