Friday, December 4, 2015

LAST CALL! Exclusive! Holly Godarkly Busts Out! Her First Book Hits Amazon (FREE PROMO ENDS FRIDAY at MIDNIGHT!) + 2016 Adult Theater Visits!

Doc here, a man who some say is very impressed by how far and how fast a good friend has embraced the adult theater scene!

The Good Doctor's good friend Holly Godarkly is back, and this time she is going prime time with her adventures in this thing of ours.

A few weeks ago, The Good Doctor was on the phone with Holly Godarkly, and she proceeded to outline her media plans for her adventures.  To say they were ambitious is an understatement, and I had my doubts she could pull it off in the short time frame we discussed.

Boy, was I wrong.

Holly has been a very busy girl, and has published her first Kindle book on 

Busting Out With Holly: A Mature Woman Discovering Her Sexuality  

It's free to Kindle users until Midnight ET Friday 12/4/15, and will eventually be available in paperback for $9.95 (I do not have the details for the paperback as of yet). Do not miss this chance to download it for free!

Here is Holly's description of this first published piece:

BUSTING OUT is the journey of a woman who begins to finally discover and explore her sexuality even though she is in her 60’s. Explore with Holly as she expands her horizons and delves into the next sexy part of her life. Travel through her journey as she discovers the adult theater scene and begins to sexually blossom for the first time in her life.

The AMAZON link for you is HERE.  I strongly encourage you to support our friend Holly by downloading her book!  And she has several more books in the pipeline, which you will hear about first at The Journal. 

Holly's dedicated website is
Next...Holly will be traveling across the country in the next year, visiting many of the most popular adult theaters and private clubs in the US.   And The Good Doctor will be there, publishing reports from Holly, and much more.

Have a question or two for Holly?  You can contact her directly at 

Fasten your seat belts kids...This is going to be FUN ride!