Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Exxxclusive! Inside Ms. PIPPY! By The Numbers

Doc here, a man who some say has never brought a cannoli to a prosciutto fight.

Today we have something special for you, the good readers of The Journal.  My good friends Ms. PIPPY and her beau, The Escort, have filed a numbers driven report that is fascinating and also pretty amazing.

Thanks to the accurate record-keeping of The Escort, we now have a snapshot of Ms. PIPPYand just how naughty she is.

Take it away!

Inside Ms PIPPY!

Inside  MS PIPPY
Personal Time - 10 Years
Penile vaginal penetrations 3,600
Gallons of cum in her 3.66
Blow Jobs 6,000
Dildo Vaginal Penetration 600
Penile Anal Penetration 240. 

Outside guys - 4 years 
23 Guys - 72 Penile  vaginal penetrations 
50 Blow Jobs
3 Gang Bangs - 120 Penile vaginal penetrations. 
100 Blow Jobs 

The Real Ms. PIPPY
Hey Good Dr,

Ms PIPPY and I have now been together for ten years and ohhh what an amazing ride it has been.  I tend to be somewhat obsessive compulsive and I am completely obsessed with our dear MS PIPPY's body. Since our time together began I have kept detailed records as to her sexual activity.  

In addition to acts and such I also given considerable amounts of thought, reflection and analysis to her responses to various sexual stimuli through the years.  
Just for kicks I thought I would share a few of the HARD facts that I have recorded. Please know that the purpose of this writing is to share what is possible for a couple who love one another and absolutely crave physical intimacy.  It's a beautiful thing and should be shared. And as you know, I love sharing. And yes that includes our dear MS PIPPY

 In our ten years together Ms PIPPY and I have engaged in vaginal penetration an average of 30 times per month. That totals to 3,600 vaginal penetrations culminated by ejaculation.  In that there are approximately .13 ounces of cum per ejaculation MS PIPPY's sweet pussy has been filled with 468 ounces or, more interestingly, 3.66 gallons of cum. I find that utterly yummy!  And fortunately so does our dear MS PIPPY!

As I am sure we all know, MS PIPPY loves to suck cock.  Our records indicate that she sucks my cock, not to ejaculation (I mean a man can only do so much), 50 times per month for the last 120 months totaling 6,000 times she's had my cock in her mouth.  As she has told me many times, and others along the way in here soft sweet voice: "I love to suck dick!"  She loves the way a cock feels in her mouth.  And once again, I sure am glad!!
The Real Ms. PIPPY

Another part of our personal sex life is MS PIPPY's dildo.  She masturbates for me an average of 5 times per month resulting in our ten year total of 600 vaginal penetrations by dildo.  On a side note, she always cums with her dildo and I, always wind up with my cock in her as she cums!  Oh what a lucky man I am!

My good Dr, you also know that in addition to our amazing times together our Sweet PIPPY likes to play around a bit. That's where I fill "The Escort" role.  She counts on me to find her fellas and make all the plans for her "Outside" activities.    In that  context over the past four years here we have had me many a memorable encounter.  We are glad to tell you good Dr that her next gang bang outing is in the planning stage now and we hope to be padding the numbers within the next 30 days. 

Thanks for all you do Doc!  We love your Blog and our theater experiences and will be adding to that number soon at Cinema 1 in Chattanooga.  

The Escort and MS PIPPY


Doc here again...Many, many thanks to the very naughty Ms. PIPPY and the great Mr. Escort.  Those numbers are making my head spin...

Keep the cards and letters coming in...and maybe someday, you'll run into Ms. PIPPY. Or more likely, she'll run into you.

Good Luck at Cinema 1 in Chattanooga!  Great place!