Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Flash Report! The Oral Reporter Hits 4 Wichita Adult Theaters on 4/3 and 4/4/15

Doc here, a man who knows why JFK is facing left on the Kennedy half dollar (according to a coin dealer friend of mine in Cicero), with a terrific update on the Wichita adult theater scene by senior Journal scribe, The Oral Reporter.

TOR hit 4 different adult theaters in Wichita, and has plenty to say about what he saw and experienced. 

Sit back and enjoy the song stylings of the very prolific Oral Reporter.



Oral Reporter here. I was in Wichita, KS on FridaySaturday nights and I had some success at one theater.  I actually went to 4 theaters while I was there (3 of them are in your directory of adult theaters and one was not).  These are the ones I visited while I was there:
  • Circle Cinema on South Seneca.
  • Vegas Video on W. Kellogg.
  • Xcitement Video on West Pawnee.
and the one that is not on your list was Adult Superstore located at 5858 South Broadway (ed. note: Now added to the adult theater database).  Now for the details on each of the places.

Starting out with Circle Cinema, and nothing has changed there. The roof still leaks, the seats are in terrible condition, and you are luck if you don't fall through them.  The restroom in the theater area is out of service, and the place is still pretty dirty.  There is a restroom to use in the ABS portion of the establishment.

Circle Cinema
Wichita, KS
The only good things are the price of admission is still the same, for us senior citizens (dirty old men) it still only 4 dollars for all day and night.  You can leave and come back in with no extra charges.

I was lucky enough on Friday night to meet up with a single woman in the theater, and had some fun.  I asked her if she would like her pussy licked and she said yes, so I went down on her and she liked it enough to give me her phone number.  I used the number and she came to the hotel room I had for a couple of hours where we enjoyed each other again on Saturday afternoon.  Lets just call her "T". She is a bi-lady and has a friend she said will introduce to me on my next visit, so this could be a fun thing with two bi girls and me in the middle.  I'll keep you posted if this happens on my next trip to Wichita.
The second place I went to was Vegas Video. This is a nice, clean place with two theaters and a lot of booths. The theaters are one gay and one straight.  During my visit all I found were guys trying to please each other, so I left and went to the third theater listed above.
The third theater was Xcitement on W. Kellog.  This place is a combo ABS and theater.  Nice store and the theater is in very good condition, as well as clean.  The restrooms male and female are clean and well maintained.  While I was in the theater, there were only 3 guys in the theater and no male to male action going on.

On Friday nights they let couples in for free. I was there during the free hours and one couple did come in, a nice looking younger couple, but they only stayed for about 15 minutes and then left.  None of the guys in the theater gathered around them, or crowded them, but still no action with the couple happened.  Since they got in for free, I guess they had nothing to loose by leaving in such a short time.  I went to this theater again on Saturday night but no couples came in.  Must have been the Easter weekend that was keeping the couples away. (5 dollar senior rate)
The fourth theater visited was the one not on your list of Adult theaters.  This was the Adult Superstore at 5858 South Broadway.  This store has the ABS section, a booth section (no Glory holes in the booths) as well as a total of 4 small theaters, one gay, one that is Bi (MMF) and two that are straight.  The biggest theater is one of the straight ones.  The seating is OK, no couches to sit on or use like a bed.  But some benches on the back wall work for that.

The entrance fee is $7.00 for a 24 hour pass and it lets you come and go as you please.  The late night clerk Rick is very friendly and talkative.  He will let you know if there are any couples in the theater or the booth areas before you pay to go in.  I even gave him one of my business cards with my cell phone number on it and he said he would call me while I was out of the store to let me know if any couples came in.  He did just that when one couple did come in to the theater, but by the time I got back to this theater they had already left.

The Adult Super store closes on the weekends at 2AM.  Rick told me that normally there is couples traffic during the night, but it was just not a good weekend for XXX theater play. (Easter took it's toll on the playful couples)  There is a casino not too far away and he said couples come from there to party in the theaters when the casino time is done or the money has run out.  There were several couples and some single women who were in the ABS portion but none of them decided to make a theater visit along with the ABS purchases.
I should be back in Wichita in either 2 or 3 weeks and I will first call my new lady friend "T" and her lady friend to set up either some Hotel time or theater time, and of course het the theaters again, you just never know when the right couple or single lady will come in looking to play.

For a town the size of Wichita, they have a good selection of theaters to visit and play in.
Well Doc, I wish I had more good things to report on, but at least I was able to lick on "T"s pussy and make a new friend  for my future visits.  I will not loose her phone number that is for sure.
I think that if Circle Cinema would put some money into fixing their theater up, it would bring in more couples, but that is still where I have had my best luck in Wichita over the years.

Thanks Doc.

Oral Reporter is back on the road (flying) and we will see where I touchdown and what I find in the theaters around this great country doing this thing of ours.


Doc here again... Many thank to The Oral Reporter for another informative and insightful report from across the open plains. Congrats on the new lady friend(s)!