Sunday, August 28, 2016

Couple's Flash Report! An Evening and an Overview of The Studios in Las Vegas, NV by 2hotinvegas w/PICS

Doc here, a man whom some say was the Food & Beverage Chairman for the Tangiers Casino in Las Vegas, with a much needed update on the Las Vegas adult theater scene from first time contributors and Las Vegas locals, 2hotinvegas

It is about time The Journal of Adult Theaters has a full time Vegas reporting team, and it comes in the form of 2hotinvegas. Experinced in the lifestyle and this thing of ours, they bring a point of view that has been sorely missing from The Journal. My trips out to Vegas are fewer than they have been in past years, so this addition to the staff is very welcome. 

In this, their first report, we visit The Studios in Las Vegas on a busy Saturday night.

So please welcome to the main stage of the Tangiers Hotel and Casino, the newest reporters to The Journal, 2hotinvegas.


Hi Doc, here’s our first field report!

From 2hotinvegas: Our first field report on this “thing of ours” from true Las Vegas locals who know the scene very well!

Wifey (of 2hotinvegas)

Truth in lending, we are a local Las Vegas Bi couple and we’re very active in both the swinging scene and the adult theater/club scene in Vegas. One of our favorite places to go was the Power Exchange, owned by the same folks who own the famous Power Exchange in San Francisco. It was a “pansexual” club, meaning it catered to every sexual proclivity and there was always a nice mix of people there, including couples, singles both Bi and gay, & T-gurls. 

This facility was located just a block off the famous Las Vegas Strip behind the Rio Hoel & Casino and was a huge 2-story building with an adult theater, BDSM dungeon, and loads of nicely decorated playrooms. But the Power Exchange closed down several years ago after it was sold to a new owner who had a little problem with drugs stored behind the building in a storage shed.

Fast forward to the present — Joyce, the former owner of the Power Exchange opened a new venue called “The Studios Social Club" (what happens in Vegas starts at the Studios) in her very own large personal home (mansion) located several miles east of the Strip in the suburbs near Tropicana & Pecos. The theme is exactly the same as the Power Exchange, i.e., a pansexual club where all are welcome regardless of sexual preference (and quite frankly, we have always found that to be refreshing, in that one doesn’t have to worry about being labeled). There’s nothing worse than going to a swing club where Bi women are welcomed, but Bi guys are scorned.

The Studios
Las Vegas, NV
So, on one recent Saturday evening, we attended Charlett's swinger house party — she hosts swing parties every other week. When the party ended around midnight, we were not ready to call it an evening, as we wanted some more play. 

Now the Studios is only a few blocks from Charlett’s, so we decided to stop in and see what kind of trouble we could get into. We had been there just a few times before and we were really impressed at just how nice a facility it was.
The Studios open at 10 pm (all Vegas clubs are late night clubs) but the action doesn’t really heat up until around midnight, and continues to 4 am. We parked in their well-lit off-street private parking lot and were greeted at the door by Joyce, the owner. She has done a remarkable job of personally decorating the entire house and it is very clean and neat — not your typical dive ABS adult theater!

Upstairs, there is a BYOB bar with mixers, a lingerie store, lockers, showers, an adult theater/lounge, and several playrooms with doors that can be open or closed. Outside, there is a very large patio and smoking area. Downstairs, there is another adult theater/lounge, BDSM dungeon, lounge with stripper pole, exhibition room with large glass window, several really nice gloryhole booths, and a large group playroom with sex swing, two beds, and several couches and chairs.

That night (Saturday), there was a large crowd there, perhaps 40 or more, with a nice mix of couples, single guys, and T-gurls dressed to the nines. Wifey had her usual smoke on the patio and I left her alone to entertain the single guys that had quickly engaged her in conversation while I headed downstairs to scope out the action. I first checked out the group room and what a surprise — there was Julie Rocket (a local Las Vegas pornstar) on the bed totally naked. Her husband, who rarely plays, was standing by directing traffic and supplying her with water, as needed. Several guys were playing with her and several more guys were sitting down just watching and stroking their cocks. 

Now, Julie is a gorgeous BBW, 38 years old, who is a nympho that can never get enough. She’s a big girl (just big boned), tall, with gorgeous tits and ass made for fun, and both her and hubby have master’s degrees, so they’re no dummies! They usually post on Craigslist when they’re going to be at the Studios for play and they are regulars every weekend. 

The Playroom at The Studios
I had met them both before and engaged in casual conversation so I said hello and proceeded to play with Julie’s ass as she was on all fours on the bed. She leaned back and caressed me while I gently kissed her neck. I then proceeded to eat her pussy from behind and it was so very sweet. 

I asked her to turn over so I could get a better angle and she laid down on her back while I dove in between her legs. Several other guys were playing with her too and she was sucking several cocks while I continued to bring her to several wet orgasms. 

Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed that Wifey was now sitting in one of the chairs watching the whole scene, so I thought I should give her some much needed attention. I left Julie with several other guys and led Wifey to the adjacent bed, with several guys following us. We both stripped totally naked and started playing on the bed. I gave her some head and got her wet, while she sucked another guy’s cock. Then, we both alternated sucking his cock, one of our favorite things to do, and then we both sucked it together. There were at least five guys in the room stroking and watching us. 

The first guy asked if he could fuck her and we said sure, as he slipped on a condom. Wifey now sucked me while the guy fucked her doggy on the edge of the bed. After he blew his load, I climbed back on and fucked Wifey for a while, until I heard a familiar voice. It was Patrick, who had also been at Charlett’s party earlier that evening. He is a well known stud who is popular with the ladies at our parties, as he can really deliver the goods and is a repeat performer. Patrick asked for a turn so I climbed off while Patrick mounted Wifey bareback and proceeded to pound her good while I sucked on her tits and she gave me some more head. 

I always find it incredibly erotic to watch another man fuck my wife in my presence and I was hard as a rock while watching Patrick do his thing. Then, with a loud grunt, he exploded into her dumping a huge dripping load into her pussy. 

Now, one of my favorite things is sloppy seconds, so I climbed back on board as he climbed off and proceed to fuck Wifey until I shot my wad deep into her sloppy, cum-filled pussy. When I pulled out, cum was dripping down her legs and onto the sheets — we had made a mess! The audience was most appreciative, but we were both spent and decided to call it a night. Each playroom has baby wipes and we needed them that night!

Every since that night, The Studios has become one of our favorite places to go whether we play or not, or just end up watching the T-gurls play (and they know how to play!), there’s never a dull moment. Breaking News — Joyce has announced that in September, she will be reopening the old Power Exchange as the “Studios-II”, but will keep the current Studios open as well. Watch their website for more details.



Doc here again... Many, many thanks to 2hotinvegas for a great first report, as well as an intro to The Studios in Las Vegas. I have also added The Studios to the database as of last night for your reference. 

The Vegas theater scene is puzzling. There are close to a dozen theaters scattered around the city, and all are pretty poor examples of what they could potentially be. However, The Studios could be a great answer to lifestylers looking for this thing of ours in Sin City. 

The former Power Exchange in Vegas (that was once owned by the owners of the Studios) used to be a favorite Vegas destination when I was in town.  Good times were had within their theme rooms and group play rooms. I am also glad they will be adding it back again to their stable of adult entertainment venues. 

Keep the cards and letters coming in, 2hotinvegas!  Welcome aboard!