Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Few Minutes With Dr. Emilio: Catch-Up Edition

When we last left the Good Doctor, a familiar voice in his ear told him that "This is the mighty W.O.O.D., the musical voice of Lumberton. At the sound of the falling tree, it's 9:30. There's a whole lotta wood waitin' out there, so let's get goin'. "

Good day to you, and to all the ships at sea... This is a special catch-up edition of "A Few Minutes With Dr. Emilio".  With all the technical issues behind us now, I can make an attempt to get you caught up on all the news from this thing of ours.  The format will remain the same... A lead story, several adult theater-related news nuggets, an opinion or two, and lastly a photo of The Good Doctor in a public place.

Let's get started, shall we?

Tampa: Still A Little Hot In the Kitchen

One of The Good Doctor's oldest friends in this thing of ours (from my original stomping grounds in Upstate NY) e-mailed me to give me a couple of quick updates regarding Tampa, since he was just down there.

The recent LE activity at Fantasyland and Fantasyland 2 is still putting a damper on couples visiting these establishments.  Couples are frequenting the area swing clubs instead of rolling the dice at the theaters in Drew Park.  Bottom line: Be careful in Tampa.  The Good Doctor (along with ace Florida reporter Enzyte Bob) are on the case, and will advise you when things change (hopefully for the better).

The other note of interest was that my same friend was at the nude beach near Haulover, FL, and he struck up a conversation with another fellow who frequents both Tampa and Portland's adult theaters. In my good friend's words:

"He says to me "Psssstt!!... you gotta try this new website/blog that has all info of porno theaters all over the USA.... and proceeds to give me the address from your Dr Lizardo is too bloody least within our perverted world!"

It's rewarding that The Good Doctor's hard work here at The Journal is getting more well known, day by day.  Even at nude beaches in Florida!

  • The Good Doctor is in need of your reports in a big way!  Right now is the busiest season in this thing of ours, but reports have slowed to a trickle.  The time now is to step up and be counted among The Journal's ranks of field reporters.  I'm not looking for "War and Peace". 2-3 Paragraphs of a recent adult theater visit, or maybe a memory of an outstanding adult theater visit from days gone by.  Just e-mail me direct HERE and let's get started!  Thanks.
  • The action has been strong and steady at 15th Avenue Adult Books and Theater in Melrose Park, IL (just outside of Chicago). A recent visit by The Good Doctor on the Saturday during Memorial Day weekend saw 11 couples at 15th Avenue!  I am working on a report of that evening's festivities, so look for it soon.  If you find yourself visiting Chicago this summer, this is a must visit for you.
  • Thanks to the many of you that have responded to my request for information on still open classic old adult theaters.  I will be getting back to you all shortly with my thanks, and I have an article in the works with your comments acting as the framework.
  • Make sure you visit my good friend Major Voyeur's excellent blog HERE. He covers the St. Louis adult theater scene (which is still very viable) like a blanket.  He will give you updates on Missouri's draconian adult business restrictions that have affected places like Pure Pleasure's hours of operation (now closing at midnight).  The good news is that the Hustler theater across the river in Washington Park, IL has expanded their hours to capture the night owls in this thing of ours. I personally have had excellent luck at the Hustler theater. 
  • Summit News in Warren, OH has been going great guns lately... If you find yourself in Northeastern Ohio, you really need to check this place out.
  • The Good Doctor has added a new feature to the sidebar: The Top 10 Most Popular Reports on The Journal. Just click the title, and The Journal will send you to that report.
  • One more shout out to a friend of The Journal of Adult Theaters: Velvet Skye. Make sure you follow her on Twitter @VelvetSkye and tell her The Good Doctor sent you.
  • Coming soon to The Journal: An update from Tom Austin, a report from Brent in Portland on the recent visit to The Paris Theater by Voodoo Girl, and much more.  Stay tuned.
Have a great week (and weekend) everyone from the hardworking stiff staff (Ok, me) here at The Journal, your one-stop-shop for this thing of ours.