Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Couple's Flash Report! The Adventurous MD Couple Hit Fantasyland 1 in Tampa...Hard! (w/28 Pics!)

Doc here, a man who some say lights up a room with his mustache, with another top-shelf Couple's Flash Report this week.  My good friends The Adventurous MD Couple visited one of my favorite adult theaters, Fantasyland 1 in Tampa, FL week before last.  The Good Doctor helped promote the visit, and that along with assistance on the ground from a friend of their's, made for a memorable night.

Along with this great report are 28 (yes, 28!) brand new and exclusive images of Ms. Adventurous MD Couple.  

You're welcome.

Here we go!


Adventurous Maryland Couple Visit Fantasyland 1 in Tampa
The AdvMDCpl stopped in at Fantasyland 1 for some gang bang and bukkake action last week while traveling in Florida. It had been about a year since our last visit to Fantasyland, and although we had a good experience in 2016 thanks to the efforts of our friend Clearwater Joe, MsAdvMDCpl was a bit worried because of a bunch of overly aggressive guys in the theater that forced her to move into a private room last year. 

As you may know, MsAdvMDCpl is still somewhat new to the adult theater scene and though she absolutely enjoys having sex in public places, she still prefers events that are in very controlled environments, which some guys have had some difficulty understanding and respecting. 

On this particular evening in Tampa, the group of guys attending the theater behaved exactly as MsAdvMDCpl hoped for and as a result she gave everyone a show in the Fish Bowl as well as in the main theater, and invited everyone that was there to donate a load of cum to her body. So as per our usual style of reporting for the Good Doctor’s Journal, here is a review of the evening from the his and her perspective.

The evening according to MsAdvMDCpl...

As we arrived at the theater I was a bit apprehensive. I had picked out a short and very tight fitting dress which MrAdvMDCpl said highlighted what he thinks are my best body features. I knew that we had been communicating with one member of Fantasyland that had put together a select group of guys for me to play with. I also knew that Doc had advertised our attendance and the number of cars parked in the lot seemed to suggest that a good crowd of guys was waiting inside. 

Ms. Adventurous MD Couple
As we walked through the parking lot I had trouble blocking out my concern that the guys in the open theater would be as aggressive as last year when they flocked around me and groped me from all sides as I played with myself to get warmed up. We’ve learned a lot about setting expectations in the year since so we told everyone to give us space to get comfortable and warmed up. 

Our contact at Fantasyland (Captain) also provided some extra security so MrAdvMDCpl didn’t need to spend all his time trying to police the action. I’m a big fan of warm up time where I can sit with MrAdvMDCpl and he can rub his hands all over me and slowly expose bits and pieces of my body to the crowd. I enjoy showing off my body and really enjoy playing with myself while guys watch (from a respectful distance) and play with themselves. 

We met the Captain and the select group of playmates in the pool room and after some small talk moved to the theater, sitting on one of the couches in the front of the theater. MrAdvMDCpl ran his hands over my thighs and shoulders and chest. Every so often he would expose my breast or slide my dress upward to give a brief glimpse of my pussy. 

I am not a big fan of most of the movies that end up playing on the theater screens, and because I was getting good quality time with MrAdvMDCpl and the guys had sat all around me and just watched, I warmed up rather quickly and suggested we start playing with the guys. We all decided to move into the Fish Bowl so I could play with all the guys and allow anyone else at the theater to watch through the window. 

I stepped into the Fish Bowl with six guys I had just met 15 minutes prior and started playing with my pussy, hiking my skirt above my waist to expose myself to them. MrAdvMDCpl suggested to the guys that they stroke their cocks for me (he knows what I like!) and that it was okay to touch me. I really do love watching a guy stroke his hard cock and hearing the sounds as it slides through his fingers. Big turn on for me. It wasn’t long before I was sucking on those cocks and shortly thereafter I sat down on the first one and felt that amazing feeling as my pussy lips were spread wide and a hard cock penetrated my wet pussy. That initial penetration is another moment I truly enjoy. 

For the next half hour I took turns fucking each of the guys in the room while sucking or stroking another. It was hot knowing that a lot of people were watching through the window of the room though I must say I never noticed at all since I was busy playing with all those nice cocks inside the room. I moved from one hard cock to another trying to give each cock a lot of attention and ample opportunity to be in my mouth or pussy. 

At some point the room became hot and we decided to move down the hall to a private room and then I got fucked hard and constant for another 20-30 minutes in a wide variety of positions. Finally, Captain laid me down on the couch and fucked me hard driving his cock deep into my wide open pussy, then pulled out, ripped off his condom and shot his hot cum on my stomach. After that, one guy after another fucked me, pulled out and shot cum on my stomach. Two guys covered my breasts with cum after I watched them stroke their hard cocks. Six loads of hot cum were now over my chest and stomach. Feeling that hot cum on me is quite the turn on. 

After wrapping things up with the group of guys and cleaning the cum from my body, MrAdvMDCpl took me back out into the theater and we sat in the back row and he asked me to suck his cock. When he was hard I slid my dress up and climbed on top of him and rode his hard cock until I came. He was grabbing my ass and exposing my breasts for all in the room to be sure everyone got a great view of us fucking. 
After I came and began to relax he asked if I would like for all the rest of the guys in the room to cum on me. Since this experience had been so good so far and the guys watching me fuck MrAdvMDCpl were so respectful of standing back and watching us, I was really still turned on and wanted more cum. MrAdvMDCpl asked the guys if they wanted to shoot cum on my chest without touching me and about ten guys took him up on the offer, spraying hot cum all over my chest. I was a mess of cum but loved every minute of it. 
So I have learned that my ultimate adult theater experience really requires a group of respectful guys that appreciate watching the show I love to put on with masturbation, sucking and fucking and wait until I am ready to bring them into the fun. Once I feel comfortable, I am willing to do much more than what happens when I get creeped out by aggressive guys. 
I have to give lots of credit to our host for the evening. Captain and his group of guys (you know who you are!) took good care of me and waited for me to be ready for the fun to begin. I would have to say that this now is the best theater experience I have had and that makes me want to cum back for more.

The evening according to MrAdvMDCpl...

As you can imagine, when MsAdvMDCpl is turned on and having fun my night becomes spectacular. Our visit to Fantasyland this past week took the cake as being the best experience MsAdvMDCpl has had and she ended up with LOTS of icing on her cake. For those of you that have had the opportunity to meet and play with her, all will agree that MsAdvMDCpl is perfectly natural at it and makes you feel comfortable from the moment you meet her. 
She and I enjoy exploring boundaries and having fun and exciting adventures during our travels around the world. So on this particular night I could tell the comfort level was high right from the beginning and MsAdvMDCpl looked so hot in her black tight fitting mini skirt. Her body filled it just right and I love the sight of her long legs in a miniskirt, knowing that she has nothing on underneath. 

Once we moved into the Fish Bowl and guys began to play with her, I could tell she was in her element with a good group of guys. She sat on cocks forward and backward, kneeled over the couch to take them from behind and was always searching for a hard cock to touch, stroke or suck. I also know how much she likes to be watched so from my vantage point I could also see all the faces peering in the window from the theater. Though she was too busy to notice all the voyeurs, I definitely told her about it later. 
Finally, MsAdvMDCpl loves to have her body covered in hot cum and this group of guys did a good job covering her chest and stomach with cum. She was glazed. After the gang bang I like to take MsAdvMDCpl back out into the public theater and fuck her myself. It usually doesn’t take her long to have a huge orgasm while riding my cock. Tonight, I had a couple of guys ask if they could touch her while I was fucking her and they quickly moved away and just watched when I said no. 

A rather large group of guys had assembled, getting what I can only imagine was a fantastic view of MsAdvMDCpl’s pussy and ass as she rode my cock. I was sure to expose her breasts to view too. After she came I knew she was ready for more cum so I asked her if she was okay with inviting everyone that was watching to cum on her. She was willing which was actually true testimony to the fact that the guys watching were very respectful of her and kept a good distance so they could see but not make her feel uncomfortable. 

One after another she had another 8-10 guys spray cum all over her chest. It was hot for me to sit next to her while she was lying on the couch and watch each guy step up and shoot cum on her. 

All in all it was an amazing night for MrAdvMDCpl. Back at the hotel I had MsAdvMDCpl put that sexy black dress back on and I climbed on top of her and fucked her until I shot my cum deep into her pussy. What a great night!

So, where will Mr and MsADvMDCpl pop up next? We will be visiting Las Vegas in April and plan to hit Déjà Vu theater one evening and likely the Red Rooster another evening. Late in May we will be back in Florida in the Ft. Lauderdale/Miami area and driving down to Key West and are hoping to stop in to a few of the local theaters listed on Doc’s website to see what is there and report back. If you happen to live in any of those areas, feel free to reach out to us at

The Adventurous MD. Couple's Image Gallery from The Visit


Doc here again... Where to start on this show-stopper of a Couple's Flash Report from The Adventurous MD Couple? It has it all... Great 2-part narrative, juicy details, & excellent pics!  A home run!

This hot couple just might be coming to a town near you... Stay tuned to The Journal for the latest announcements from the amazing Adventurous MD Couple.  Yes kids, she is even hotter in person!  Her body is incredible, and her stamina legendary!