Monday, March 7, 2016

The Gemini Chronicles: Part 2 - A Near-Stranger Walks Into a Bar

Doc here, a man who some say was once was placed into a 30-day rehab facility to break his "Fresca Problem". It failed when a hot brunette snuck in a can after bribing a guard. 

My good friend, the incredible Gemini is back with Part 2 of "The Gemini Chronicles."  In Part 1 (report HERE), Gemini zeroed in on a bad boy type in a bar... In Part 2, we move forward a couple weeks with Gemini looking for an encore with "S".

It is here where we pick up our story, so sit back, pop open a Fresca, and enjoy the song stylings of the sexual dynamo known as Gemini.



A couple weeks later we were back at the same bar hoping to run into S. We were not disappointed. He spied us from his barstool as we walked in the door. I could see him shift in his seat as he adjusted his jeans. My eyes were full of lust and my heart was racing. I tried very hard to remain composed and not take him right there on the pool table. It was all I could do.

We ordered drinks and moved to a tall table. I guess small talk was the cordial and respectable thing to do, but words would not come to me. I just watched the men talk as I simmered in my moistness, drinking vodka to bring down inhibitions that didn’t exist anymore. The wait was killing me. I excused myself to freshen up. When I returned, they were still talking. I couldn’t sit still anymore and went to the patio for a cigarette, hoping S would follow. When I got out there, I realized it was no use – there were too many people. I had a quick smoke and came back in.

The Real Gemini

It was late enough that karaoke was starting soon. This meant a turnover in the crowd. And with all the luck on my side, almost everyone in the place left, except a couple single men who were there to sing. Ahh, the planets were aligning for this Gemini! I actually put a song in and sang at the top of the order. We ordered more drinks and by this time my libido was in a frenzy. I had an awesome buzz going, but I didn’t know if it was the vodka or the sexual tension. 

The three of us went out to an empty patio. One moment S was standing there, and the next he was gone. “Where’d S go?” I asked J. “He had to pee,” he said, “I dare you to go in there and hold it for him.”

Now, the door to the men’s room was next to the patio door at the end of the hallway- not visible to the patrons. Thinking back, the buzz must have been the vodka because I didn’t hesitate much as I took his dare. I’d never done such a thing before.

It was a small restroom with only a partition to separate the one stall. J held the restroom door open and watched, blocking the doorway. S was startled as I pressed myself against his back and wrapped my arm around to hold his cock. But he didn’t stop me. He finished, shook off, and turned to me with a raging hard on. The wait was over. 

I grabbed his arms and shoved him against the wall where I ravaged his cock. Like a person starving, I went at him like he was the first meal I’d had in a week. He brought me up to kiss me, shoving his tongue down my throat as he turned my back to the wall. But I wasn’t having any of it, I wanted to suck him more! So I pushed him against the sink and went for it again. We were now two animals in a frenzy. S was pressing the back of my head deeper into his cock.

A large black man came to the door. I barely remember him…”Holy Shit!!” was all I heard. J let him watch. He mumbled something about having to pee, but didn’t want to interrupt as S pulled me up and pulled my jeans down. I knew the man must’ve been hard too, because I heard him ask J something about being next, which was politely refused. With my jeans around my ankles, S kissed me hard, grabbing my hair to pull me into him as far as possible. Then he spun me around and bent me over the sink. We were both panting - my hair flying around in a mess. His fingers were inside of me as my hands tried to find a grip on the counter, on the mirror…anywhere. I was cumming repeatedly as he worked another finger in and gave me no mercy. I could swear my moans were louder than the karaoke, but nothing was gonna break us, apart. 

S stopped for a split second and I twirled around in my ankle cuffs and down to my knees. He sighed and smiled as he pulled a condom out of his pocket. He let me have my candy a bit longer, and then tried to bend me back over the sink. I pushed back, wanting to suck him more, and he fought back. Being bigger and stronger, he won the fight and I was again over the sink. He held me there with one hand on my back, struggling to pull a condom on with the other. Suited up, S guided his cock into my eager puss. He grabbed me by the hips and fucked me hard. My hands and face were pressed against the mirror as the black man found the room to finally get around us to pee. He waited in the doorless stall watching us fuck like animals until we came together in a loud climax.

We took a moment to breathe and get our clothes in place. As we both zipped up, the bartender walked up and scolded us. But he was too late!! I looked at him and nodded like a pouty school girl and he sighed and walked away knowing there was nothing he could do. It made me laugh.

I can’t remember what happened next because it really doesn’t matter. I had the moment of complete and utter abandon with a near stranger… and it rocked my world. I hope everyone reading this has a chance to feel that thrill even once.



Doc here again... This report captures the raw sexuality that is Gemini.  I have seen it in person, as she enters "the zone" and caution is thrown to the wind (along with my expensive wing-tips).  I can close my eyes and see Gemini attacking this lucky guy, blow by blow. This is the real Gemini.

Keep the reports coming, sexy girl...