Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Flash Report: Kitty Tails - A Paris Theater Tale (with 7 HOT New Pics!)

Doc here with that Energizer Bunny herself, Kitty from Portland.  She is back with another very naughty tale from The Paris Theater in PDX. She was also kind enough to send along some hot new pics to accompany the report (remember to click on the pics to enlarge them).  Gotta love this Kitty!

So sit back, put on some jazz (pronounced "yazz") flute music, and enjoy Kitty's latest...


Hi Doc,

We arrived a bit after 1 PM and of course we got right to work. It was hot
sucking my partners cock while I could hear you guys behind me stroking
yourselves and breathing heavy. This encouraged me of course to slowly remove
my pants, and then wave my ass at you as I continued to suck cock. Slowly the
panties cam off for you to enjoy the view.

My buddy brought me to the railing and began to fuck my pussy deeply, making me
come quickly. In minutes he had his cock stuffing my tight little asshole and me
looking onto the eyes of one of the regulars. He watched me get my ass reamed
while he jacked off in front of me! VERY HOT HOT HOT! I began to stroke his
throbbing cock and eventually got on my knees and gave him a hand job through
the railing as my ass continued to be violated. It was not long before he shot
his load all over my face.

After this we went and sat next to the exam table and I sucked another guest
until he fucked my ass too.

By this time there were several standing around watching and stroking their
cocks, so Kitty had a job to do. They did not know I wanted bukakke, it just
turned out that I got what I wanted (HeHe).

One gentleman watched some of the show and was ready to blow, so I knelt before
him on the pad (since I forgot my knee pads, LOL) and watched him as he stroked
his load all over my exposed tits.

I excused myself to wash up some and when I returned my buddy was ragging hard,
still, and told me to get on my knees. Gladly I obeyed and gladly I sucked his
cock some until he pulled out and shot a perfect load all over my face, right
between the eyes! GOOD SHOT BABE!

I had my panties handy and wiped myself clean but there were several other men
that were ready to cover Kitty in cum, so I naturally obliged. I watched
several more men jack off their spunk onto my face and tits.

Kitty must say this was one hot visit - not as hot as Freaky Friday when we were
there though. I do love watching a man jack off onto me and the feeling on warm
cum covering me is well very arousing. Thank you to all the guys who



Doc here again... Kitty never fails to deliver.  Whether it's at The Paris Theater, being a cum slut extraordinaire, or with her reports and pics sent to The Good Doctor.  Great report and great pics Kitty!  Keep them coming...America needs you.

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