Thursday, November 10, 2016

Flash Report! Anaconda Plays a Triple Header at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago on Friday 10/21&22/16 (w/PICS)

Doc here, a man who some say was the cover model for Atlantic Salmon deoderant back in the late 1980's, with a GREAT Flash Report from my good friend and senior reporter at The Journal, Anaconda.

Anaconda was lucky enough to spend a Friday and Saturday in Chicago on 10/21 & 22nd, 2016, and boy did he get his money's worth of what The Windy City and 15th Ave. Adult Theater can offer in this thing of ours.

Take it away, sir!


Hey Doc, 

Anaconda here to share my perspective on a wild weekend at 15th Ave. I arrived in Chicago early on Friday AM really hoping I could check into my hotel pretty early and go back to sleep since I had gotten up @ 4AM to catch an early flight. No such luck, so I actually ended up just trying to sleep in my car in the hotel parking lot until my room was ready...I knew I was going to need my energy!! Anyway, enough of the boring details about the logistics.

Game 1 - I wanted to make sure I arrived in advance of the first couple of honor, Khal and Khaleesi. I never want to miss a single minute of the action after all!! So I arrived plenty early and sat in the theater waiting patiently. They finally arrived (a bit late, but we forgive them of course!!!) and I was very thrilled to see the sexy Mother of All Squirters in person. I had seen plenty of pictures, but they don't do her justice. The woman is a sex bomb and isn't afraid to show it!! 

I had a good idea of which seats they would take based on previous reports, so I had positioned myself very well, and they sat in the couples section in the perfect seats to provide me an excellent vantage point. They did not wait long watching the movie before beginning the play. 

It started off with a nice little hand job for Khal which turned into a delightfully noisy, wet BJ! This was all wonderful and hot but I knew what the MAIN attraction was and that was next. (ed. note: Please put on your goggles for this next paragraph. Thank you.)

Khal handed Khaleesi a little vibe and she put it on her clit and let the pleasure build. And it built a tremendous, gushing orgasm, many of them, with buckets of Khaleesi cum!! Now, I've seen this before and been with women who possess this wonderful talent, but it never DOESN'T amaze me...and I think it's incredibly hot!! And to be able to watch her expertly manipulate her own body, and see her body swell and pulse with pleasure before such a powerful release...WOW!! (ed. note: You can remove your goggles now. Thank you.)

So, Khal clearly loves it as well and stands her up so he can fuck her soaking wet pussy. She bends completely over the back of the seat in front of her, at the waist, so she's resting her elbows on the seat and Khal starts pounding her from behind. The fucking goes on for several minutes until Khaleesi says she wants to go back to the room behind the screen for her grand finale, her bukkake. 

She laid on the table and began talking dirty and squirming so seductively and the hard cocks came out. The crowd was very well behaved and polite. Guys asked before they touched, and they were allowed to touch (which I believe is another new step forward). There were hands all over her and her hands on cocks. She jerked off some and some did the work themselves, but she got covered in cum for sure. Sadly, Khaleesi fell short of her desired 20 loads. I tried to do my best to contribute twice, but Khaleesi was ready to call it a night before I could get back to the edge.

Game 2 - At the intermission, I had to step out and get a bite to eat. I was starving and needed a pick-me-up. I walked back into the store at the perfect time as Doc was just welcoming the Adventurous MD Couple and discussing how the action would flow and be controlled. To my delight, the Black Sox were short on numbers (no idea how or why this would happen, but their loss ends up being my gain) so Doc instructed one of them to put together an impromptu crew for the GB portion of the night. I said hi to Doc and took a seat in the theater. 

Mrs. Adventurous MD Couple
As I had hoped, Doc tapped me to be a participant in the organized GB (THANK YOU!!!) and I went to the back of the theater to meet the rest of the crew and receive my directives. Ground rules laid and instructions given, we all went to the front row and the action began. 

Mrs. AMDC took a seat and 3 cocks were immediately available for her to sample, and how she enjoyed jerking and sucking them alternately. The other 3-4 of us maintained the perimeter as the crowd was larger than for game 1 and not as well behaved, but we managed to keep it in control. The guys graciously stepped back and allowed the rest of the crew to get in on the HJ/BJ theater warm-up. 

After a little while the action moved to the room behind the screen and the rules were very clearly stated for all to hear by Doc. I had to use a little more force (verbally not physical) than I would have liked with one guy in particular to keep things in line. 

(***Side note - Guys, don't push and crowd, especially when the ground rules have been laid down very clearly. It's rude and disrespectful and rude, disrespectful guys almost never get any play. Patience is a virtue, especially in this thing of ours). END RANT***)

So, table play started with the crew gathered around and Mrs AMDC doing her best to please the whole crew at once with her pussy, mouth and hands. The rest of the crowd would have gotten a much longer show I think if they had been better listeners, but it was decided to move the party to a private room. 

Mrs. Adventurous MD Couple
We went to one of the "big rooms" and continued the party. I got in on the first wave, which included myself, Doc, 2 other guys and Mr/Mrs AMDC. Mrs AMDC started on her hands and knees sucking one guy and taking another from behind. Now, I had played with this sexy woman at the Art Cinema a little while back but it was only oral on that night (see prior report). I was very much looking forward to experiencing more of her hot body and talents. 

The first guy that had gotten behind her didn't' last too long and expressed his delight with how tight she was. I could not take his palce quickly enough. I suited up and got up on the bench behind this gorgeous woman and pushed in. Yes, she had a VERY firm grip indeed and it felt amazing. I knew I wasn't going to last long either, which is ok because others were waiting their turn to rotate in anyway. I did my best to prolong the pleasure, but I didn't last long either. I hit a hard climax and thrust deep and grabbed her hips hard to pull Mrs AMDC all the way onto my cock. I thanked her and stepped out to get cleaned up and allow the next guy in the room. 

I took a quick shower and chatted with the one guy from the crew that I recognized as a regular. Went back into the room to bid my farewells and give my thanks to Doc and Mr/Mrs AMDC and walked in just in time to see the grand finale of the room play as Doc glazed Mrs AMDC face and tits. I couldn't stick around to see what else happened after that with the peanut gallery, but I hope it was hot and that someone else reports on this portion of the night.
Game 3 - 15th Ave Halloween Party. So, I've been to the theater a bunch of times, some more successful than others, but never managed to make it to one of Doc's parties. It lived up to expectations and all I had imagined for sure. Interestingly enough, with the plethora of action around the building that night, this will be the shortest portion of my report as I spent most of the night socializing and meeting people. A lot of people who I had read reports about, chatted online with, Twitter followers, etc., and just general fun flirting with my date, T. 

Slut Diane and Few Friends
The night got away from me as I was really enjoying the social aspect and by the time I really ventured out to find some action, all of the action was in full swing and many spots were VERY crowded. I saw Stacey, the sexy nurse squirt on everyone in the line of fire in the stadium area from the top bench. One guy stood with his mouth wide open asking her to use it as target practice (she hit the target). 

I saw lots of couples paired off in the couples section of the theater. I saw Slut Diane taking on all the cocks she could while kneeling in a corner of the theater. 

StuntSlut Simone
I saw Stunt Slut Simone, Vickie the Vixen, and Mrs. Slaneesh playing amongst a VERY large crowd and making some of them very happy. I saw R (from C&R from Ohio) randomly stop and begin giving BJs in the middle of the stadium area. 

I got a little action at the very end of the night as a couple came over to where I was with T and another couple. Some light play started and she gave me a little BJ while I was standing there at the back. After that I had the pleasure of using my fingers on a lovely woman who was sitting in the couples section while T watched and played with her hubby a bit. I got to bring her to a powerful orgasm by massaging her G-spot and clit simultaneously.

It was a great weekend, Doc. Thanks for setting it all up!!



Doc here again... Many thanks to my good friend Anaconda for another outstanding report from a wild and crazy weekend in Chicago!  Keep up the great work, sir!