Saturday, September 10, 2011

TOP Adult Theater Experience - Foxes Hound @ Berlin News Agency w/Pics

Doc here with another entry into the TOP All-Time Adult Theater Experience series.  This time it is Foxes Hound and the location is the Berlin News Agency in NJ (address info in the Dr. Emilio's Adult Theater Database).


My best time in a theater play is as follows...

This about the first time I took Foxie to The Berlin News Agency in NJ.  We been chatting and met a couple of times for about a 6 months. She said often she loved to be covered in cum and wanted to good to a place like Berlin to suck some cocks.

The Real Foxie
One day I posted in a Yahoo Group site that we both belonged too, that we were planning a visit to it that night. A follow member asked if he could help if needed in crowd control. Of course we said yes he could. We agreed that we would meet him at a place down the road where Foxie  and I were going to have something to eat. I picked her up late because of traffic and she was dressed in a little black dress, matching thigh high stockings and thong.

She was excited about going as I wanted to make sure she still was up for it. When we got to the meeting place we met up with Adam the Assistant. We said hello and chatted a bit as we sat in my SUV and he stood outside her side of the car. He asked if he could feel her tits and she said okay. He then started to finger her pussy a little and asked if she would suck his cock, of course Foxie asked  "Sure, right now or do you mean later?"  He meant now and got in the back, and so did Foxie. So here it was on her way to a adult theater and she sucking a strangers cock 4 miles away from it. She got a mouth full of cum in about 5 minutes.   What a Girl.

The Real Foxie
When we got there we paid our admission and walked in. Now this was before the remodel was done a couple of years ago, so I hope I remember correctly. To the right was a small room with a table and a love seat if I recall. If you went straight you got to the entrance of another small room. To the left was the normal dark theater where there was theater seating of about 15 rows and 15 seats wide. In the back of here was a walled off area where padded benches, more like a pew seat, lined it on 3 sides facing the screen  and a large open area.

I led Foxie to the walled area as it would be easy to control the guys from crowding her, if there were that many as we went a week night. I pulled my shorts down to expose my cock for Foxie to suck as I took a seat. Foxie took her talented mouth around my cock and some of the few guys took a seat. Since this was our 1st time there they didn't know if we were the people that posted in the group so they gave us room and watched. We had the one bench all to ourselves and they sat on the other wall of benches or stood at the wall and watched. After a few minutes I shot my cum into her mouth  and she swallowed my load.

Now two more guys she didn't know and she was ready when she saw more cocks out hoping she would suck them off. She started sucking one guy and then another and another after they came. We guess word got out as it was getting a bit crowded and there was a willing female mouth to suck your cum out of your cock. After about she had her 8th cum load in here mouth she got tired.

The Real Foxie
She removed her dress to reveal we were staying and to show off  her ass and huge tits at the time. One of the guys asked her if she was also there to share her pussy and of course again she said yes. Even though her mouth needed a rest her pussy needed cum so she got on all 4s and offered her shaved pussy to the guy.

He entered her doggie style and fucked her. Foxie is not a quiet fuck and this got the crowd closer. We asked for room and got it. I took a position by the entrance to the walled area to control how many guys were in there with her. Many of the regular guys helped also in giving her room to suck and fuck and also so others could see.

After about 2 hours she was ready for a smoke break and took one. Many thanked us for coming there that night and playing at this time. A regular showed us around the booth area and what there was to offer. When we got back to the walled in area she was ready for more play. I gave her a empty sodas bottle and told her to fuck herself with it, which she did. A guy in the crowd asked if he could do anal and I said yes if you have a condom and lube (which he did),  and not have a huge cock (which he didn't) as Foxie was up for it after getting him rock hard with her mouth.. I told him to let Foxie know you going to do do her ass.

This got more guys ready ready to offer her their cocks and cum. She took load after load until only me and her were left there. I feed FoxieFoxie started to suck his cock and while she did he told his wife how it felt. She was seated now rubbing her pussy thru her jeans and my cock thru my shorts. She told hubby she wanted to see him fuck her if it was okay. It was and Foxie got on her back so wifey could see hubby's cock fucking Foxie. This cause wifey to grasp my cock and bend over and start sucking it. When he was ready to cum he shot his load onto Foxies face and I did the same to his wife.

By now it has been over 4 hours inside, Liz has taken on by my count 26 different cocks in her mouth, then her pussy (5)  and ass (1). I had my cock in only 2 mouths but came both times so that was good.
I went home with all my clothes and Foxie went home with torn stockings and a black dress with cum stains and no thong. She gave them to one of the fellows as a gift for a great fuck he gave her.

We returned a couple of times as a couple  and Foxie as returned escorted by other guys since this, our first time.

Foxes Hound


Thanks FH for a nice recounting of that evening at Berlin News.  I have heard bits and pieces about Foxie in several Yahoo Groups over the years, and it was nice to get an actual report on her (plus the pics were a nice touch).

There is still time to get your reports in for the TOP All-Time Adult Theater Experience.  Just e-mail The Good Doctor at, and I will do the rest.