Monday, February 9, 2015

Report #1: The Valentines Party at The Art Cinema in Hartford by Slimer on 2/7/15

Doc here, a man who some say was once the subject of a reality program titled "Il Drogheri's Baffi Magnifico", with the first of many reports from the record-setting Valentines Party at The Art Cinema in Hartford this past Saturday night.

The Journal's newest senior reporter, Slimer, is back with an awesome report on the mayhem and the majesty that was Cupid is Calling at the mighty Art Cinema. 100 Couples entered the fray... Here are some of their stories.

Taker it away, Slimer!


Greetings Doc,

I have to say, you know how to throw one helluva party.  The Valentines bash at the Art Cinema left me exhausted and satisfied.  I'll definitely be haunting the Art again soon, and clearing my schedule the next time you're in town. 

The night started when I arrived a bit early to scope out the theater.  I spent a few minutes shooting the shit with the Doc himself in the lobby while he handed out gift bags to early arrivals.  After 7, the couples started to pour in and I excused myself from the Marquis of Marinara to watch the show. 

Since I was going stag, I was barred from exploring the balcony, although the view from downstairs revealed several rows of seats absolutely packed with couples.  On the main floor, a couple and their pet entered the couples only area under the spotlight and started entertaining the troops with some light spanking.  The ladies put on a delightfully teasy show as more couples trickled down from upstairs.  

By 8pm there were several exciting scenes going on in different corners of the theater, including multiple women who were offering their oral talents to rapidly growing lines of men.  One young lady with glasses, pierced nipples, and a glowing smile set up shop under the spotlight and--excepting a few breaks to clean up--remained there straight through until midnite, sucking anyone who could squeeze in close enough. 

On the topic of squeezing in, I think the event's crack team of security staff did a great job of keeping the single guys from getting too aggressive, and I didn't see or hear any reports of the gents overstepping their bounds.  Any time anyone asked for more space, it was given.  However, there were times when it was tough to maintain a respectful distance without getting crowded out and losing my 'spot in line' to someone willing to step on my toes.

Gentlemen, if everyone takes a couple of steps back, it gives all involved a much better view of the action. This cuts both ways.  The women will also have a better view of their admirers so they can let you know when to approach.  I understand that some of the ladies are there to be swarmed, but there's no need to trample anyone in the process. This was a relatively minor issue but it led to some frustration for the single men, if not the ladies.  

After enjoying the sights and sounds of the darker corners of the theater, I managed to navigate the throng surrounding the pierced and bespectacled beauty under the spotlight.  As she enthusiastically slurped away at me, she warmed up the next two in line, a throbbing cock in each hand.  She even managed to fit two of us in her mouth at once, and after the other man glazed her fantastic tits, I shot my own thick creamy load on her chest.  I offered a handkerchief, which she happily accepted, although a beach towel may have been more up to the task.   

I took a break to recharge the ectoplasm, and the party raged on with over a  dozen ladies visiting the main floor, while the lovely sounds of debauchery floated down from the balcony above.  There were women on all fours in the center aisle, getting railed by a seemingly endless stream of volunteers.  There were ladies calling out in the midst of squirting orgasms in the seats.  There were basically hot scenes wall-to-wall.

Around 11pm, the main floor emptied out leaving only a few men, and the balcony grew quieter.  I took the opportunity to enjoy a brief interlude with the gentleman who's dick had earlier shared a woman's mouth with my own, but that's a story for another blog. 

By 11:30 many of the single guys had cleared out thinking the party was over, and suddenly the main floor was again flooded with couples.  The fucking, spanking, sucking and licking continued straight through until after midnite.  

The pet who I mentioned at the start of my report cut a swath through the theater, starting with some spanking, then moving on to a hot encounter between a curvy trans woman and a sexy crossdresser, then doubling back for some pussy eating, then to the aisle on her hands and knees to be fucked hard in tandem with another couple, and finally making her way over to yours truly where we realized we had been making eyes at each other all night.

A sly grin and a quick wiggle of her beautifully bruised booty against me was all it took.  With a brief pause to ask her dom's permission and suit up, I was balls deep and pounding away.  It was at that point that the house lights came up, and security informed us that they were shutting down in another minute.  I asked her to try oral, and my dancing partner obligingly flipped around and slid my cock so far down her throat that she could lick my balls without having to back out first.  A surreal New Years style countdown began with all eyes on us, watching expectantly to see if we would squeeze one more orgasm in before closing time. I'm ashamed to say that I let the pressure get to my head, and with a flushed face and wobbly knees, I threw in the towel at twenty after midnite. 

In the end my persistence paid off, and I managed to make a date with my coy coquette to finish what we had started, but I still wish I had managed one more gooey release before the clock struck midnite and Doc's carriage turned back into a meatball. 

At any rate, I had an incredibly hot time and made some new friends in the process.  Looking forward to hearing everyone else's report. 

- Slimer


Doc here again... I had the opportunity to meet and spend time with Slimer at the event's Meet & Greet, as well as after the last pair of panties were stuffed into a purse at evening's end. He is an great guy, with terrific questions, and is now a senior scribe here at The Marquis of Meatball's Journal.  Keep up the great work sir, and hopefully sooner rather than later you will introduce your better half to this thing of ours. She has a great partner.