Thursday, March 10, 2016

Couple's Flash Report! C&R Hit Modern Adult in Toledo on 3/5/16 (with 3 NEW PICS!)

Doc here with a special treat for you, the good readers of The Journal.

My good friends C&R are back with not only a new report, but they will be attending the huge St. Patty's Day Party at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago (and hosted by your narrator) this Saturday night. You might also know her as the cover girl for Smut for a Sunday Evening!

If that were not enough, C&R sent along 3 NEW PICS that are just what The Good Doctor ordered.

Enjoy this top-shelf report from my friends, C&R!


Hi Doc,

It has been a long time since we have sent a letter about our escapades.  Finally, the moon, stars and planets have lined up and we are preparing to make the trip to Melrose Park for the St. Patty’s Day Party at the 15th Ave.  R has purchased some great outfits for the party and the guys (and girls) won’t be disappointed.  We should arrive on Friday night and we’ll spend two nights at the theater.  R said she is especially looking forward to the steam room after a trip or three into the theater. 

We have not been able to make the trip to Chicago since early last year, but we have been involved in the theater scene around the Cleveland area.  As proof, we thought we would post a little story with some pictures of last weekend’s recent trip to the Modern Art bookstore in Toledo. Not getting her fill, we followed that theater up with another theater nearby. This is what happened:

The Real "R"

R wore a short, next-to-nothing coral colored dress, beige thigh high stockings and her cum-fuck-me pumps (picture attached).  You could clearly see her hard nipples through the flimsy material of her dress. You could also see that she was not wearing any panties. In anticipation of receiving loads of cum and not wanting to get her hair full of goo, she pulled her hair back in a ponytail.

So, based on a rumor and using Doc’s theater database, we found the Modern Art bookstore last Saturday night.  We arrived around 9 p.m. and saw a few cars in the parking lot.  We entered and found the clerk very friendly.  We paid our admission and decided to try the theater rooms first.  

As you walk in through the first door, there is a large flat screen TV with a number of upholstered chairs around the room.  There were two men in the room and they perked up when R came through the room.  We walked back to the second theater room and found it to be a little smaller and intimate.  Again, a flat screen TV was on the front wall, chairs around the side walls and something that looked like a couch at the back wall.  There wasn’t anyone in the room, so we decided to try out the video booth area.

We walked through the door and toward the booths. We heard movies playing in a few of the booths. A few of the “in-use” lights were glowing on the booths. The hallway was dimly lit.  We settled upon a booth near the back of the hallway.  The booth next to ours was occupied.  

Before R could sit down, a hand reached in and grabbed R between her legs.  She let out a gasp, but then slipped his hand to her pussy.  I sat down and watched as she bent over, pulled her dress up around her hips and backed her ass up to the hole between our booths.  She pulled away for a moment and the neighbor’s cock was protruding through the hole.  R grasped his cock and within a few strokes, he unleashed a large load of cum which landed on R’s hands and legs. The cock retreated and she wiped off the first load. 

Another man took the place of the first and stuck his cock through the hole.  At the same time, someone was quietly knocking on our booth door. While R was stroking the new cock, I opened the door to find a very nice looking man with his pants unzipped and stroking his cock. R motioned for him to come into our booth.  

While she was stroking the cock at the hole with one hand, she pulled down the spaghetti shoulder straps on her dress to let her guest fondle and suck her breasts.  The man dropped to his knees and buried his face into her crotch.  R sat down on the bench and he began to lick her pussy like there was no tomorrow.  She came on his face within minutes.  R told him to stand up and started sucking his cock.  He ejaculated a large load all over her neck and chest. She stood up, wrapped her arms around him and gave him a kiss good bye. 

As he left, there were four more guys waiting in line at the door of the booth.  Each one came in and delivered a warm load of cum on R.  It was very erotic to see her dress wrapped around her hips, breasts glistening with cum and eager to take on the next cock.  

After the last guy left, we decided to take a couple of quick pictures.  We left the video booth area and returned to the theater rooms.  There were two men in there, but R wanted to leave and go to the next theater. That will be another story, soon.



Doc here again... Wow, it is so good to have C&R back with not only two Chicago visits this weekend, but with a great report and new pics! Many thanks to this legendary couple, and The Good Doctor (and his physician's assistant The Lovely Jen) will thank them in person this Saturday at "Get Lucky" at 15th Ave. Adult Theater.

And I for one cannot wait to see R's outfits...She never disappoints!