Thursday, June 2, 2011

Brent's Theater Tails: Flash Report - "A Blow Job Built For Two"

Doc here with another classic from the pen of the poet laureate of this thing of our's, Brent in Portland.  The report speaks for itself...

So sit back, pop open a can of Fresca, and enjoy Brent's work...


Friday, May 27 was the start of The Rose Festival in  Portland Oregon and a lot of rosy, freshly spanked butt cheeks were in view at The Paris Theatre.

There was Kitty, face shiny with bukkake batter, her new friend who ate her pussy while getting fucked by a black guy on the arena table, the tall sophisticated lady with  dark hair, who had her sexy round ass and wet pussy whipped just right by the sure smooth hand of her handsome man and the beautiful, shapely, big- breasted  Rosie Perez in the black mini dress. She and her man played hard with the long haired dude and the lady who played with Kitty, earlier. Rosie sucked both men got her pussy eaten by the lady while getting fucked by her man. She spread her sexy legs . her cunt was plump and juicy, shining in the light, hot from the fingers, tongues and penis that had touched it, wet from the lusty stares that had pierced it.

There were plenty of new couples and single ladies in attendance at The Paris, last night. For the most part they did not play but merely watched what was going on, huge crowds of guys down by the arena and standing near the stairs and other couples coming into the theater and filling up the Couples Oasis.

One woman , well built and very respectable-looking, was there for a couple of hours, guardedly enjoying herself. When a very hot woman of similar build and station came in , spread her tight jean-ed legs and started sucking her mans cock, this really turned on  Miss Respectable and she started furiously making out with her husband . The long haired woman who had been on the arena table with Kitty, came over to the lady who was sucking her mans cock and whispered something to her. Sucking Lady turned towards her and LHW did something I have never seen done in an adult theater.  She fixed up Sucking Lady's hair! And she did a fine job.

Now, We could all see Sucking Lady's  face as she bobbed up and down on her husband. It was great. I felt like I was at an all girls' slumber party:
"Hey, lets all go down to The Paris, tonight and do each others hair."

Hair conditioner supplied by the Bukkake Boys.

Unfortunately, Sucking Lady had to cut short her performance before it really got good . She needed to get water and fresh air. Her departure  triggered a mini exodus from the theater including Respectable Lady and her Kenny Rogers look-a-like husband.

Long haired girl enjoyed herself a lot last night. She was in the exam area  and arena with Kitty , with the Sucking Lady in the Oasis and finally with the sexy Latina, Rosie next to the entrance to the couples section. She loved to suck cock in tandem with Rosie. As a matter of fact, she stated that the only way to suck cock properly was to do it with a partner. I don't know. I think I've only had that happen to me a couple of times and that was a long time ago.

In conclusion, it was fairly busy at The Paris on the first day of Memorial Day weekend, with a lot of new couples, single ladies and men in attendance.  There was a lot of anticipation but things never really got started, except, of course, Kitty's mini bang in the arena and Rosie's  wonderfully erotic get together with the long haired couple in The Oasis. Rosie left the theater tingling , with hot cum running down her bare, sexy legs.  I wonder if, when they got back to their hotel room, she went right to sleep or if she and her husband fucked some more, reliving their wild night at The Paris?


Doc here again... Just another night at The Paris Theatre in Portland.  If you are a connoisseur of this thing of ours, and have never been to Portland, you owe it to yourself to get there. I even heard a rumor that you can get a tattoo of Brent at a nearby tattoo parlor to remember your visit by.  Brent, can you confirm or deny?

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