Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Report #2: The Valentines Party at The Art Cinema in Hartford by The A & Z Couple on 2/7/15 w/11 PICS!

Doc here, a man who some say once ran a profitable churro cart business in downtown Columbus, Ohio, with report #2 from this past weekend's HUGE Valentines Party at the mighty Art Cinema in Hartford.

In this report we meet A&Z, a hot couple that frequents The Art Cinema.  A (the hot girl) is in her early 20's, about 5'2", smoking hot body, pierced nipples, perfect boobs, pretty face, and sexy schoolgirl glasses. Z (her guy) is a very nice guy and keeps close eye on her as she charms the choirboys. 

Ladies and gentlemen, this girl put on an exhibition of endurance that was truly remarkable. During my two flyby's of her main floor encounters, she was tackling two guys at a time. It was a pretty amazing sight (just ask Journal reporter Slimer).

Here is A&Z's terrific report, and along with it 11 HOT PICS of A doing her thing at the Valentines party Saturday night.

Here we go!


Hi Doc,

A & Z here. We got to the Art Cinema's Valentines party around 7pm and went up stairs to the balcony. It was full of couples, so we looked over the balcony and not much happening yet, but it was still early. 

After some small talk, A decided it was time to go down stairs and liven things up! There were already some couples down there entertaining the crowd, so we settled in and saw some familiar faces. A started doing what she does best: sucking the guys off and getting the guys worked up!

We spent some time on the main floor under the lights, as she was fucked over and over by many of the guys. As some couples came down to watch, we then went back up stairs where she eat some pussy with a couple. 

Then it was back down stairs, where we spent the rest of the evening entertaining the boys. Sorry to say I lost count on how many guys, but the finale was a girl joining in and A put on a girl girl show. The only regret A had is we ran out of time and the theater was closing…. bummer. 

As always, every time we go there she fulfills another fantasy. This time it was two cocks in her mouth at once! 

Hope you all enjoy the post and pics!

A & Z

A & Z's Art Cinema Valentines Party Pics
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Doc here again... Many thanks to A&Z for a fantastic first time report from the record setting Valentines Event at The Art Cinema in Hartford. Great stuff, and of course the pics were fantastic. Keep up the great work, and keep on sending in your cards and letters!

Report #3 from the Art Cinema's Valentines Event from senior reporter for The Journal 
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