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International Flash Report! The Traveler Checks In from Bliss Out in Tokyo, Japan! (w/PICS)

Doc here, a man who once auditioned for the role in the kaiju TV series "Ultraman Braciole", but was rejected for being too "Keepin' it Real". 

What a week it's been for Flash Reports... Simply M, Khal & Khaleesi, The Adventurous MD Couple, and now... The Traveler!

Senior Reporter The Traveler is back with his best work to date!  The Traveler was in Tokyo, Japan, and with a high degree of sleuthing found the elusive Golden Ticket in the Tokyo lifestyle scene, Bliss Out.

Settle in for this one folks... I suggest two cans of Fresca (Hi Gemini!), and a comfortable seat to sit in to absorb all the details properly!  It's all sorts of awesome!

Take it away, The Traveler!


Review of Bliss Out- A Tokyo Happening Bar
Doc, this is a review of Bliss Out, an underground Happening Bar in Tokyo. Happening bars are lifestyle clubs where couples and single women come to play and single men are free to take part in their adventures. Bliss Out is one of the few HB’s that will allow foreigners to enter, but its underground location is not often made public so it is difficult to find. I walked the streets of the Shinjuku district for several hours in an attempt to locate the hidden entrance to the club. With a little help from hints given on the internet and some persistence I finally found a stairway that I hoped would lead to the underground club. I pushed the buzzer on an unmarked basement door on a Thursday afternoon and I was at the entrance to Bliss Out.
The Shinjuku District 
(The Robot Resturant to the right)

The Bliss Out Entrance
Shinjuku District, Tokyo
The door was answered by a beautiful Japanese woman. She did not speak English but I was able to make her understand I was looking for Bliss Out. She turned and walked into a small office and in a few moments a Japanese man came out and introduced himself as the day manager for the club. He spoke broken English and I told him I wanted to become a member. We stood in the entrance hall for several minutes and with the help of his translation software I was able to get my membership card. I was instructed to remove my shoes and place them in a closet, then was allowed to enter the club.

The manager took me on a tour of the club facilities and explained how things worked. The club is essentially on two floors (a basement and sub-basement level). The first level is devoted to a bar and lounge area that would accommodate about 30 people in comfortable bar stools and sofas. The d├ęcor is updated and very nice. I followed him down a circular staircase to the lower level to see the play rooms. A Saint Andrew’s cross is located in a room at the bottom of the stairs along with open storage cubicles where clothing is placed before entering a play room. You walk through this room to get to the two separate play areas. One play area is larger than the other and the entire floor of each play area is covered by a soft mate. There are no doors on the play areas only a curtain that closes off each room.

The smaller of the play areas has a single window that allows those outside to watch the action from a hallway. The larger play area has four “viewing booths” surrounding it. In these booths, voyeurs can step into a small room behind a heavy curtain and watch the action through their own private window. The viewing booths are large enough for two people to share and offer a more private setting for those who want to play more discreetly.

I spent an hour sitting at the bar and chatting with the manager. He explained about the theme nights that were held each Friday and Saturday night and the opening times and pricing for the club each day. I asked about the 40 or so female costumes hanging on a wall in the lounge. He explained that Japanese women would often dress in costumes to roll play or to show off for the men in the club. The club provides the costumes for the women to use.

It was getting late on Thursday afternoon when the manager suggested I come back Friday night. He assured me that I would find a large crowd. So I decided to take his advice and left with plans to return the next day.

Friday Night at Bliss Out
I returned on Friday night arriving about 9:00 PM. There were three single men and two Japanese couples sitting in the lounge when I arrived. Both couples appeared to be in their 40’s. The women had traditional Japanese facial features and very nice athletic bodies. I ordered Japanese tea and sat at the bar to see how things developed. In a few minutes another couple arrived, he was dressed in a well-tailored suit and looked to be in his 60’s while she was about 30 and dressed in a frilly but plain dress. As they sat down in the lounge I could see how attractive she was. Traditional oval face, almond shape eyes and a very curvy figure. Her long black hair pulled back in a ponytail. They sat and talked quietly in a corner of the lounge.

I didn’t have to wait long before one of the 40 something couples walked passed me and took the circular stairs to the play level. They were followed in short order by the three single males. I decided to wait a few minutes then follow them to check out the action.

When I reached the bottom of the stairs I could see the single men standing in the hall outside of the smaller play room. They were grouped together to look through the window at the action inside. I stood behind them and caught a few glimpses of the couple who were concentrating on oral sex at the time. I felt crowded in this small hallway so I choose to walk around the play level and check it out.

I walked into one the dimly lite viewing booths and took a closer look inside. A full length curtain shut the booth off from the hallway and once you stepped past the curtain you were facing the larger play area. You could view the action from a large lattice covered window at eye level and about a foot off the ground was a smaller square open hole that could be used as a gloryhole I guess. Then I noticed that each of the booths were separated from one another by a solid half wall topped with a curtain separating the space between the ceiling and the half wall. I moved the curtain on one side and found myself looking at the next booth.

I spent a few more minutes checking out the rest of the play areas and was about to return to the lounge when the older man and his younger wife came down the spiral stairs. As they walked past me I could see how beautiful this woman was. Her traditional Japanese features were outstanding and she had a shyness about her that I found common in the Japanese culture. I decided to stay in the play areas for a while and let things develop.

I discreetly watched the couple as they walked the hallway looking into each play area and the viewing booths. They moved slowly and spoke quietly several times to each other. I kept my distance not sure of the etiquette I should follow. The other single men had paid them little attention, more interested in the couple who were now having vocal sex in the small play area.

The older gentleman parted a curtain to one of the viewing booths and he and his wife disappeared inside. I waited a few minutes and then quietly entered the booth next to them. It was dark and the curtain separating me from their booth did a good job of obstructing my view. I could hear them moving around and what sounded like moans. After a few minutes I heard what I was pretty sure was a sloppy blowjob being delivered? I moved the curtain slightly and could see his attractive woman on her knees eagerly sucking his cock.

I watched for several minutes until I saw the club manager pull back the curtain to the couple’s booth and speak to the older gentleman in Japanese. It occurred to me that maybe I had broken some club rule by invading their privacy so I stepped out of my booth expecting to be confronted by the manage for a rule violation. When he saw me he smiled and nodded for me to join him and the couple.

I stepped next to him. He had the curtain pulled back and I was getting a close up look at this beautiful Japanese woman on her knees sucking her husband’s cock. The manager touched the woman’s body and indicated for me to do the same. I knelt and placed my hands on her full breasts and started to massage her nipples causing her to moan. I moved to her inner legs and moved upwards to find a very moist pussy, again loud moans.

The manager also called the other three single men to join the couple so now multiple hands were squeezing and touching her body. I stood and took the rock hard cock out of my pants so I could stroke it while I watched the action. I was standing just to the side of the couple at the other men jockeyed for position to get at her body. I felt a soft delicate hand grip my cock. I looked down and saw she had taken me in her hand was now stroking my cock for me.

I had lost track of the manager when I started to enjoy the beautiful body in front of me but as I stood there and watched her small hand give me a hand job he reappeared. This time he was handing out condoms to each of the single men. As if on que, her husband took his wife by the shoulders and raised her to her feet. Once standing he bent her over at the waist exposing her amazing ass for all of us to enjoy. He pushed her back a couple of steps into the hallway so each of the men could have easier access.

One by one we took our turns fucking her. She was very tight and very vocal from the start pushing back against the cocks pumping into her, letting the volume of her moans and cries grow as the pounding continued. We all fucked her multiple times and at the end she was crying and speaking to her husband loudly in Japanese. The only words I recognized was one single English phrase “I will be good, I will be good”. She seemed to be crying real tears and I wasn’t sure what to think.

The whole scene ended as abruptly as it began and I was a little confused. The husband led his crying wife to the bathroom to freshen up and I did the same. Later sitting in the lounge I was trying to figure out what just happened with the couple. I spoke to the manager and asked him to explain if he could. In broken English he told me that the couple were role playing. The fantasy they were playing out was simple. The wife had been bad and had to be punished so the husband forces her to submit to sex with other men. Apparently this is a favorite role play with many Japanese couples.

Well, I was learning a lot about Japanese culture but the night was young and I needed to get my second wind. While I sat at the lounge and enjoyed my tea, the room filled up with couples and singles. By 11:00 there was a good size crowd and people were beginning to take the stairs down to the play level. I was refreshed and ready for another adventure so I joined them.

The play level was now crowded as well. Singles and couples moved about the viewing booths and hallways. Other couples and a few singles had moved into the play rooms after shedding their clothing. I decided that I would watch for a while so I entered one of the empty viewing booths to enjoy the show. There were three couples in the larger play room and I had a good view of the action. One of the couples had an extra man joining in the fun and the other two couples were playing by themselves. It didn’t take long for me to have my cock in my hand slowly stroking as I watched the live sex in front of me.

I was enjoying the show so much I didn’t even hear them when they entered the booth next to me. It wasn’t until the curtain between our booths was pulled back that I saw the young Japanese couple in the booth next to mine. A very pretty young girl was facing me and was being pressed against the half wall that separated our booths. Her blouse was unbuttoned and her small cone shape breasts were exposed and being pushed into my booth along with the rest of her upper body. She was bent slightly at the waste and her partner was standing behind her, he appeared to be fucking her.

I reached for her breasts and took one in each hand slowing pinching her nipples and massaged the firm flesh. He fucked her harder and she was pushed closer to me. I moved my hands over her body and was amazed at how soft and smooth her flesh felt. I took a step back and watched as her partner placed his hand on her back and pusher her forward bending her at the waist and forcing her head to lower into my booth.

I moved forward slightly and aligned my cock with her mouth. I felt that warm wet feeling as the head of my cock moved past her lips. I elevated slightly to get more of my cock in her mouth and started to rock gently back and forth fucking her mouth.

Her partner seemed to enjoy watching her suck my cock, as soon as she took me in her mouth he started to fuck her harder. Unfortunately this was causing her body and head to bounce up and down even more as he shoved his cock hard into her. It was getting difficult for me to keep my cock in her mouth as her head bounced around. I would have to correct this problem if I wanted a good blowjob.

I placed my hand on the back of her head and took a firm grip. I applied pressure to stop the movement of her head and to bring her mouth closer to my cock. That solved the problem. With her head stabilized I could work more of my cock into her mouth and keep a nice steady motion. She relaxed and opened her throat to me so I started to work a little more of my cock down throat. When she gaged I stopped and let her rest then started again. Gradually I was able to get most of my cock into her tight throat. I don’t think she had a lot of experience with having her throat fucked but she was taking it really well and before long I was shooting my load in her hot mouth.

I was spent and lowered myself back into the booth. The curtain closed and I didn’t see the young couple again that night.

I freshened up and found a seat at the bar. It was about 1:00 and the club was still open for a few hours. It had been a very good first night at Bliss Out and I decided that I would like to return the next night. The manager had told me that Saturday nights were even better than Friday nights. I sat and finished my tea then headed for home so I could get ready to come back the following night.

Saturday Night at Bliss Out
I walk into Bliss Out on Saturday night at 9:00 to find the lounge half full all ready. I had a great experience the night before so I was excited to think what tonight will bring. I see about six couples sitting in the lounge along with another dozen or so singles. A really good size crowd for this early. I got my tea and sat at the end of the bar where I could watch the entire room.

I see what appears to be expats and strike up a conversation (in English). Two of the guys are from the US and two from Australia. We’re enjoying the conversation and watching even more people come in over the next hour. No one has moved to the lower level play area yet so we just relax and chat for a while longer. Several young attractive Japanese couples join our group but my lack of speaking Japanese makes it difficult to join their conversation.

I hear English being spoken and trace it to an attractive 30’s something couple that have just come into the club. She was a short brunette with a few extra pounds but a very cute face and a great set of breasts. I walked over to the couple and introduced myself explaining that I overheard them speaking English. We hit it off right away and moved to a sofa where we started a very nice conversation. I found out that the couple was in fact from the United States and were visiting Tokyo. This was also their first time to visit a lifestyle club of any sort. Surprise.

As we talked the wife had many questions about the club and swinger’s communities not just in Tokyo but in the US and Europe. I shared some of my experiences with her and could tell she was enjoying our discussion. Her level of interest made it clear to me that she was very interested in what the lifestyle could offer her while her husband seemed less interested.

I excused myself a little latter from their conversation but telling them before I left that I would enjoy reconnecting with them latter in the evening if they were interested. I was not really sure when I left them what they were looking for that night.

The crowd was slow to move to the play level tonight so I went back to the bar, ordered another tea and rejoined the expat conversation. It was becoming difficult for me to follow all of the action so I took a couple of quick trips to the play level to check things out. Each time I returned to the lounge without seeing anything that I wanted to participate in.

Just before midnight several couples took the stairs down to the play level and that seemed to get things going. Shortly after several more couples joined them and of course they were followed by a large number of singles. I was one of them. I had kept my eye on the US couple all night but they had made no move towards the play area so I decided to see what other action was available.

Some of the couples had shed their clothing and were inside a play room all ready when I got to the lower level. A lot of the single guys were standing around watching and waiting for the opportunity to join in. I took a walk down the hall to check out the viewing booths and when I got back to the main room I saw that the couple from the US had joined the crowd watching the action from the hallway. They looked nervous and a little unsure of what to do next.

I deliberately walked past them smiling and saying hello then walk back down the hallway and entering a viewing booth. I wanted to find out if they would follow. Less than a minute later the curtain was pulled back and the couple stood there uncertain if they could come in and join me so I motioned for them to enter. The short brunette was now standing between me and her husband watching the live sex.

I moved closer to her but wanted to go slow to see how she would react. She didn’t back away and seemed comfortable that I was now rubbing against her. Without saying a word, her husband very quietly left the booth so it was just the two of us. I think this was something they had planned. She turned to me and smiled as I raised my hands to feel her very substantial breasts.

We went very slowly, she told me she was afraid to have people watch her so she did not want to go into the play rooms. We would have to find a way to make this work in the small viewing booth. Deep kissing led to exploring each other’s bodies with our hands and fingers. I raised her dress and found she was not wearing panties. When I placed two fingers in her very wet pussy she moaned with pleasure. She was a little hesitant at first but when I lowered my pants and placed her hand on my cock that seemed to let her passions go.

She moved to her knees and took my cock in her mouth. She was very skilled, she used her tongue and her mouth to massage my cock taking it deep down her throat. I could have easily cum in her mouth but we both wanted to fuck. I slipped on a cover and she raised one of her legs giving me access to her pussy in the standing position. I guided the head of my cock into her wet pussy using one hand while steadied myself against the wall with the other. Since she was very short, I had to crouch down a lot in the tight space we had to get my cock fully into her.

We moved from standing upright to standing doggy and back again. Her pussy felt really good and we were both enjoying fucking but our cramped quarters eventually forced us to stop. She clearly wanted more and dropped to her knees once again removing the condom and taking my cock in her mouth. Her throat and tongue worked my cock relentlessly and I was soon telling her I was about to cum. She just pushed me deeper in her throat and work my cock harder until it exploded.

When my cock was drained, I took her shoulders and raised her to her feet forcing her to spread her legs. I placed my hands under her dress found her pussy and working my fingers into her hot hole. Her hips began to move with the rhythm of my fingers and I spread her juices over her clit and massaged it with an extra finger. She began to moan and then whispered in my ear, she wanted me to be dirty. She was so hot she wanted to be taken to another level. I never like to say no to a lady.

I moved my left hand to her ass while working the fingers of my right into her pussy and massaging her clit. I positioned my left hand between her legs and work two more fingers into her wet hole so now four of my fingers were fucking her pussy. Next I began to work a finger from my left hand into her ass. She was so excited and wet that it slid in easily and held my finger tight.

I finger fucked her for several minutes and once again she whispered in my ear. She wanted more fingers in her ass saying “it feels so good.” I repositioned my left hand so I could get more fingers into her ass and to be able to go deeper with them. I moved my right hand to a good position where I could rub her clit with several fingers.

With multiple fingers fucking her ass and multiple fingers rubbing her clit, I could feel her orgasm building. Her body tensed and she began to moan at an increasingly louder pitch. Her hips began to jerk but I made sure my fingers were not dislodged, even working to get deeper penetration. When her orgasm hit I held tight and drove my fingers to work harder to bring her over the edge.

To my surprise she began to scream at the top of her lungs. I don’t think I have ever heard anyone scream like that from an orgasm. A few short moments later she went limp and I held her tight so she wouldn’t fall. She had been standing during this intense experience and she seemed a little wobbly by the time it was done. I held her still for a few minutes and let her recover.

When she regained her composure, she took a moment to check her dress, give me a long passionate kiss and then pushed past the curtain and left. She had told me she had to find her husband. I really hope this was the experience she was looking for.

I took an hour to reflect and recover while seating at the bar and sipping tea. The brunette had been special. By the time I was ready to rejoin the action it was getting late and the club was starting to clear a little. I walked down the stairs to find a three couple orgy in progress.

The three couples were all attractive Japanese. One of the husbands was sitting to the side of the action and watched his wife being used by several single men while he slowly jerked himself. I joined this group and was soon enjoying a blowjob from one of the wives. She was very skilled and when I offer her my balls to lick and suck she responded immediately with some of the best ball sucking I have had for a while. We seemed to be in a musical chairs fuckathon so when it came time to switch I moved to another one of the wives and began to fuck her missionary. She was responsive and tight so I enjoyed her as well.

Time to switch came again and I moved to the most attractive of the wives. She was already being fucked by one of the single guys so I took her mouth.

She was laying on her back and I positioned myself over her head so I could worked my cock into her mouth. I was fortunate that she was being fucked at a nice slow easy pace so it was not difficult to keep my cock positioned in her mouth. I did have to be careful how hard I pushed my cock into her throat. She was on her back I could easily gag her and she would have to stop. I just pushed my cock in very slowly letting her tongue do most of the work. It took longer for me to cum but when I did I had a huge load. I warned her I was going to cum but to my surprise she just held my cock tight between her lips and let all of my cum flow into her mouth.

When my cock finally did slip out of her mouth she tried to spit my load out but it was too much and she gaged forcing it to spill down her face. The other wives immediately came to her side and amid a lot of chatter they began to help her clean her face. I couldn’t understand what was being said so I apologized the best I could and excused myself.

Later that night just before I left, I think I got some very sexy smiles and a very nice compliment from one of the wives in the orgy. It seems that a very large load is considered a prize by some of the wives. Of course this compliment was given to me in very broken English so who knows for sure??

I had a great night and walked home thinking I definitely will go back to Bliss Out.

Traveler's Notes: 
The door fees are quite high and you will be required to pay a membership fee as well so I recommend you go when the crowds are very good on Friday and Saturday nights. I found the weekdays to be spotty and likely not worth the cost. You will find a very interesting atmosphere here but it is different than other clubs so be sure to follow the rules and be sensitive to the culture. Japanese managers will be quick to remove you from the club if you don’t and you could spoil it for the rest of us since this is about the only Happening Bar in Tokyo that freely allows foreigners. Bliss is very close to the Shinjuku train station. Ask for directions to the Robot Restaurant, it is well known and easy to find. Bliss is on a small side street next to the restaurant. I have included some pictures to help you find its exact location.

~The Traveler~ 

Doc here again... Wow, what a report by The Traveler!  Bravo sir!  A new high water mark for this senior Journal scribe...

OK, first of all, I found a website for Bliss Out: .  Not much to chew on, but I did find prices for single males on a weekend night.  The Yen to USD conversion is about $116.  Not too crazy...

I have added Bliss Out to the adult theater/abs database, along with the website and report information.  What The Good Doctor would give to make Bliss Out a regular destination!

Many thanks to The Traveler for another great report!