Sunday, June 12, 2016

Remembering The Paris Theatre: Part 1 - ORichard on The Paris' Last Night on 6/7/16

Doc here, a man who some say once owned a thriving woodpecker sanctuary back in Upstate NY in the late 1980's, with the first "Remembering The Paris Theatre" report in this new series.  

The Paris shut it's door permanently this past week, and as with any death, it's time to eulogize the newly departed with stories and reports when things were hopping on SW 3rd in Portland. 

First up, Part 1. Ironically, is the last report of action at The Paris from this past Tuesday evening, from regular Journal contributor and noted landscape painter, ORichard (check out ORichard's extremely popular report on the late, great Edgewater West in Oakland HERE).  Little did anyone know that this was the last night for The Paris, which was denied a fond farewell or good-bye by a quick sale and a mad dash.

To top it off, this report is HOT.  Dammit all. 

Take it away, ORichard.



Just a brief recount. Went to the Paris a little after 8 expecting to see the NNCS (the Naughty Nasty Cum Sucker), who usually visits Tuesday evenings. Instead found a young woman (the Orange Flag and later arena bed woman), sitting by herself in the middle of the regular seats. 

I waited to make sure she hadn't come with a partner who might have been in the john, and then sat beside her. She glanced over through her glasses and proceeded to fondle my johnson. I returned her groping and we were suddenly surrounded by some of the other patrons who realized she was ready to play. She asked if I was ready to accompany her to the arena bed just as another guy's hand snaked down and into her panties. 

Then it was game on. She lay back on the table and a naked fellow quickly mounted her. He switched to anal after she said nodded her approval, and the small Tuesday night crowd soon added a cock to each hand and one at her face as well as some titty sucking. She was very wet and had a wonderful full, kinky bush, and just the right amount of aroused pussy smell. 

The fellow in her ass moved up to her mouth and I followed licking her sweet meats. Soon the fellow shot his wad in her mouth and she turned to hand a condom to a large brother and asked if he was ready. She ended up giving him oral. She then asked one of the guys jacking off by her face to cum on her face, which he did - nicely coating her glasses. She asked for more cum on her face while a nice looking older fellow was working several fingers into her very wet hole. 

As I too came on her face and glasses, the fellow working her clit reported that it had gotten significantly harder with each facial cum. She acknowledged that cum on her face always really turned her on, and yes, her clit was getting harder in response. 

As most of the small crowd had been relieved of our loads, the older gentleman continued to show off his mastery of finger manipulation. Had she been a squirter, I'm sure he would have made her squirt like no tomorrow. As it was, he gave her a tremendous orgasm and was kind enough to leave his fingers inside her for a long while while she recovered.

It seemed like the natural conclusion of a one-act play, so I waved adieu and headed into the night knowing this Orange Flag would surely be coming again soon.



Doc here again... Congrats to ORichard for being in the trenches for this last hurrah at The Paris Theatre, with none of us knowing that this would be it's grand (facial) finale. Another great report from a vet of the adult theater scene. 

Do you have a memory (of mamaries) from the Paris that you would like to share with Journal readers?  Please e-mail me at .  I will format, edit, and drop in a pic or two for you.  You get the byline and the glory.   Just provide me with a pen name if you do not have one here already.