Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Flash Report! Ray is on a Roll! Night 2 at Fantasyland 1 & 2 in Tampa (12/6/14)

Doc here with a third report from senior reporter Ray, as it seems he is not leaving Tampa anytime soon. This evening, he hits both Fantasyand 1 and 2 this past Saturday night.  And it seems it was a good evening.

Take it away, Ray!



Back again for more Tampa fun on Saturday night 12/6/14

Fantasyland 2 is laid out with two large theater areas. Both have a few private rooms attached, each with large, closable gloryholes. The larger theater has a massage table, a cage, and a few bondage devices for those so inclined. Both theaters are laid out with several large, comfortable couches, tables and ottomans. 

Fantasyland 2
Tampa, FL
As I say, my observation is that this place seems more conducive to couples who enjoy exhibitionism, without the swarming hordes that I saw both nights at FL 1. At one point, in fact, I was in a theater with four couples and I was the only single guy in the place. Not everybody plays, of course, and those that do all have their varying levels of comfort. Among those participating were:

  • very outgoing brunette with a great set of tits who liked playing with boys and girls alike. After playing with a girl who seemed to be having her first experience with a woman, she declared that she would "play with every cock in the room". Several took her up on that offer.
  • An exhibitionistic couple who set up a very nice show in a private room leaving the gloryholes open on both sides for the appreciative. She knew exactly how to make sure the boys got a good view (and even a nice feel or two).
  • Several couples getting "handsy" around the pool tables.
  • A lovely redhead who loved to masturbate for the crowd. After cumming several times, she pulled a large vibrator (told you we would get back to that word) out of her purse and sent herself into another level. She enjoyed the hands of those who coaxed her along, and then gave a nice squirting demonstration, both standing, and on a table in the center of the larger theater.

Fantasyland 1
Tampa, FL
Meanwhile, back over at FL 1, most couples seem to come to the large theater to find a playmate or two, then they head for a private room. That's not always the case of course. Among those participating in the gen pop area were:

  • A few couples who played in "the fishbowl" (a semi private room adjacent to the theater with a wall of windows).
  • Two soccer moms who got well acquainted as the room watched.
  • A stunning young thing who spent some time getting the room worked up with some amazing work on the pole. Then she was kind enough to relieve the pressure of all those that wanted her manual assistance. Undoubtedly one of the hottest women I have ever seen in a theater.
  • A repeat performance by the vibrator woman from FL 2. This time, she asked the boy to coat her ample tits. 

My recommendation for those visiting Tampa is to pay the 29 bucks to move back and forth between both places. They are literally two minutes apart. Or, pay the $19 and take your pick. My two night observation is that younger couples seem to prefer FL 1, but they are less likely to play in the open area. There are far more single guys, and they are usually huddled up around the private room doors, hoping for an invite. (Can't blame them, I spent an amazing hour in one myself Friday, just by being lucky enough to be wandering by at the right time.) At FL 2, the couples seem to be a bit more experienced and the guys are less aggressive. 

That's my take after two long nights. But who knows? If I can squeeze in a peek this afternoon, I may have a completely different impression.


Doc here again... Again, many, many thanks to Ray for his observations and report on this past weekend in Tampa.  I really need to get back there soon!