Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Report #3: The Valentines Party at The Art Cinema in Hartford by H-Man on 2/7/15

Doc here, a man who some say once watched a 48 hour marathon of The Adams Family and has never been the same since, with a tremendous Flash Report from The Art Cinema's Valentines Party on 2/7/15 in Hartford.

In this, Report #3 from this record-setting event, senior reporter H-Man gives us the blow-by-blow- job of what was happening at The Art Cinema, and how the multiple scenes unfolded in front of his own eyes.

Take it away, H-Man!



Where do I begin…WOW! OH WHAT A NIGHT!!! The historical #1 ART CINEMA was rocking from the rafters to the floorboards. The “Valentine’s Day Event” is one for the record books. 100-COUPLES…Dozens and dozens of single males….and many others. I think this party tops them all and is one for the “Guinness World Book of Records!”

Ernie and his staff did an outstanding job in preparing the theater for the extravaganza! The “chocolate roses”, red streamers, the hearts, the candy, etc. put everyone in the festive mood. Nik and his security team did a great job of keeping everyone safe and comfortable during their “intimate experience”. (And boy there were quite of few of those…in the balcony and on the main floor)

Doc…you are the “Host of all Hosts!” I am convinced that over 20 plus couples just come to these events to shake your hand and see the man behind the aviators! With your assistance and the Journal of Adult Theaters, you have made the Art Cinema #1 and a place to be “seen and heard” (if you know what I mean!). (ed. note: Thank you sir!)

The Art Cinema
Dressed for Valentines
Where to begin?…I arrived at the theater just before 7PM and shook hands with the Good Doc and Ernie! I could sense by the sounds and sights that this night had the makings of one not to miss. As I stood chatting with Doc…I watched couple after couple come through the door…some in red and white outfits, garters, stockings, short red pajama tops, bags of toys, and God only knows what else, and others just anxious to hit the balcony. (BTW…who needs an outfit, you’re going to be naked soon anyway…lol..lol) 

I made my way into the theater's main floor…ladies and gentlemen it was a mad house (in a good way). There were so many scenes and activities going on, I didn’t know where to start. I scoped out the surroundings and did see a large group of patrons surrounding a young lady on her knees. I had to make my way through a crowd…could it be…yes it was “A to Z” was in the house! 

“A” was going to town on cock after cock. God bless this young lady. She loves to suck a cock and so softly squeeze the chestnuts and look up into your eyes that you can’t help but empty your load!! (For those that didn’t attend or read my Halloween report…this was the infamous “Wednesday” from the party. A 20 year old beauty, with pierced nipples, soft breasts, smooth pussy, and a body that doesn’t have one blemish on it). 

I intently watched as she took not one but two cocks in her mouth while stroking one in each hand…I call it multi-tasking. Before long she was on all fours, sucking cock after cock while there was a line suiting up to enter her from behind…there is something about “doggy style” that brings the “best out” of all of us. The best part is, with the exception of a break or two, she never says no! More about this “ 8th wonder of the world” later…and you will want to read it.

I slowly made my way around the theater floor watching more activity than you see in a porn movie, in fact does the Art Cinema show movies?...Lol..Lol. There was a young lady on all fours center aisle getting pounded and I mean pounded from behind as cock after cock unloaded to her moans and groans. Her sweet nectar squirting again and again and the sounds of those “big O’s!”….another clean-up in aisle 1.
Mrs. Sexual Athlete

The “Sexual Athletes” were bare ass naked in one corner “working out” with their tongues, cock, pussy and some added patrons! That couple is one of the nicest couples you will meet…and her body is just magnificent. When they are in the house they draw attention. If you have the opportunity, check them out at the theater.

In another section there was a “spank off” going on…”the carpenter” won hands down--Ha! Ha! Or was it the woman on the receiving end who won? Spank after spank could be heard over everything in the house. There were paddles, switches, floggers, and hands cracking the sound of bare skin. Man after man alternating to see who could be the loudest and leave the best mark. She took it all with no whimpering. Her beautiful booty red and welted and she never complained a bit….and then she proudly displayed her ass when asked and for all to see. And then if that wasn’t enough, she knelt between two smooth thighs to lick and suck a smooth pussy. A smooth wet pussy that within minutes was oozing that sweet nectar and experiencing a mind blowing orgasm.

At one point it was so hot in the theater that the thermostats were turned off but it didn’t stop the heat! In fact the snow and ice was melting off the roof top! And just when you thought it couldn’t get any hotter, in walks this tall black woman with a black top, black lace body suit, and heels! Oh my God…did she draw attention. Didn’t catch her name but I could care less. She tip-toed in this “thing of ours” but then she got comfortable and before you knew it there was a hard cock in her mouth and guys lined up for their ‘shot”. She was sexy as hell! Later I watched her slide her thong to one side, bend over a seat in front of her and get pounded from behind. I watched for a while and then walked around to catch as much of the action as I could. I finally got the opportunity to look up…it was unbelievable!

The balcony was at maximum capacity and there was sucking, fucking, licking, pounding, swapping, and you name it going on! I can truly say since I have been reporting from The Art for a while that tonight the cinema was on overload! For three to four hours it was non-stop decadence at its best! There was more screams, moans, groans, oohs and aahs, Oh God I'm coming…sounds than you could imagine.

As promised, I want to get back to “Miss A”. At about 11:30 the theater started to clear out and there were a few patrons remaining to catch the last of the best! I made my way over to see “A” and she was still pleasing the remaining few…but then enter a tall brunette with a rope tied around her breasts…her nipples at full attention and her “Master” by her side. She was not to be touched unless “Master” said yes. She was on a mission. She loved “Miss A”, and “Miss A” loved the attention and touch.

Ladies and gentlemen, they put on a display of girl-on-girl that was un-fucking believable. The brunette made the first move with the kiss…and then the stroking of “A’s” hair. She was so into “A” that it continued…and “A” reciprocated. Kissing became caressing…caressing became squeezing and sucking nipples. Their bodies became one. Miss Brunette spread her legs and placed each arm on a shoulder and “A” began her dissent on her waiting pussy. The anticipation and ultimate touch of “A’s” tongue had her head going back and her panting increasing by the second.

As I was standing next to the “Tall Brunette”, I asked her Master if I could squeeze her nipples and with a resounding “hell yes”…I began my assault on her protruding nipples…and her response was “squeeze as hard as you can and pull my breasts.” (I can assure you that “my Mr. Faithful” was at full attention and screaming to be let out of the barn!)

Although it may have seemed like seconds…you heard her moans and groans…yes, yes, yes…and then she had an orgasm right into “A’s” mouth. It wasn’t over. “A” laid on her back and “Miss Brunette” quickly straddled into the “69-position” and they were off to the races. They were at each others’ pussies for a while before the brunette asked her Master for the “pink one”…..yes, enter the dildo. Miss Brunette went straight for “A’s” pussy and I watched firsthand the masturbation of “A”.

People, if you have never witnessed a girl-on-girl scene, this was as sexy and intimate as it gets. Before long the night was “cumming” to an end but “A” had not reached the pinnacle. So with masterful hands, mouth, and “pinkie”, Miss Brunette brought her to a terrific orgasm. They rolled off of each other and then ultimately exchanged a deep throat intimate kiss! God Bless their souls! That scene alone was worth the price of admission!

Well, it was time to say good night. I had a nice conversation with the Good Doc and Ernie and congratulated them all on “a night to remember”! I know I missed a lot of the scenes and sexual activities…but I think you can use your creativity and imagination to fill in the “cracks”.

The next event is right around the corner. For those who have not been to the Art Cinema or enjoyed a themed event, join us all on April 25th @7PM for the “Annual Mardi-Gras Party!” I can assure you, you will not be disappointed and regardless of your participation level…you will experience something unbelievable!

Till then!



Doc here again... Many thanks to my good friend and senior reporter H-Man and his top shelf report from the front lines of The Art Cinema Valentines Party this past Saturday night.  Keep up the great work, sir!

Yes, it was that crazy of a night in Hartford. Yes, "A" was that bad of a girl. And yes, you should have been there if you were not. 

More reports on the way... Stay tuned!