Friday, August 28, 2015

A Quick Note from the Good Doctor: San Diego Readers/Contributors Edition

Doc here, a man who some say ran a churro stand in Tijuana, with a call to arms for readers and contributors in San Diego.

The Good Doctor is in the process of trying to setting up a hot theater gang bang in San Diego towards the end of September for a very good (and SMOKING HOT) friend of The Good Doctor. 

There was a time where I had some regular contributors from the San Diego area.  Reporters such as DarkKnight, Nanner, etc. I have not heard from these gentlemen in quite awhile, but I'd like to. I would also like to hear from other reliable, respectful, and horny gents as I try to make this happen for you.

Please e-mail me at so I can either a) put you on a list if I know you already, or b) talk to you a bit to see if you have what it takes for this event. Put San Diego Event in the subject line.

If you are not in the San Diego area, do not waste my time.  This is a real GB, and I can't have you telling me that you are driving in from your Aunt's place in El Paso for it. 

Fair enough?  E-mail me...Who knows what amazing thing is heading your way, San Diego.