Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Flash Report! G.K. Arbee Hits 4 Phoenix Area Adult Theaters on 10/7/16

Doc here, a man who some say hypnotized goats during medical trials in the late 1970's, with a comprehensive set of Flash Reports from Phoenix, AZ by senior reporter G.K. Arbee.  

G.K. has good story to tell from one adult theater location in his encounter with a couple who also reads The Journal.  The power of the Lizardo Lantern cannot be denied. 

Take it away, G.K. Arbee


Hello Good Dr.,

Your Phoenix advice on Twitter was much appreciated, but I must confess, I had the best luck ever at a place called "Just for Fun" on McDowell Rd in Phoenix. Not known for it's couples activity, however, just proof that "timing is everything".. Here is my report...

Visited 4 theaters in Phoenix area... Met up with a couple at a place called.. "Just for Fun". It is located on 2202 W McDowell Rd in Phoenix. It was the 3rd of 4 bookstores I visited on 10/7/16. To be honest, this place is a dump and kinda gross. Most of the websites says it is mostly for gays and transgendered. But, since I was in Phoenix for just this one day, I thought I'd try it out. I'm so glad I did. 

Just for Fun
Phoenix, AZ
I arrived there about 3pm, paid my 7 dollars for the theater, (ticket good for 4.5 hours). I went upstairs and they have a gay and a straight theater. No action happening at the time I walked in. There was a very NON PASSABLE tranny sitting watching the movie, and a super cute tiny little tranny sitting all alone in a chair. One of the guys said to avoid her, so I did. 

Well, OK then.. I sat and watched the movie about 15 minutes, and in walks a nicely dressed Mexican couple. They seemed, like me, to be just looking around for a bit. As usual, the idiots were being really stupid, and about 10 guys walked out and shoved their dicks in her face..ugh... Her hubby said in a loud voice for everyone to back off, which they did. They sat for about 10 minutes and were enjoying the video. They got up to go, and she walked over to me and asked if I wanted to share a private room. I said sure. 

We went to the counter and paid our 10 dollars for the private video viewing room... and started a conversation. Her and her husband follow your blog , like I do, when they are on vacation, love to visit adult theaters. We had your "blog" in common. Pretty cool. (ed. note: Very Cool!)

After our little chit-chat,
 I asked her husband if it was ok to play with her, and he ordered her to do a strip tease dance for me. She did a highly seductive naked lap dance, needless to say, I was getting excited, but had not taken my clothes off yet... She got on her knees and told me to drop my pants. I did, and she gave me a very nice uncovered blow job. I had to tell her to stop, or I would have exploded.

After about 7-10 minutes, her husband told her to put a condom on me and to bend over and let me have my way with her. The "private viewing room" was really lacking in furniture, she just leaned over the chair I was sitting in, I put it in her very hairy and wet box, standing doggie style. I lasted about 4 minutes. She was way more prepared than I was and had a bag with wipes and everything. She took off the condom, gave me a baby wipe to clean up. Then she sat in the chair with a toy and masturbated to orgasm while her hubby jerked off on her chest. It was a very nice scene to be a part of.

Her name was Vicky, I never caught her hubby's name. They told me they loved my 2 reports about Fantasyland in Tampa and have a dream to go there someday. They were from central California here on vacation.

Funny thing is, I was wearing that same red-white-blue checked shirt that I had my pic taken with Alysha. I've now deemed that my "lucky shirt" and wear it EVERY time I go to theaters!!

The couple told me that they enjoy going to adult theaters and meeting people who know how to hobby "correctly". They told me the only reason they "picked' me was because of my manners.

As for the other locations, Pleasure World by the airport.. it's much nicer, but I went very early in the day and it was dead. Personal Preference in Mesa.. dead... and Adult Shop on Holly Ave.. nothing happening. I wish I had more time... but, I'll take what I can get!!!

Thanks again for your good advice, and am just grateful for "GOOD TIMING"!!

Your Senior Reporter,
G.K. Arbee
signing off...


Doc here again... Many thanks to G.K. Arbee for the detail-rich report from Just for Fun in Phoenix. Glad to hear you ran into a fellow reader of The Journal, and it helped break the ice!  Keep up the great work, sir.