Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Flash Report! Nanner Hits The Jolar Cinema in San Diego on 2/16/15

Doc here, a man who some say never passed the entrance exam for carnies, as his hands were not small, and he didn't smell like cabbage.

The Good Doctor received this report from long time contributor Nanner, and his trip last night to San Diego's Jolar Cinema.

Action at The Jolar has been spotty, but on this night, lady luck turned for Nanner. 

Please welcome back to The Journal our old friend Nanner, and his latest Flash Report.


Dear Doctor:

I am happy to provide my recent report back from the Jolar Theater.  I seem to be splitting my time between Barnett and Jolar these days, with Jolar being by go to spot on Mondays after hitting my favorite watering hole.

The Jolar Cinema
San Diego, CA

Last night was a great example of a slow night that turned fruitful.  At least fruitful for the Nanner.  I stopped by Jolar around 10:30 and bought my 4 hour pass, said hello to the counter clerk and the booth cleaner, both whom I have spoken with a bit in the past about the couples scene.  I went to the theater and found it almost as dead as possible.  One guy in the back row of each theater!

I checked the porn out for a few minutes and it was a bit boring so I went back out to the hallway.  The booth cleaner, whom I have spoken with many times, and I would consider a theater friend, was working on hanging up St. Patty's day decorations.  Because I was able to reach many of the higher up hooks I offered to help and soon was walking around the store hanging shamrocks in various places.  I was even getting positive remarks from the booth girl.

As the night progressed more men showed up but the night showed no promised for a couple and I was about to call it a night, around midnight, when the clerk told be a couple was heading in from the parking lot.  When they came in I saw a black male bringing in a early 50's hispanic lady, dressed for action in tights and a dark coat covering what was underneath.

I gave them a few minutes head start and then went into the theater and found them in the first section, sitting by themselves a few rows back.  I sat behind them for a bit and watched them fondle each other a bit, then I stopped into the hallway to check my phone, and sauntered back to the theater.  The first seat was open next to the lady so I stood there for a second and when they look dup asked if the seat was free, and they both motioned to take the seat.

I cracked a few jokes about the porn on TV, trying to engage the lady, and go a few quick responses and smiles.  I noticed her man had is hand in her crotch and was fingering her pussy and she was exposing her breasts.  I placed my hand on her thigh and touched her leg for a bit, moving my hand up to her pussy as her man moved his away.  I rubbed her clit and inserted a finger into her wet hole and noticed she was enjoying the attention.  I then moved too her chest massaging her breasts as her man went back to rubbing her pussy.  At this point I took her hand and placed it on my cock, and she stroked me for quite a bit.

After a while of getting a hand job I asked if she gave blow jobs.  She said her man needed to give permission, so I asked him if she could and he refused the request saying no.  When she heard him say no she immediately stopped the hand job!

I didn't know what to do next, so I sat there for a bit. Pants down around my ankles, not knowing if I should stand up and go, or keep working on her.  I must have missed some signal from him to her because she leaned over and took my dick into her mouth and gave an expert blow job.  She sucked me until I announced I was going to cum and she kept going taking the whole load in her mouth, swallowing and then continuing to suck and tease me in my post ejaculatory state.  

When she stopped and sat up I told her she was really good at BJs and she smiled.  Then her man gave me the universal sign for "hit the road dude" and I hopped to the row behind them, and leaned over and thanked the man for letting his woman blow me.

During this time a small crowd had filled the theater, and another gentleman was motioned into the seat I had been sitting in.  I decided to take the opportunity to leave and on the way out chatted with the clerk.  As I was chatting I looked up at the security monitors and saw the couple heading to a booth with the other gentleman that had taken my seat.

Good outcome for the night.  Jolar went from slow to full blow in a few hours.



Doc here again... Many thanks goes out to Nanner and his latest report from University Avenue in San Diego. Well done sir, and a perfect illustration of why it pays to be patient in an adult theater. It's the golden rule of this thing of ours.