Saturday, June 11, 2016

Coming Soon! Remembering The Paris Theatre in Portland - A Series of Reports

Doc here, a man who some say is dressed in black on a 94 degree Saturday afternoon, with a preview of coming attractions to The Journal of Adult Theaters.

Over the 7+ years of serving you, the good readers of The Journal, I have published countless reports from the Paris Theater in Portland.  The Paris (as you now know), closed it's doors for good after the close of business Wednesday night 6/8/16 without warning.

The Paris Theatre (and to a great degree, The Jefferson Theatre before it) were legendary in this thing of ours as being some the wildest and most intense adult theaters in the country. The Jefferson had possibly the most ideal layout for a non-balcony adult theater, with a couples only section in the rear side of the theater that did not allow the choir boys to stand directly in front of the section while waxing their willies.

The Jefferson Theater
(Closed 2007)
The Jeff was a bit large than The Paris, and had a much nicer stage area that facilitated shenanigans much more comfortably (I am speaking from experience) due to it's configuration. The Paris had both a couples section and a couples annex which housed the "Perky Exam Table", and while it did it's job, was not as ideal as The Jeff's couples section in this writer's opinion. 

It is time to remember The Paris Theatre and it's bright moments from 2007 until just a few days ago. The Good Doctor will be reviewing all the old reports and re-publishing the best of the best. There might be even a few of The Good Doctor's sprinkled in, along with notable reports from Brent (the poet laureate of this thing of ours), ORichard, floyd, Hawaiian Eyeful, Gemini, Koral, Bob in Biloxi, and cast of dozens. 

Do you have a notable memory from The Paris Theatre?  Send The Good Doctor your memories, and and I will edit, format, and even drop in a pic or two of eye candy.  Best of all, you get the byline (just send me your pen name).  Please e-mail me at with "PARIS" in the subject line. 

Stay tuned for this ongoing series on the late, great Paris Theatre in Portland.