Thursday, March 5, 2015

Couple's Field Report! The A-Team Updates Adult World in Rennselaer, NY

Doc here, a man who some say resembles famed hammer thrower Morris "Blink" Campana, with an update on Adult World in Rennselaer, NY. 

In a previous report, it was stated that couples were not being allowed into the theater, which at the time sounded a bit fishy to me. Well, my good friends The A-Team are here to clear the air...

Take it away, A-Team!


Hi Doc,

We just wanted to get back to you about couples not being able to go in the new theater at Adult World in Rennselaer, NY that was mentioned in an earlier report by another reporter.

I would say its not true cause we were there last weekend with no problems..We go there often and never heard about that. We still have not seen lots of couples there, even though Craigslist ads say they will be there..

Wish we did not miss the Valentine Party at the Art Cinema, but from the looks of it, it was great...We are planning on the Mardi Gras Party there next month.

Take care Doc!
The A-Team


Doc here again... Thanks to The A-Team, I hope we have some clarity on Adult World. Now, let's try and get some couples in there to liven the place up!