Sunday, April 5, 2015

Updated 4/5/15! Doc's NCAA Bracket's Tourney Standings: One Game To Go!

Doc here, with an update heading into the NCAA Championship Game Monday night between Duke and Wisconsin (wait, what?).

The Badgers upset the favorite Kentucky Wildcats Saturday night, setting up tomorrow's championship game against Duke.  

So now, we are down to the nitty gritty.  A few of the participants have Duke, and in a quick look at the other brackets, only one has Wisconsin.

Heading into the last game, The Good Doctor is still in the lead after the two games yesterday, but I no longer have a horse in the race (thanks Wildcats).  

Who will take home the grand prize of the Journal Premium Mug and autographed photo of The Good Doctor?  Tune in tomorrow after the game and we will name our winner!

For those of you keeping score at home, here are the latest standings from The Good Doctor's NCAA Brackets Tourney:

Good luck to everyone tomorrow night.


Doc here, a man who some say has never rocked a unitard, with an update on The Good Doctor's BCAA Brackets Tourney 2015.

After two full weekends of entertaining college hoops, lots of near misses for top tier teams, and some early round upsets, we have hit the final 4 teams in the NCAA's.  We have 22 active players in this pool, and the standings going into the last 3 games look pretty different than after the week 1 games.

And who is that handsome white-suited devil at the top of the standings heading into this final weekend?  

Why yes, it's The Good Doctor. I maintain a mere 2 point lead over Champion Spit RoastHer (Mike), and a 4 point lead over my good friends Westcle (Scott & Jean). 

And while this competition looks like it will be coming down to a photo finish, I cannot help wonder about weekend 1 leader, The Wet Beavers (AKA Amber), and the fact we would all be looking up at her in the standings had it not been for a funky mobile app SNAFU. 

Here is the leaderboard heading into Saturday's Final 4 games:

Check back on Easter Sunday for the standings after Saturday's games.

Good luck to everyone...A Journal of Adult Theaters Premium Mug, autographed pic, and bragging rights goes to the winner. 



Doc here, a man who some say has the origami skills of a 3rd grader, with an update on the Good Doctor's NCAA Brackets Tourney 2015.

Those of you that have a bracket here with The Good Doctor, one at work, or one with a bunch of your friends, know what a whirlwind the first two rounds of the tourney can be.

On Thursday, by mid-afternoon, most brackets were a dumpster fire due to a number of high profile upsets (mine included). Friday's games were a different story, with only one upset (although there were several close-calls for some of the favorites).

Out of the 22 official entrants for this years Journal tourney (not including 2 who never populated their brackets), there are some very impressive brackets, and most importantly, some impressively perverted bracket names.

Here is the pool scorecard after 1 round (32 games) of the tourney:

Tied for first is RAYS1969 Notre Dame Bracket, and Amber's The Wet Beavers bracket.  Both have 27 out of 32 winners, which is very impressive. 

What's equally impressive is that Amber (who I know personally), is a smoking hot chick who knows her sports, and apparently, NCAA hoops. Her hubby is the luckiest man I know!

Congrats to both Ray1969 and Amber for their quick starts!

The Good Doctor is in a 3-way tie for third, which considering how my bracket started, is a miracle. 

Check back late Sunday for a first weekend recap as we set the stage for next weekend's Sweet 16 games. 

Good luck to all!