Monday, July 11, 2011

Couples Flash Report: Summit Street News Adult Theater by Gentle Tongue

Doc here with a great first time Couple's Flash Report from Gentle Tongue.  GT and his lady friend visited the fast growing Summit News Adult Theater in Warren, OH, and have filed an exciting and HOT report.

Enjoy GT's report!


Dear Doctor of this thing of ours,

I just wanted to extend a little summary of recent event that I am my lady friend had at the Summit News, 645 Summit Street in Warren, OH.  I did hear that the Summit was graced by your presence some time earlier in the summer or late spring. (Ed. note: I have never been to Summit News, so it must have been a) my evil twin, b) my first impersonator, or c) one of the reporters who have written about Summit News).

Recently we announced our interest to visit or entertain in the area of Warren.  Initially the thought was to visit the Summit News on Monday.  However, with only a few responses we opted to update the post and visit on Tuesday.
Currently the Summit News has extended free admission to couples on Wednesdays into the public theater area, a nice savings of $15.00 or 3 gallons of gas.  The private theater is available at a rate of $25.00 with flexibility of how long you may have it as a couple.

Being only her second time at a theater and still being a booth virgin our plan was to take it slow.  She is a sexy BBW and when with me is always wet and once I get her started, multiple orgasmic.  With the prior announcement it did not attract to many JR Tolken type people (trolls).  However, once we were inside the theater the calls and texts must have gone out as the crowd grew steadily. 

Gradually I began to warm her up with kissing and caressing.  Once the nectar began to flow the moans soon followed.  I nursed her for some time, no she isn't lactating - wishful thinking on my part.  I believe I was nursed as I am a bit drawn to those lovely mammaries. 

Once I explored her lower region she began to loosen up even more.  Up to then the crowd had grown and were all respectful.  Then 2 gentlemen offered to support her legs while I explored the source of the sweet nectar and even Pooh would have loved sweetness of honey.  By now she had orgasmed at least 3 times. 

The gentleman to the left was the receipt of her warm hand as she was holding on during the ride.  It sure beat any carnival ride she had been on.  She stroked the holder of her left calf and without any sign or indication she received a handful of cream.  The gentleman's thickness was pleasing to her and had he not made an early deposit he may have received a tender kiss on his wiener sausage.

Her excitement and pleasure grew with the help of the other gentleman of her right leg.  His fingers and oral talent took her to new heights.  She was pleasantly surprised at her multiple orgasms from his fungers and tongue.  We later received a creditable reference to "Ivanhoe's" oral and finger tallent.  He is obviously well known in the regions and even has a legacy from The Foster's theater.

Although her oral talents were at work on me, she saved me for desert and later was another story back in our hotel room.  Had to put the hot tub to good use.

In the cumming week or so we are planning on being in either WV or Western PA or both.  She is dripping and ready for more.  We are even discussing a small gangbang or mutiple oral servicing during our next visit.

For those that haven't gone to the Summit News in Warren, OH, please put it high you your list of must visit locations.  Clean with excellent staff and reasonable clientele.

GentleTongue here


Doc here again... Excellent job by Gentle Tongue (and his lady friend) on this first-time Couple's Report.  The Journal loves Couple's Reports, so if you have a story to tell, we (the highly trained staff and technicians, AKA me) would love to publish it.  Just e-mail Ty Cobb The Good Doctor at I will edit and format your report, and you get the glory.

And if you see a guy dressed in a white suit, aviator shades, a 70's porn 'stache, and seems to be from Sicily at the Summit News, and I didn't announce I was going there in advance, run.  It may be the worst celebrity imitator. Ever.

The Real Deal