Monday, April 6, 2015

Field Report! Rob the Intern on Carnival in Brooklawn, NJ

Doc here, a man who some say only eats the heads off of chocolate bunnies, with a Field Report from first time contributor Rob the Intern.

Rob has some info on a location that I was not aware of: Carnival in Brooklawn, NJ. From Rob's description, it might be worth checking out, and it also appears that they are very couples friendly. 

I was able to grab an image of Carnival from Google Street View as well, you know, for a visual reference.

Take it away Rob the Intern!


Hey Dr. Emilio, 

I found your site through Princess Piper. I think you missed one in Brooklawn NJ. It is about 5-10 minutes from Philly. It is called the Carnival. It has been there for at least 35 years. It is a stand alone building on RT.130 South in Brooklawn NJ. (Ed. note: Carnival has been added to the adult theater dB as of this morning).

Carnival, Brooklawn, NJ
Carnival consists of a small bookstore, girls in the glass booths that you can take into private rooms. 

I may have to take one for the team so you have a better feel for the amenities offered at this fine establishment. Upstairs there are 2 areas for movies straight/gay. It is couples friendly, in fact they are making a couples area which should be completed by Fall 2015. I hope this review is helpful. 

Please let me know if you need any help in Philly or NJ. I could be your unpaid 53 year old intern. The Carnival is not quite as crazy as The Berlin News Agency.

Rob the Intern


Doc here again... Many thank to Rob the Intern for his detailed review of Carnival in Brooklawn, NJ. Welcome to the legion of scribes here at The Journal, and keep up the fine work sir.