Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A Quick Note from The Good Doctor: Clarifying Visit Announcements on The Journal

Doc here, a man who some say is nothing like a chimp with a machine gun, with a Quick Note about Visit Announcements I publish here at The Journal. 

Very recently, a very good friend of The Journal stated to me that "This thing of ours is a fickle thing..."  Nowhere does that hold more truth than with Visit Announcements.

Since I began publishing The Journal back in 2009, one of the staples of this blog has been announcing upcoming visits to adult theaters across the network of this thing of ours

The way this works is that a couple, single female, or even a group e-mails me with details of an upcoming trip to a theater or ABS.  If the request comes from someone I know and trust, then up it goes. If the request comes from someone I do not know, I will not publish the Visit Announcement until I am comfortable that they are legit. 

Everyone with me so far? Good. 

OK...Even with these precautions, from real and legit couples and females, cancellations occur about 30-40% of the time.  The reasons are many: bad directions, traffic, weather, medical issues, family issues, babysitter issues...I could go on and on. I have even had a disclaimer on the homepage, stating that Visit Announcements are never a guaranty of an appearance. 

For the record, out of the last 5 Visit Announcements I have published, only two came off. The other three were last minute cancellations due to completely uncontrollable circumstances.  As soon as I am notified of a cancellation, I get a message out via my Twitter (@LizardoJournal), but typically by that time guys and couples are already there waiting for their arrival. It's not a perfect system, but the best I can do under the circumstances. 

Here is my point... When you see the next Visit Announcement up here at The Journal, please keep in mind there is almost a 50/50 chance it won't happen. However, if you are willing to roll the dice, then lady luck may just shine on you.