Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Flash Report! The Meathead Chronicles: Meathead Visits Fantasyland 2 in Tampa, FL

Doc here, a man who some say went skydiving with pythons, and got exactly what he expected, with a terrific Flash Report from regular contributor, Meathead.

Meathead visited Fantasyland 1 and 2 in Tampa, and has quite the report for us.  As with all reports, The Good Doctor suggests popping open a Fresca (Hi Gemini!) and enjoying some me time digesting this detail rich report.

Here we go!


Since my last December adventure at 15th Ave in Chicago  (where I will be back mid March) and now down here in what I like to call Chicagoland South aka known as Tampa/Clearwater, things have been rocking at Fantasyland 1 and 2!

Channeling Sgt Joe Friday from Dragnet--"It was a chilly day by Tampa standards, not the kind of day people work hard and save up their money for, to go on a beach vacation. And in the Drew Park neighborhood of Tampa, at a place called Fantasyland there were hard cocks and wet pussies to be taken care of. This is their story. Only the names have been changed to protect the not so innocent!" 

Fantasyland 2
Tampa, FL
I went to FL 2 ( I always start off in 2-it just seems less busy to me, and a little cozier and I like less of a crowd than more but, that's just me) and as I walk in the theater there was the sign we LOVE to see, a circle of men, and that can only mean one thing, there was a woman in the middle of that circle and she is doing some hot sexy things! 

I went up and she was on the couch giving her guy head and stroking another guys cock. I offered mine and she stroked it for awhile and eventually she got her guy off and as much as I wanted her to finish me too, they said, we gotta take a break! So they took a breather and I went over to 1 to see what the scene was like in there.

I did the stroll through and then a smoking hot blonde came striding in with her guy and assessed the theater, as she walked back down the hallway I said hello beautiful, and she seemed good with that and smiled and said hi back. Well the "wolfpack" a group of about 8 guys-me included-all were agreeable and friendly and humorous but mostly really wondering what that gorgeous blonde had in mind. No one was saying "They play" but everyone was hoping "They played"!

When she came back her and her guy took the back room off the hallway--she had this very sexy but purposeful walk, sexy and in charge. This younger guy I had been talking with -mid 30's I would guess was chosen by her. As she parted the masses to go into the room she had picked, she took his hand, and said "Come with me!" He did not resist! They did keep the glory hole shut so the poor bastards in the other room were really cursing the sheet metal put over what had been some "improvised" peep holes now securely covered over by industrial strength sheet metal!

About 10 minutes later he came out, disheveled but looking quite content...She strode away down to the bathroom at the end of the hallway and I said, looking at the 2 other guys out of our group who fit the age range as the first guy, "Odds are, 1 of you 2 is next!" 

Fantasyland 2
Tampa, FL
As she came around the corner, and you could tell she was picking her next lucky guy as she got to the door of the room, I said "Could I be chosen?" and lo and behold, thanks to 1 remaining lucky leftover wish from that genie's lamp I found, she picked Meathead...and my head was feeling VERY meaty at the sight of this woman.

She was gorgeous! she had a tight white top on, noticeably braless and a short skirt. Beautiful face, pretty hair the whole shot. and in about 2 seconds my hands were on her breasts and her fingers were on my zipper..I quickly took all her clothes off (she was fine with it) so I could see that magnificent body. She had me hard in about 3 seconds with some GREAT oral skills. 

She started off sitting on the sofa in there but then shifted and said lay down, and I did and she worked me til she drank every ounce of happy juice I could offer! WOW! what a thrill...I thanked her, she thanked me--(that was truly not necessary lol! but always sexy to hear)  and she went on to pick her next lucky man. (Editors note--There is no such thing as a bad blow job, it is just that some are better than others, and this young ladies skills were in a many way tie for first! along with so many others-ha! ) 

I took a break and went outside and chatted with the lucky first guy on the ramp for awhile and then here comes this couple! She had on a way too short denim mini skirt and little white ribbed tank top/wife beater I think the "kids" call it. 

They went into the pool room and me and my new found buddy offered to play some pool with them...They said okay and during the course of the game her magnificent ass came into view a lot! Her ass was f****** spectacular, she had no panties on, and when she bent over all you wanted to do was run your tongue right up that sweet little, ever so shapely ass! she was small but really cute on top, and a very pretty face...Well the hubby asked us if we were good with going into the room with them for a little "group grope" and we said "Oh yea!'..

She really loved the dirty talk. I was describing to her WHAT she was doing, WHERE she was doing it, and WHO these random strangers were doing it to her. This, as I learned later, recovering "Catholic girl"  really enjoyed that. And She looked so good with a cock in her pussy, a cock in her mouth and one in her hand. mmmm.  She also took another guy through the glory hole that they had apparently had the pleasure of meeting before, while I was fucking her. Hot! LOVE a woman being the center of attention and being thoroughly pleasured with cocks!

So that was pretty much it...Fantasyland is amazing. It doesn't happen like that every time, and frankly if I just get to see a "show" I am happy but sometimes things really do work out! 

Back to Sgt. Friday..."Trial was held in the court of Sexual Pleasure and Fantasyland was found "guilty" of providing that. All participants have been sentenced to a lifetime of kinky fun!"


Doc here, working the day shift in bunko, with many thanks to Meathead for another great flash report!  We look forward to your return in mid-March to Chicagoland.