Friday, March 11, 2016

Freeze Frame: The Girls of 15th Ave. Adult Theater - Addendum 1 - Slut Diane (w/11 PICS!)

Doc here with the first addendum to the extremely popular "The Girls of 15th Ave. Adult Theater", a post from Sunday evening at The Journal.

A long time legendary lady of 15th Ave. Adult Theater (the scene of this weekend's "Get Lucky" St. Patty's Party) in Chicago is the very naughty Slut Diane.

I have seen Diane in action in both swingers parties at hotels which are small and intimate, as well as crazy scenes at 15th Ave. where she is in the middle of a chocolate rugby scrum. 

After the first "Girls of 15th Ave" report published, Slut Diane wrote me and asked what she needed to do to get into this report, since was indeed a legendary lady.  I gave her the how's and the when's, and then presto chango, I had 11 smoking hot pics of Slut Diane to share with you, the students of this thing of ours. 

Please enjoy the lovely yet very naughty Slut Diane! And keep in mind -  she plans to attend the get Lucky Party Saturday night at 15th Avenue.

Just sayin...


Slut Diane's Gallery
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