Monday, June 13, 2016

Remembering The Paris Theatre: Part 2 - The Asian Cajun & Hubby Hit The Paris

Doc here, a man who some say is often mistaken for Desi Arnez, with Part 2 of "Remembering The Paris Theatre." 

In this edition, we welcome back The Asian Cajun and her hubby for a recollection of a very hot visit to The Paris.

Here is their very wet and very wild report... Take it away!


Hey Doc,

Here is my favorite experience with my wife, aka, The Asian Cajun at the Paris Theatre.

We were planning another trip to the Paris over the 4th of July weekend. We will be going to the OT for the 1st Saturday party instead. Hope you enjoy this cause we sure did.

The Real Pam Aldon
These are our reports...

This past Friday and Saturday, The Asian Cajun returned to Portland and was the center of two gang bangs, Friday at The Paris and Saturday at The Oregon. They have already become legendary events.

My description of her last year was that She resembled Pam Adlon. That’s more accurate than this year’s comparison,of Carrie Brownstein . Someone else thought she looked like Sharon Osborne. But none of these women come close to the raw sexuality that is packed into her beautiful womanly body. Her Legend Name, Asian Cajun is perfect. 

Were you at either event? What did you think? I was at both theaters . I had a great view of the action on The Table at The Oregon and a partial view of her, floating in a sea of men (semen?) at The Paris. 

I'd like to hear from some of the boys who had the privilege of being with her Friday and Saturday. Maybe they are still reeling with delight from the experience and haven't been able to come back down to earth yet.

Here are their two reports about their first visit to The Paris about a year ago on Brent's Theater Tails Yahoo Group:

Hi Brent,

I'm the hubby who brought Asian Cajun to The Paris last weekend where we both had a great time fulfilling her GB fantasy. What a turn on to watch her work that room until all 30 participants had been satisfied.
It was a weekend of firsts for her. The night before we paid a visit to Mr. Peeps where I watched her take care of 15 guys both on her knees and bent over the GH, including yours truly. Only her words can do that experience justice and I will encourage her to write about it when she gets a moment.

Last weekend was supposed to have been a one time adventure for her crossing 2 more items off of her fuck it list and, providing years’ worth of bench material for the both of us. However, I think it's safe to say that the next time we're in Portland she will more than likely be looking for a rematch. In reading your blog I suppose I should let you know prior to our visit to get the word out to assure that her second experience will be as good or better than her first.

In the Asian Cajun's words...

Thanks Brent for the flattering comments you made in your blog regarding my visit to the Paris Theater on Saturday night. I think Pam Adlon is sexy and to describe me in the same light is compliment.

So here is the rest of the story . . . .

When my husband and I arrived at the Paris Saturday night we weren’t sure what to expect. We had only heard stories from others and very quickly realized, “WOW”, it’s all true! 

We arrived at the theater around midnight and as we did I noticed that the guys standing outside the theater were following me in. After a 3 minute orientation we entered the theater and sat in the couples section. In order to get comfortable I dropped the halter top part of my dress and started to blow my husband as men started to gather like birds on a wire. 

They migrated slowly; 5 guys at a time. Every couple of minutes I glanced over while continuing to sucking my husband’s dick and would see another 5 salivating men had joined the team until there were 15 guys wanting to be invited into that designated area. 

I thought my lover was getting hard because of my efforts then quickly realized it was because our mutual fantasy was coming to fruition.

Given permission to do anything I wanted that night, my husband asked where I would like to start. With the choice of the theater seating, exam table, or the arena bed, it took me only a minute to choose the arena bed where I thought I would be most comfortable. As I left the couples section; my 36DD’s exposed and my dress hiked up over my ass, I walked through a sea of eager looking men of all ages, shapes, and ethnic groups. It was a perfect sampling of men.

The theater was very dark and my eyes quickly adjusted as I made my way to the arena. Being self-conscious of my body, I was nervous that I would be judged and quickly found my fears put to rest. As I descended down the stairs I noticed a group of men who were in the center of the theater jump out of their seats and beat me to the bed. I looked up as I reached my destination and found the entire bed surrounded by men who wanted a piece of me. 

Some looked as though they were salivating while I believe 100% of them had their dick in their hand jerking themselves off. As I stood at the base of the bed the crowd began to part like the sea. I quickly crawled up on the bed and had enough time to turn over and lay on my back before I felt two warm mouths devouring my pussy and hands from the surrounding men massaging every inch of my body. I immediately opened my eyes to find 8 dicks all in a row waiting to be sucked and stroked.

My pussy began to drip as one man continued to lick and the other massaged my G-Spot. While enjoying all of the new sensations, I put the first cock in my mouth. He was fucking my mouth as I felt him start to swell and grow hard. All of a sudden I felt men gently lifting my hand landing delicately on two hard stiff cocks on either side of me. Everything was happening so quickly and I could hear my husband & bodyguard remind the group that I would quickly disappear if they didn’t give me some room. No sooner did he finish his sentence I felt a cool air hit me and each dick at mouth level stepped back an inch.

Within the first 5 minutes on the table I felt the first man penetrate my pussy. I looked
up to see his face and I saw a 30 something year old man working himself into frenzy. I could feel him cum and then doubted my own perception as he continued to fuck me. Once he was hard again, and I offered to turn over and he welcomed the idea. 

For the next two hours I continued to suck cock and roll back and forth based on the desire of the man banging me. Some men fucked me slow and deep while many just fucked me hard and at a rapid pace. I had no complaints and as a gusher I started to feel a pool of cum produce a small puddle. 

My husband never left my side as he watched with erotic pleasure and always prepared to quench my thirst with a cool bottle of water. The water was cold and felt good as it washed the first 10 loads of cum slip down my throat.  

It was very warm in the theater and while I thought that I was covered in sweat I quickly realized that what I was feeling was cum on every inch of my body. I gave every man  the freedom to cum wherever they wanted and found cum dripping from my feet to the long hair on my head. 

Determined to satisfy every man who patiently waited their turn I was pleasantly surprised to feel another 30-something guy gently move my mouth toward his hard cock. As I clamped on I could hear him in my ear telling me that I was a beautiful slut who liked to be fucked hard in every hole and described everything he planned to do to me. With his dick in my mouth I looked up and wanted to see the man who spoke with such certainty. When he realized that I had no gag factor he seemed to have difficulty holding back his

As he pulled me off his cock he turned me over, jumped onto the table and started fucking me with abandon. He fucked me in every position you can imagine until he came with great relief. He politely thanked me and my husband for the pleasure and excused himself from the table.

With 30 men circling me like a lamb to slaughter I wasn’t able to hear many of the comments being made. I could see and feel their solace in feeling their warm cum drain from their body as I gobbled it up. 

There were a couple of times I found a man in my mouth coming at the same time the man fucking my ass was coming to the finish line. My fantasy had become a reality and I was appreciative of everyone.

After two hours in the arena my quads grew weak and the crowd was beginning to thin so everyone helped me to the exam table where I gained a new appreciation for those side stirrups. I propped my feet in each and made my pussy completely vulnerable to the men who had never left my side. It was now their turn and they fucked me with no delays between each cock. When the last five men took their turn I asked that the window of opportunity be closed. 

Every new dick that entered he theater at this point respected my feelings and thanked me for a great show.

My thanks go out to the 30 men who turned my fantasy into a reality, the management staff who came down to the arena to be sure I was still having a good time, and most of all to my husband and best friend who enjoyed the live porn until 3:00 am. 

When we left the theater I was drenched in cum and took the walk of shame back to our hotel. My husband and I fucked like rabbits that night as he licked the cum off my body. 

We checked out the following morning and he told me all about the details I missed while my face was firmly planted in the mattress.



Doc here again... Wow, that was all sorts of awesome. If you were lucky enough to have been there the night of the Asian Cajun's visit, I am sure the visuals alone are still burned into your retinas.

Many thanks to The Asian Cajun and hubby for contributing to this series!  Great stuff! Now it's your turn, dear readers...  What was your favorite Paris Theatre memory?  Send it to The Good Doctor at, with "PARIS" in the subject line.  I will edit, format, and drop in a pic or two.  You get the byline and the glory. 

Let's hear from you!