Monday, July 11, 2011

Flash Report: Crusing The Coast w/ Bob in Biloxi: This Week's Episode - "DOA"

Doc here with this week's installment of Cruising The Coast with Bob in Biloxi.  Biloxi has been a hotbed of activity the last several weeks, and Bob has been in the trenches, deeply embedded, reporting the action. 

What will this week bring?  The title may be a bit spoiler-ish...



Hi Doc,

I’ve titled this report Dead on Arrival! As I pulled into the Gulf Coast Theater in the quaint town of Biloxi, I should have known something was amiss. The parking lot was full (7pm?) and it’s early yet? I paid my admission and spoke with the clerk a few minutes. He told me one couple (our German friends) had been in earlier and left, at present there was nothing in but male patrons.

Bob in Biloxi
At 7pm the lot is full and nothing but guys? Not a good sign, so I left and went down the street to our trusty ABS. Yep the lot is full there as well? I was not aware nor as anyone I talked too, but it sure seemed like there might be a gay convention in town and it just wasn’t advertised to the General Public? The clerk there told me a couple was in earlier “but the guys in the back wouldn’t stop aggravating them” (his words, not mine) so they left.  Now it’s very clear he’s gay, but he did tell me she was very good looking. So coming from a gay guy she must have been ultra hot!!!

Back to the theater, I read before I left on Craigslist that a couple was seeking another couple to attend both the theater and ABS. I must have run into them because they were checking out both places early and evidently wound up with one of our semi regulars later that night. She was clearly dressed to play, wearing a black mini, black semi see through top and heels.  In the meantime, a very well built, young blonde, with a killer ass poking out of Daisy Duke short’s showed at the theater. She and her man went inside the theater and upon seeing guys standing in the doorway and along the wall made a 180 and left through the door as fast as they could.

Gulf Coast Theater
Back down at the ABS, another blonde lady, stoutly built but not fat in any sense of the word was rubber dick shopping, but she kept looking back at the booths, they left, but later showed up at the theater and sat on the back row for a minutes before leaving. That’s the second time I’ve seen her, so maybe they are testing the waters?

The aforementioned couple finally hooked up with our semi regular. I spoke briefly with them, who again advised me Friday night a couple came in for a bukkake and seems she wasn’t disappointed.

That’s about it for the report... The deadest I’ve seen it in awhile, as it seems we go from fat to famine!! I left the quaint town of Biloxi with a dry cock and blue balls. Still nothing on TV Saturday nights though.

Can’t wait for my November trip to P-Town!



Doc here again... I am sure Brent will be rolling out the red carpet for you, Bob. Visiting dignitaries are always welcome at The Paris and The O.

Do you have an adult theater report?  I hope so, because I need them... Badly.  Just e-mail Napoleon Solo The Good Doctor at I will edit and format your report, and we will be off to the races. It's easy... try it!